The ITF have launched a new Facebook page for the ITF Kids Program, you can come and join the page here

In just 24 hours of the page opening it has attracted over 300 people with requests for courses in Italy, Netherlands, Poland and Argentina already posted. The ITF Kids program is the revolutionary course that will help instructors guide the children through a very progressive syllabus preparing them for ITF Taekwon-Do but focussing on true life skills like coordination, motor skills, balance etc... everything that is required to make a great Taekwon-Doist.

The course also covers the usual areas that most instructors now teach including Stranger Awareness, Bullying Awareness and Danger Awareness and encourages the children to help at home and work on specific tasks but at a higher level than maybe most instructors are used to.

The course is split into two distinct age ranges 3-5yrs and 5-7yrs and shows a true progression through each level until the child completes the course at Yellow Belt level (8th Kup).

Come and join the page here where you will learn about "The Strongest 5" and their roles within the program, you will also find out about course dates and it is also the place where your NA can contact the Committee directly to request a course in your country.
So far posts on the page have been translated from English into Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Swedish and Polish.
We look forward to seeing you there.

ITF Kids Committee

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