77th IIC in Israel


On Sunday 02/12/12, in the south part of the city of Tel Aviv, Israel, came to conclusion the 77th IIC. This course, the second held in the state of Israel, was conducted by Gran Master Hector Marano, Gran Master Wim Bos and Gran Master Ung Kim Lan. Many participants were members of the Israel TKD Association and many others came from eleven different countries: Argentina, Poland, England, Russia, Ukraine, Italy, Spain, Greece, Germany, USA, France, Moldova and Rumania.


This IIC welcomed Master Gialamas, 8th Degree from Greece, Master Loboda, 7th Degree from Poland (President of AETF), Master Ramirez, 7th Degree from USA, Master Petrovsky, 7th Degree from Ukraine and Master Santaniello, 7th Degree from Italy. We also welcomed Presidents of National Federations such as: Mr. Tsilfidis from Russia and Mr. Sabbah from France. 

It's important to thank all those international participants who supported this IIC by coming even under the tense and complex situation lived in the past weeks in the region. 

On Friday night, the Israel Taekwondo Association celebrated its 10th Anniversary with a lively and somewhat unorthodox Banquet with the Gran Masters.

International Guests were taken for a guided tour to the holy city of Jerusalem.


The promotion test at the end of the course, produced one 6th degree from Russia, one 5th Degree from Israel and one 4th Degree from Russia. 

Every guest expressed their thanks to the Israeli Taekwondo Association for its hospitality and its human warmth. 

Once again, the Israeli Taekwondo Association expresses its thanks to Gran Master Hector Marano and ITF for its unconditional support to this IIC. 

Leonardo Oros Duek

General Secretary

Israel Taekwondo Association

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