International Instructor Course number 61 in Bogota

On 25, 26 and 27 days of this month was held in Bogota the International Instructor Course number 61 driven by the Grand Masters Hector Marano and Wim Bos. We get all kinds of technical ideas through the patterns, defense, basic movements, and tactics to combat competition, elasticity and protocol.

Among many things GM Marano emphasized the importance of standardization of the patterns and showed us many detailed aspects to consider to improve and the implementation of these techniques GM Bos worked in the field of elasticity and its importance. And he talked about the protocol both within and outside the dojang.

The participants enthusiastically took every moment of the course thanks to the professionalism and friendliness of our Grand Masters. It was a very important event for Colombia since we renewed energy to continue working for a Taekwon-do better.

We hope that many countries in the world have this great opportunity like the one we have here in Colombia.

GM Bos teaching Eui-Am tul
GM Bos showing one step sparring
GM Marano correcting to master Camelo during the IIC
GM Marano correcting to master Ramirez

Master Camelo Gonzalo F.
President Colombian Association of Taekwon-Do ITF


Some comments from the participants

  • Great, creative, excellent information, I learned a lot. THANK YOU
    Mrs Laura Hernandez
  • The IIC join the Taekwon-do Family around the World and improve the technical level of all of us. Many Thanks
    Prof. Luis A. Vargas 5th Degree
  • It was a pleasure; each part of the IIC was extraordinary. The GM showed all their knowledge and much more, their passion for Taekwon-do. I’m proud to receive their teaching as GM and their quality as persons too. The legacy of Gen Choi are safe with them. Many thanks
    Mr. Nelson Gomez 5th Degree
  • I understood much better the technical part, each movement have a reason and application. The GM are excellent, I’m very impressed for their knowledge, and the passion and power when they teach, thank you for share this with us
    Mr Guillermo Ospina 5th Degree
  • Thank you, Thank you , for all the technical details and the way you show us to be better each day, your motivation and generosity you gave to all of us don’t have limits. Thousands of thank you
    Mrs.Patricia Silva 4th Degree
  • Dear Grand Masters, thousands of thank you for your example and you knowledge, all I received form you was enormous, I clarify a lot of doubts and I will follow all your recomendation.
    Mr. Marco Porras 5th Degree
Date: 2012-01-16 18:59:00
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