Great success of the 87th IIC in Warsaw,Poland.

The 87th IIC hosted by the Polish Taekwon-Do Association took place in Warsaw,Poland in the venue of the University of Physical Education on the weekend of the 27th - 29th of September 2013.

The IIC was a great success with 142 black belts from 11 countries; Argentina, Denmark, Germany, Georgia, Italy, Latvia, Norway, Sweden, Russia, USA and Poland. Almost half of the course participants were the holders of 4th Degree and above including: 6 Masters, 18 sixth degree, 18 fifth degree, 27 fourth degree holders. The course was conducted by the ITF Technical Committee: Grand Master Hector Marano, Grand Master Willem Jacob Bos and Grand Master Kim Lan Ung. 

The course was run under a new format which meant extra hours of training and contact for all participants. The feedback from all participants about the content of the course was very positive.

Over the 3 days the IIC was mainly divided into 2 groups in two separate sport hall; the first one for 1st - 3rd Degree holders and the other one for 4thDegree and above. This meant the Grandmasters could cover more material with all participants. The Grandmasters covered all aspects of ITF Taekwon-Do including; patterns up to Tong-il in great detail, fundamental movements, free sparring, traditional sparring, step-sparring, self defense, flexibility and warm-up exercises. There was also time for the group for 4th Dan and above to have discussions on topics such as the structure of their schools, grading and syllabus, and also how to teach different aspects of the Taekwon-Do syllabus.


The Grandmasters were in excellent form. Grand Master Marano again showed why he is the chairman of the technical committee, his knowledge on the ITF patterns is superb, participants were amazed at his ability to explain all techniques and reference the encyclopedia by page and photograph and his ability to fix errors and explain the applications and details of all movements. Participants were very happy with the sessions on the patterns as the grandmasters did not just explain the technical details of the patterns but the reasons for each movement, the applications and also how to correct common errors and problems in the patterns. Grand Master Lan showed wonderful ability especially in the areas of free sparring and self defence, with excellent progressions to develop technique and ability in these areas. Grand Master Bos was inspirational with the atmosphere he creates in his classes, excellent exercises for flexibility, warm-up exercises and exercises for preparation for specific classes for kicking, patterns and sparring, participants got many new and imaginative ideas for the teaching of their classes from his sessions.

In the rest periods between sessions the Grandmasters were happy to work one on one with participants and clarify any doubts about the patterns.

The participants found all aspects of the course extremely enjoyable and all participants commented on the professional set-up of the IIC by the PTA, the warm welcome and hospitality and the attention to detail.


On the Saturday evening the banquet in “Wasabi” restaurant was attended by 42 of the IIC participants.

The IIC was officially closed on Sunday and the ITF Grand Masters were presented with a special gift - a replica of the ITF turtle shell with a written, occasional dedication. 

During the IIC on Sunday a black belt test was held during which the following people were promoted: 

1. Mrs. Mimmi Oskarsson from Sweden Taekwon-Do Association promoted to 6th Dan,

2. Mr. Levan Tsaretashvili from Georgian Taekwon-Do ITF Federation promoted to 4th Dan

3. Mr. Zaza Chanturia from Georgian Taekwon-Do ITF Federation promoted to 4th Dan 

The PTA Board of Directors would like to extend their thanks to the ITF Technical Committee for an excellent IIC and to the participants from the 10 countries for their support.





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