Report on IIC 68 in Halifax Nova Scotia

On behalf of myself, David Hiltz, my wife Jacqui Hiltz and all members of Hiltz Taekwon-Do, we wish to thank Grand Master Hector Marano, Grand Master Ung Kim Lan, Master Clint Norman, 7th Dan, and special guest Master Pierre Laquerre, 8th Dan, for conducting the 68th International Instructor Course in Halifax Nova Scotia Canada.

GM Marano showing the application of circular block.
GM Lan explaining three step sparring.
GM Marano correcting twin forearm block.
GM Lan teaching grabing techniques.

A total of 113 students participated in the IIC. Participants included ITF members from several Provinces in Canada as well as the United States. The IIC consisted of instruction on all 24 patterns, sparring, step sparring and self-defense. The instruction was excellent in all areas and very much enjoyed by all in attendance.

Master Laquerre doing streching.
Training streching.
Master Norman teaching sparring.
Left: Master Ramirez from USA training pattern. Right: Mr Mc Lellan training grabing techniques.

During the IIC took part also Examination the candidates were Master Suarez, Master Pete Thibado, Master Pedro Candelario, Master Roberto Del Cid, all for 8th degree, Mrs Kathy Downey and Mr Rattet Set for 6th Degre and Mrs Rattet Marie for 5th Degree, all passed succefully. Compliments for all of them.

Yours in Taekwon-Do
Mr. David Hiltz,
Organizer of the IIC


Some comments from the participants:

  • I always enjoy the IIC courses, the approach of the GM and masters was excellent. Thank you.
    Mr Julio Levesque
  • I really enjoyed listening the GM and masters and the way the teach. Thank you.
    Mr Jim Replay 4th Degree
  • Wonderfull IIC the knowledge and disposition of the GM is an inspiration. Thank you for your dedication and the love for our art.
    Master Carlos Ramirez USA
  • Dear GM and masters your knowledge and dedication are an inspiration, I always learn something and back motivated to continue on my jouerney of Taekwon-do. Thank you!!!
    Mr Phil Nguyen Otawa
Date: 2012-01-18 19:11:00
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