This is to inform the ITF membership about the new event of Afghanistan ITF.
According to the hard working and efforts of Afghanistan ITF Federation a large group of WTF Taekwon-Do Federation joint the Afghanistan ITF Taekwon-Do Federation and much interest of other Taekwon-Do groups and practitioners is increasing by day.The WTF group consists of 120 members including 3 woman and other 10 members have the black belt of WTF Taekwon-Do. The WTF Instructor Mr. Jawid Shadab has a 4th DAN. They explained that after very much reading about ITF they realized and understood that the ITF Taekwon-Do is a real Taekwon-Do and they are very happy that they now are members of Afghanistan ITF Taekwon-Do Federation.
The Afghanistan ITF Taekwon-Do Federation held a seminar for this new joining group from July 8-16, 2012 conducted by 4 ITF Afghan instructors and showed the technique and rules of ITF Taekwon-Do. The group was impressed and also very happy to learn about the  of ITF Taekwon-Do rules and regulations.

report by:

Mr. Shoaib Rahmani 4th degree Black Belt
President ITF Afghanistan

Author: GMB
Date: 2012-07-17 20:23:00
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