52th IIC in Denver, Colorado

Dear Masters, Instructors and students:

The 52nd IIC began on April 9, with a moment of silence in memory of Grand Master Tran. It was a pleasure to have Grand Master Tran’s daughter Joliette, her husband and his son Nicolas attending the IIC held in Denver, Colorado.

We were honored by the attendance of Grand Master Van Binh, Grand Master Trajtenberg, Grand Master Marano and Grand Master Bos. We greatly appreciate the infectious enthusiasm and wealth of knowledge the ITF Technical Committee lead by Grand Master Marano brought to the event. I believe that the ITF technical committee did a superb job of correcting and explaining the applications of all techniques.

On Saturday evening we all settled down to a relaxing banquet, filled with great food. Each and every person attending was able to make new and lasting friendships.

Thank you too all the Masters, Instructors and students for your participation and support of the ITF.

Gm Trajtenberg teaching Sam-il.
Left: Gm Marano correcting arc-hand to master Suarez. Right: Master Akard with Joliette and Nicolas Tran.
Left: Gm Marano correcting Nicolas Tran. Right: Gm Bos teaching Eui-Am tul.
Left: Gm Bos in the streching session. Right: Gm Van Binh doing a demostration.
Left: El Gm Marano correcting double forearm block to Mr Nicolas Tran. Right: Gm Trajtenberg correcting Sam-il Tul.

Available soon pictures of the 52nd IIC at www.thehiredcamera.com.

Master Fred Akard

Some comments from the participants

  • Very informative. I like the energy the Grand masters project when they teach and their extensive knowledge of Taekwon-do.
  • It was great, I loved it. I learned many new things. Thank you Grand Masters
    Mr Justin Bak USA
  • Outstanding Job!!! Excellent use of time. I will attend and IIC every year. The Grand Masters are awesome.
  • It was an amazing learning experience. THANK YOU!!!
  • Congratulations for the great job!!! As always IIC is a tool to update my knowledge, is the only way to keep update the technique. The IIC is an investment. Thank You!!!
    Master Ruben Suarez, USA
  • Excellent, it could not be better in any way. Thank you!!!
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