Taekwon-do Kids Tournament in Chile.

On the past Saturday, November 10th was held the first Taekwon-do Kids Championship (children from 4 to 6 years), this championship took place within the National Taekwon-Do Championship ATICH 2012.

In this category participated children belonging to the ONT (National Organization of Taekwon-do), with an enthusiastic group of parents who are supporting this Taekwon-do Program since two years ago.

Among the competition tests there were:

Jumping kick (Twimyo Nopi Chagui)

Breaking boards Yopcha Jirugui

Belts sparring competition

7 movements competition

Finally all the children were rewarded with a medal and a certificate for their efforts and good fellowship.  


Eduardo Oviedo 5th Degree

President ONT


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