64th IIC Oulu, Finland

The first ever International Instructor Course in Finland was held on 10.-12.6.2011 in Oulu. Three ITF Grandmasters, GM Hector Marano 9. Dan, GM Wim Bos 9. Dan and GM Kim Ung Lang 9. Dan conducted this seminar, and altogether 132 black and red belts from 12 different countries attended this historical event! Additionally, we had the pleasure of welcoming Master Kenneth Wheatley, 7. Dan from Ireland to our event.

GM Marano teaching a Paralel block in Ju Che
GM Bos teaching a horizontal strike
GM Lan teaching W-shape block
Master Wheatley, training application of the movements in patterns

In this IIC, we scrutinized all the Taekwon-Do patterns from Chon-Ji to Tong-Il, and got acquainted with sparring exercises, self defense, step sparring, and lots of theory about the fundamentals and philosophy. The participants also asked various good questions to the Grandmasters and there was a very good atmosphere during the whole seminar. The event itself and the arrangements received very positive feedback.

Starting Hwa-Rang tul
Mss Karjalainen in one step sparring
GM Bos in the streching session
GM Lan teaching grabbing techniques
Ready for action

In addition to the seminar, the organizing committee wanted to introduce the city of Oulu to the Grandmasters, and organized also a banquet attended by 62 people in their honor on Saturday evening. Our distinguished guests received gifts from the Finnish federation and from the local club, among other things, Finnish knives with a commemorative engraving. We also got to enjoy great weather because it was exceptionally warm (over +30°C) and sunny in Oulu. The midnight sun of the North was a new experience to many of our international guests.

Test for degree promotion was held during the seminar on Saturday afternoon and the following people took part and were promoted:

  1. Mikko Allinniemi 6. Dan,
  2. Terhi Mikkola 5. Dan,
  3. Saija Steckiewicz 5. Dan,
  4. Teppo Häyrynen 5. Dan,
  5. Jukka Ahola 4. Dan,
  6. Olli Leino 4. Dan,
  7. Juha Ojanperä 4. Dan.

Congratulations to all!

The candidates after their examination

The Grandmasters complimented the participants’ technical level which was pleasant news for all the instructors of the clubs present in the event. All in all, the seminar was a huge success and there were requests of a new seminar to be held in Finland as soon as possible.

IIC Finland participants list:
 #  Name  Country
1. Kenneth Wheatley Irish
2. Mikko Allinniemi Finnish
3. Janne Ahonen Finnish
4. Janne Vuononvirta Finnish
5. Hanne-Kaisa Honkanen Finnish
6. Jani Salmivaara Finnish
7. Jukka Seinälä Finnish
8. Inka Pyykkönen Finnish
9. Ismo Heikkinen Finnish
10. Maryam Abuzaid Finnish
11. Sini Veteläinen Finnish
12. Marjaana Sahlman Finnish
13. Samuli Rossi Finnish
14. Alexander Pietilä Finnish
15. Julia Pätsi Finnish
16. Juha Pätsi Finnish
17. Tero Paakkari Finnish
18. Heta Nieminen Finnish
19. Antti Kukkonen Finnish
20. Karim Khanji Finnish
21. Toni Kangas Finnish
22. Matti Kaartinen Finnish
23. Jutta Jakkila Finnish
24. Jouni Heikkinen Finnish
25. Kirsi Ervasti Finnish
26. Jouni Alajoki Finnish
27. Joni Tuohimaa Finnish
28. Ari Tikka Finnish
29. Anna Taskila Finnish
30. Mikko Sortti Finnish
31. Jussi Peltola Finnish
32. Iiro Paakkari Finnish
33. Jarmo Koponen Finnish
34. Mika Christophliemk Finnish
35. Mikko Salla Finnish
36. Eelis Paukku Finnish
37. Lotta Keränen Finnish
38. Sanna Helavirta Finnish
39. Risto Korpela Finnish
40. Jukka Ahola Finnish
41. Taito Haataja Finnish
42. Mikko Heiskanen Finnish
43. Jani Saarimaa Finnish
44. Jenita Udd Finnish
45. Pekka Varis Finnish
46. Jori Aaltonen Finnish
47. Pauliina Heiskanen Finnish
48. Heli Karjalainen Finnish
49. Anja Kärki Finnish
50. Tiia Kiviranta Finnish
51. Lasse Kuusisto Finnish
52. Marko Lieke Finnish
53. Henna Majanen Finnish
54. Samppa Mäkinen Finnish
55. Nita Mettinen Finnish
56. Terhi Mikkola Finnish
57. Mia Rissanen Finnish
58. Aleksi Sarkkinen Finnish
59. Hanna-Mari Seppälä Finnish
60. Jari Kallioinen Finnish
61. Ari Lehtinen Finnish
62. Iiro Mäkelä Finnish
63. Ilkka Naulapää Finnish
64. Emma-Liisa Luoma Finnish
65. Jatta Martelius Finnish
 #  Name  Country
66. Kaisa Keinänen Finnish
67. Olli Leino Finnish
68. Pauliina Hattukangas Finnish
69. Teppo Häyrynen Finnish
70. Veera Häyrynen Finnish
71. Joonas Heikkinen Finnish
72. Anna-Kaisa Koivisto Finnish
73. Veera Kolkki Finnish
74. Jukka Martti Finnish
75. Juho Posio Finnish
76. Antti Rintanen Finnish
77. Hanna-Mari Vuolukka Finnish
78. Mickey Åman Finnish
79. Ruijie Ban Finnish
80. Antti Holmén Finnish
81. Jukka Holmén Finnish
82. Heli Korpiharju Finnish
83. Sami Mansikkaviita Finnish
84. Thierry Meyour Finnish
85. Sanna Rantasaari Finnish
86. Maria Rikkonen Finnish
87. Viktor Rikkonen Finnish
88. Tiina Salli Finnish
89. Henrik Enqvist Finnish
90. Jari Lahtinen Finnish
91. Tomi Taskila Finnish
92. Jani Turunen Finnish
93. Aleksanteri Saarela Finnish
94. Timo Tikkala Finnish
95. Olli-Pekka Jortikka Finnish
96. Varpu Kurvinen Finnish
97. Juha Ojanperä Finnish
98. Joonas Ahokas Finnish
99. Tanja Kangasniemi Finnish
100. Joonas Helassalo Finnish
101. Kalle Kivioja Finnish
102. Tarja Korhonen Finnish
103. Nyyti Korolainen Finnish
104. Eero Pehkonen Finnish
105. Sandra Pelkonen Finnish
106. Pauli Puljula Finnish
107. Saija Steckiewicz Finnish
108. Michael Holler Finnish
109. Hanna Koskela Finnish
110. Aino Koskinen Finnish
111. Henrik Lipponen Finnish
112. Andrea Meinander Finnish
113. Jukka Rajala Finnish
114. Anni Tappola Finnish
115. Jarimatti Valkonen Finnish
116. Henrik Savilampi Finnish
117. Michael Andersson Swedish
118. Lylian Doylay French
119. Jonathan Emm British
120. Nicolas Fagon French
121. Chetan Raj Giri Nepalese
122. Odd-Magne Hansen Norwegian
123. Michael Hayward Australian
124. Daniel Johansson Swedish
125. Thomas Karlsson Swedish
126. Maria Lehtimäki Finnish
127. Håkan Magnusson Swedish
128. Dmitry Luy Russian
129. Yury Kudashov Russian
130. Viacheslav Suslin Russian

A big thank you to all participants and first and foremost to the Grandmasters for this wonderful seminar.

Miss Heli Karjalainen
President of ITF Finland
4th degree



Some Comments from the participants

  • Excellent weekend, really appreciated Grand Masters, they really teach not only with the examples but also with words. Thank you!!!
    Mr. Mikko Sorti
  • I specially enjoyed the self defense and the basic techniques in patterns, were explained very well.
    Mr. Liro. Maketa
  • It would be great a longer course, but the classes were absolutely. excellent.
    Mss. Sanna Helavirta
  • Thank you very much for an excellent IIC, it was really enjojable, it would be great to have more time to take notes, specially in patterns. Thank you!!!
    Mr. Michael Hayward. Australia
  • I truly enjoy the IIC and the athmosphere during training. Thank you.
    Mss. Nyyti. Korotainen
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