Ireland - ITA Technical Seminar

The ITA Technical Committee (Master Kenneth Wheatley VII Dan, Niall Jones VI Dan and Stephen Ryan VI Dan) conducted a technical seminar in Donnycarney Community Centre, Dublin on Sunday May 18th. The Seminar was hosted by Mr. Fran Plunkett VI Dan and Mrs. Eileen Plunkett IV Dan. 50 ITA members from blue belt to 7th Dan attended the event. Over the course of the seminar the committee covered all 24 patterns in detail, step sparring as well as some fundametal excercises for free sparring. The participants were divided into 3 groups; ble and red belts, 1st to 3rd dans, and 4th to 7th Dans in the second part of the seminar so that the committee could go more in depth on the patterns specific to their grade. It was also a great opportunity for the senior grades who were preparing for promotion at the 92nd IIC the following weekend to get in some final preparation and training. The feedback from the participants was very positive and we look forward to the next ITA technical seminar which takes place in Ennis, Co. Clare on October 19th. 

Some photos 

Author: S Ryan
Date: 2014-05-27 11:26:00
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