The latest edition of our own magazine "Taekwon-Do Generation" was distributed at the World Championships in Wellington 2011. All ITF licence holders receive a free copy via their National Organisations, plus at the start of each month we will publish one article from the magazine right here on this page.

In this edition we have articles from: Master Ung Kim Lan, Master Alberto Katz, Master Paul Weiler, Master Donato Nardizzi, Master Scott Downey, Master Pete Thibado, Mr Kurt Ottesen, Mr Kevin Reinhelt, Mr Mariusz Steckiewicz, Ms Annick van Driesche, Mr Kevin Hannigan, Mr Rod Johnson, Mr Martijn Lindeboom, Mr Ryan Rampair, Mrs Trish Rounthwaite, Mr Harry van Schaik and Ms Jantien Lindeboom.

TKD Generation English Edition March 2011 (PDF, 446 kB)article 3
TKD Generation English Edition March 2011 (PDF, 400 kB)article 2
TKD Generation English Edition March 2011 (PDF, 1.7 MB)article 1

Please be sure to check this page at the start of each month as a new article is added.

The aim of this issue is to provide a resource that ITF instructors worldwide can show prospective students, sponsors and other stakeholders. A resource to help explain what ITF Taekwon-Do is – who we are and what we represent, how we operate, and the benefits of ITF Taekwon-Do for various student groups.

Authors from ten countries on four continents contributed to the magazine – that says something about how truly international our organisation is! The issue has been put together by Mr Mark Banicevich and Master Paul McPhail, both from New Zealand.

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