Seminar and Tournament ‘’Maestro Fausto Mercado’’

During  the period 23 to 25 May in 2014, the Bolivian Federation of Taekwon -Do Kavlin Roberto , was pleased to receive a visit from Maestro Fausto Mercado VII Dan ITF President of the Union Argentina Taekwon -Do and his wife Liliana Falcon V Dan ITF.

The event was organized by the Baek -Ho Escuela Bolivia in order to share their experience and pass on their knowledge in technical Form and Combat and also the opportunity to practice and apply techniques held under the rules of arbitration in the tournament held in honor of our visitors (Tournament ' Maestro Fausto Mercado ' ) .

As representatives of our Art in Bolivia we are proud to launch this new phase in the growth of Taekwon -Do to the event, to facilitate the realization of future events in our country.

We would like to express our deep appreciation to the instructors by judges and arbitrators, practitioners who participated in the event and those who worked out of it, the parents and of course the Master Fausto and his wife Liliana Mercado Falcon who had the confidence in our organization and were kind enough to accept our invitation to this celebration.

Sandi varinia

IV Dan I.T.F.

Bolivian President Taekwon -Do 'Roberto Kavlin '

Author: S Ryan
Date: 2014-06-02 12:29:00
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