Word Champs 2013 - Weigh In Schedule
This is to inform that the weigh-in  for competitors will start on Wednesday, October 23rd at  8.00 am in Hotel Bali, according to the country  schedule attached.
There are 1044 competitors registered and we want  to proceed with the weigh-in as fast and as smoothly as possible. A computer weigh-in system will be used. Therefore every  competitor must give his/her Official World Championships ID Card with a bar code to be scanned by the  Weigh-In Committee Member.
Therefore please remember the following:
1. Every competitor must be  present with a World Championshis Official ID Card and a Black  Belt Certficate at the weigh-in procedure wearing  dobok trousers and a T-shirt. Every competitor should also have his/her own personal  identification card (ID card or Passport).
2. For the sparring categories a  500 gram weight allowance (not a tolerance) shall be applied. Competitors who will not succeed at the first  weigh-in attempt, must come to the weigh-in for the second  attempt within one hour.
3. Please make sure that your team arrives at the  weigh-in at least 10 minutes before the scheduled time attached.
4. If any competitor will not be present at the  weigh-in, the computer system will notify that and will treat such a  competitor as an absent person.
Should you have any questions,do not hesitate to  contact our office.

Kind regards,
Malgorzata Rogaczewska World  Championships 2013
Registration Online Team
Phone/fax no. +48817431150 Skype: a.e.t.f
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