Report about the ITF Seminars in September 2013 in South Africa, Mozambique and Ethiopia


by Master Paul Weiler 


South Africa – a starting signal for the ITF!


TASA = Taekwon-Do Federation South Africa under the leadership of Sabum Bert Gey van Pittius (5th degree) is working very hard to promote TKD ITF in this country. Recently a large number of clubs has broken away from Ung Chang group and has shown interest during a meeting to become our member. A decision will be taken very soon at the General Assembly of this group.

Sabum van Pittius is also ready to help and support the work of Master Weiler and to teach in Mozambique and/orZambia. The next seminar in South Africa will be scheduled for March 2014.

Master Weiler with Sabum Bert Gey van Pittius at the 1st ITF seminar in Pretoria                    


Mozambique – a new ITF member!

During the second visit in Mozambique this year Master Weiler was delighted to realize that

-       Assocacao de Taekwon-Do ITF de Provincia de Maputo is now registered at the government and has all the required papers ready so send to the ITF

-       the Minister of Youth and Sport, Mr. Fernando Sumbana, has a big interest in the development of Taekwon-Do ITF, especially in the Kid’s program. He was very much impressed about the ITF program and the donation material (safety equipment of TOP TEN).

  Mst. Weiler presents a part of the safety equipment to the Minister 

-       the Minister and his team have kept their promise from the day before and visited the 1st Inter African Cup at Maria Ana Mogas school on September 14th, 2013.



Competitors and spectators at the 1st Inter African Cup 

-       some clubs from Ung Chang group and from GTF joined already the new ITF Federation under the leadership of Joel dos Santos and more will come.

-       Mr. John Ngulube from Zambia, who participated at the technical seminar, is very interested in becoming a member and requested already a seminar for Zambia. 

The next step of the new federation is to be recognized in six provinces. After that the nationwide recognition can be requested and the chances are good especially with the help of the Minister of Youth and Sports. 

At the and of the technical seminar 7 members have been promoted to 1st degree and 6 members to 2nd degree.

Ethiopiathe largest ITF Organization in Africa on the fast lane!

EITA = Ethiopian International Taekwon-Do Association is growing very fast (now more than 5000 members in 50 clubs and another 7 instructors has been promoted to 4th degree).

Meanwhile EITA is much bigger than WTF or any other TKD Federation in Ethiopia and new projects are already under progress. For the end of July 2014 it is scheduled to organize a Kid’s course, an International Umpire Course, a technical seminar and the 3rd African Cup TKD ITF.

At the moment the federation is in the intensive preparation for the participation at the World Champs in Spain. The flights and the hotel are booked and the visas are issued already. For the first time in history Ethiopia ITF will be able to participate at World Champs!

Let us welcome them! 

Master Paul Weiler

ITF Senior Vice-President



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