Date: March 31st, 2013 
Place:  Houten, Netherlands

Mr. Harry van Schaik 6th degree

Mr. Robin Born 4th degree



Information package All ITF Taekwon-Do Cup

Application Form ALL ITF_TaekwonDo Cup.English xls

Dear Members,

I have the pleasure of inviting you, on behalf of the organizers, to the All ITF Taekwon-Do Cup, which will be held in Kruisboog 17 Houten, The Netherlands, on Sunday 31st March 2013.

This competition is new in it's kind in The Netherlands and with the competition opportunities probably in Europe!. This competition is only for A-class juniors (13-17 year old), seniors (18-35 years old)  and veterans (35+ and may choose to compete in the senior or veterans competitions, NOT both!)
This competition is different from the many other competitions as we there are competetions in both pattern and sparring, team-sparring and team patterns. The individual competition will be in a poule system in patterns and sparring and we aim for 6 matches each competitor for only 25,- euro inscription fee! In the team events of sparring it will be possible to fight with 3 competitors and 1 reserve (2 matches won the match is won!) In the team patterns it is possible to compete with 3-5 competitors junior, senior, veterans F/M together.
This is a tournament to get experience at A-class level. Only first price winners will get a trophy. In the team sparring event the winners can win price money. In patterns there will be one trophy for the winners. This is a competition were winners takes it all! This event is also part of the required tournaments for the Dutch national team but is open to all Taekwon-Do Associations.
This competition has been approved by the Board of Directors of ITF Netherlands in the new ITF NL Masters Series Competition ( ) which is a tour of 5 open competitions and the National Championships. The support of the ITF Netherlands guarantees a high level of organization in materials and with the experienced of organizers, Harry van Schaik CV at and Robin Born, a very experienced competitor and instructor with his own Taekwon-Do shop in materials of Taekwon-Do and more, see This will be a great event to test your competitors one month before the European Championships in Sweden,
In the nearby area of the competition hall are many hotels. If you need support in booking let us know and we will support you. Please email your entries to and no later than Wednesday, march 20th!
All entries should be done using the All ITF Taekwondo Cup excel spreadsheet (see below). Entries will be confirmed by return of email (within 24 hours). If you have not received a confirmation email, your entries have not yet been received. Please remember that accurate information is the responsibility of the instructor and any errors, which require correction on the day, will incur a fine as detailed below.
Website information available at,  and

Harry van Schaik, “Active and Involved” 6th Degree ITF Netherlands

Robin Born 4th Degree ITF Taekwon-Do

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