5th ITF Qualifying Umpires Course


It was held on March 23 & 24th, in the Montecarlo & Casablanca Halls of the Amerian Hotel Casino Gala, Resistencia city, Chaco, (province in the north of Argentina, next to Paraguay and Brazil),  the 5th Qualifying ITF Umpire Course,  with the participation of 79 Umpires from three South America countries: Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil.

Organized by Master Abelardo Benzaquen, Chairman of Argentina Federation Umpires Committee, exceptionally led by Master Alberto Katz, Chairman of ITF Umpires Committee, and with active collaboration of the ITF Vice President, Grand Master Javier Dacak, who delighted all the participants with his contribution and enriching experience in ITF competitions (twice World Champion, in first & second ITF World Championships); and also shared his experience as an International Umpire in the firsts international competitions (70s & 80s) .

The development of the course was a success, with the presence of 10 Masters from all geographical latitudes of Argentina (Ushuaia, Buenos Aires, Misiones, Córdoba, Chaco). The course covered all the changes, parameters and method of scoring of the  different modalities of ITF competition in order to improve ITF events.   All the participants had the chance for intensive training with the new software and electronics controllers for patterns and sparring tournaments.

Grand Master Dacak and Master Katz informed about the situation of Suppliers Sponsors that have approved materials and the way of using the new brand in the events. 

Máster Abelardo Benzaquén


Organizer QIUC ARGENTINA 2013

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