Great satisfaction for the Italian Umpire Committee at the end of the three national courses conducted and planned to train Italian Referees with the ITF international regulations. The Italian Umpire Committee, directed by Mr. Stefano Minotti, Mr. Luca Maragoni and Mr. Andrea Cendron, explained and taught which improvements have been made by the International Taekwon-Do Federation in order to get the best and fastest possible results in competitions.

The courses were held in Rome, San Gavino Monreale (Sardinia), and in Arezzo (Tuscany), between December 2013 and January 2014, and were attended by 118 umpires amongst them Masters and Instructors. The Committee observed concentration, interest and skills among all the participants.

In the morning the teachers, after a review of the new rules, focused on patterns evaluation criteria (individual and team), listing and explaining in detail the table on the points deduction. Afterwards they introduced the changes added to the fight competition (individual and team), highlighting the work of the Central Referee in evaluating the techniques or the actions involving warnings, minus point assignments and disqualifications. They also explained the new procedures and methods of judgment in power, special techniques and traditional sparring competitions.

In the afternoon, all participants were able to experiment with the explained issues acting practically in the rings arranged in the hosting structures of the various courses. The teachers followed the umpires’ procedure of entry and exit from the square, the judgment of the patterns and sparring in a simulated competition. All the participants had the opportunity to practice the gestures of a Jury President, of a central referee and a corner referee assigning points and warnings, according to their degree and experience.

The last course session was dedicated to an evaluation test, in order to have a feed back from the participants and to verify their knowledge and skills. Consequently, the Committee organized a well structured Italian Umpires data base in order to create a professional FITAE-ITF team and be able, in the near future, to organize more specialized courses as for Jury President, Central and Corner Referee.

Date: 2014-02-11 23:25:00
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