From March 22-24, 2013, the National Taekwon-Do Association-ITF and Master Ruben Suarez (VIII Dan) hosted the 80thInternational Instructor Course in Queens, NY, USA.  In attendance were 132 participants—including 10 masters, 55 instructors and 67 1st– 3rdDan students—from several states across the US, as well as Canada, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Paraguay, Spain and Italy.


Friday morning everyone gathered at the Fitzgerald Auxiliary Gymnasium of Queens College in Flushing, New York, where they were introduced to the Technical Committee of the ITF:  Grand Masters Hector Marano, Wim Bos and Ung Kim Lan.  After a rigorous warm-up, a demanding afternoon was spent absorbing vast information that covered fundamental movements, patterns, step-sparring, free sparring, as well as numerous other aspects of Taekwon-Do. 


In the evening, the majority of those in attendance donned their best and joined in at the IIC Banquette, which was held at the beautiful, waterfront World’s Fair Marina in Flushing, Queens—the site of the 1964 World’s Fair.  Amidst an elegant atmosphere of dining and friendship, Master Suarez paid special tribute to the 47thAnniversary of the ITF, presenting plaques of appreciation to the Grand Masters, and offering thanks for the tremendous support and friendship he received in the planning and organization of the IIC.


The following morning, the group reconvened at Queens College for Day 2 of the IIC that covered, in further detail, the many different elements of Taekwon-Do, including a discussion of the technical application of the black belt patterns, and an exciting practical session in self-defense and free sparring led by GM Ung Kim Lan.  Saturday evening closed with the distribution of certificates and group photos, and marked the conclusion of the seminar for 1st– 3rd degree participants. 

On Sunday morning, all participants IV degree and up gathered for the final morning of the seminar where GM Trajtenberg spoke about having a better understanding of the student-instructor relationship, the responsibilities of the instructor in the teaching and adherence to proper ITF protocol, and understanding the individual character of each student in order to enhance their development both inside the Do-jang and in their personal affairs.

At the end of the seminar testing took place for VII and VIII degree Master promotions, as well as V and VI degree.

The reviews of the IIC were exceptional, as participants reported a weekend filled with valuable information, invaluable friendship, and the joys of sharing the true spirit of Taekwon-Do!

Report by:

Master Ruben Suarez


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