Children from the Integral Rehabilitation Center Carabineros (CRICAR) participating in the workshop of Taekwon-Do with therapeutic approach, performed in this institution.

Among all participants in the Winter Open tournament and this year's National Championship 2012 organized by FECHITAT where competitors participating were children, juniors and adults, of all grades and categories, from across the country, including Africa, the IV region, Lakes Region and Maharashtra, there was a group that was particularly happy with his performance: these are the children of the Integral Rehabilitation Center Carabineros (CRICAR) who participate in the workshop with Taekwon-Do therapeutic approach taking place within this institution.  

 The above mentioned workshop is run by Sabumnim Osvaldo Rojas, V Dan ITF, who is physiotherapist and works within CRICAR. Children participated in the tournament in areas specially arranged for them.

    In the words of Osvaldo Sabumnim Rojas: "This is something that fills me, fills us with joy to all of us, therapists, trainers and practitioners of Taekwon-Do, to see how children participate, show their skills in front of their peer audiences. It gives me complete satisfaction ... although instructed in Taekwon-Do, I learn every day from them, his perseverance and positive attitude towards life ... "

      The goal, according to the policy of the federation, is to increasingly position these tournaments as a reference for all practitioners of the various lines of the International Taekwon-Do Federation, progressively opening its call, for it to become more and more inclusive. It also aims to be a specific instance of preparation for international championships (American, Pan American and global) within the national environment, implying to offer an event of similar characteristics, with the best of Taekwon-Do in Chile.

Author: NJP
Date: 2012-12-05 20:38:00
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