Great Champion, Ms. Katya Solovey from the Ukraine has officially retired from competition. We, the ITF community, would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge this great champion who finishes competing as one of the all time greats of ITF Taekwon-Do. We are sure she will continue to be involved in ITF as a great coach in the future. Please read the wonderful tribute below from her coach, Mr. Oleg Solovey. 

Katya Solovey officially finishes her sports career! She left the sport unconquerable! Throughout her career, she spent about 500 fights for Taekwon-Do and kickboxing. 

She began taking TKD at the age of 16, but before this she was taking dancesport, professionally athletics and swimming, that is why she learnt very quickly the secrets of TKD. A year later she won her first competition. In 1998 she certified for the 1st degree. In 1999 she gave birth to a son Vitaly and after half a year after this she won the national championship of Ukraine.
In 2001 she took part in the World Championships in Riccione, Italy. She won two matches and lost in the third . In the period from 2001 to 2002 we lived in Italy and we were fortunate to study with Grand Master Wim Bos, he became like a father to us and opened the door to TKD.
In 2003 Katya first time won the European Championship and since then never lost at the European championships. In 2007 won the World Championship in Canada. In 2007 began performing kickboxing WAKO. Since 2005 in parallel start boxing , was twice the medalist of national boxing championships.
In 2009 won the WAKO World Championships and since then has not lost not one fight in kickboxing in light-contact. The secret of Katya's success is hard work, she never missed a training, always give 100% in the training process, during the fight always listened to me. For me,as a coach, is easy to work with her during the fight, she always did what I was saying. When Katya goes to any competition, she goes only to take the first place . Her credo : "If to be, to be only the first."
her professional record:
2 times ITF World champion
9 times ITF Europeon champion
2 times ITF World cup champion
2 times ITF European cup champion
3 times WAKO World champion
2 times WAKO European champion
4 times WAKO World cup champion
WAKO World cup 2012 light-contact best fighter

Author: S Ryan
Date: 2013-12-27 18:24:00
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