The 58th IIC in Trondheim Norway

The 26th – 28th of November the 58th International Instructor course was held in Trondheim Norway.

This was the second IIC which was organised in Norway. This was the largest IIC in Europe so far with over 250 participants included 14 instructors from Sweden, Scotland, Poland and USA. Grand Master Marano, Grand Master Bos together with Mr. Tomaz Barada did a fantastic job at the IIC. The IIC was conducted in a very professional and inspirational way and the Grand Masters level of knowledge impressed all the participants. Mr. Barada helped the Grand Masters with the free sparring section and his way of teaching was very enjoyable for everybody.

After the Saturday training there was a grading for four degree and up. Mr. Roar Andersen, Mr. Arne Witzoe and Mr. Jorgen Botnan were promoted to 4th degree, Mr. Omid Hassanipour was promoted to 5th degree and Master Per Andresen was promoted to 8th degree. Compliments.

The National Taekwon-Do Norway (NTN) would like to thank Grand Master Marano, Grand Master Bos and Mr. Barada for coming to Norway and shared their expertise in Taekwon-Do with us.

GM Bos teaching knifehand low block

GM Marano correcting checking block to master Garnaes

Mr Tomaz Barada during the sparring session

GM Marano correcting side piercing kick to master Andresen who was promoted to VIII Degree

GM Bos showing the application of checking block

On behalf of the organizing committee
Roger Stokke

Some comments from the participants

  • Very good and motivating. Please a litle more break for drink water. I learned a lot of the application of the movements. Thank you.
    Mss Anne Morten Kastel
  • Best IIC yet (for me, that is).
    Mr Roy Rolstad
  • I enjoyed it very much, learned a lot. Looking forward to seing you again, GM. Inspirational.
    Mr Robert Shagsuth
  • Very good with the details of the patterns, learned a lot, very good sparring session.
    Thank you. Mss Eivik Rothe
  • Brilliant. Not every day you have the chance to be trained and corrected by the Grand Masters and also an Sparring World Champion.
    Thank you. Mr Richard Gustavsen
  • Really very good IIC learned a lot Going thru the patterns all together first, and then watching others do it, meantime the GM corrected, was a very good way of learning the pattern much better. The sparring session was also excellent, I learned a lot.
    Thank You, Mr Tiril Snoghoj.
Date: 2011-06-29 19:02:59
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