Welcome to Kid Kicks #10 special edition

Kid Kicks is pleased to introduce some of the fantastic competitors, coaches, umpires and a member of the tournament committee who will be making the World Championships in New Zealand a spectacular event.

Everyone has trained like crazy for this Championship. The competition will be intense and very exciting.

We have asked Champions these questions:

  • When did you start Taekwon-Do?
  • Why did you start Taekwon-Do?
  • Why is Taekwon-Do important to you?
  • What do think the World Championships will be like?
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We know how much effort is required to be a World Champion. It takes hours and hours of training each day be the best. Sometimes an athlete will be so exhausted after training they can barely think. It takes courage, self-discipline and family support to compete at a World Championships.
It is an amazing accomplishment.

"To my mind, it is not the medal that counts but the participation itself. Everybody present there will be a winner
Jarosław Suska, 4 times World Champion

Did You Know???

http://www.itfnewzealand2011.com is the official website for the 2011 World Championships in New Zealand. This will be the 11th Junior and 17th Senior World Taekwon-Do Championships for the ITF. It is the 3rd combined Junior/Senior World Championships. There will be over 700 competitors from 43 countries. The top three countries in 2009 were Argentina, New Zealand and Poland.

Hong Kong






New Zealand
Photo: Doug Hannah




Puerto Rico


My name is Elen Røkke from Norway

I will be competing in senior female 3rd degree patterns, senior female team pattern, senior female power breaking and senior female team special techniques. I began Taekwon-Do in August 1994, at age12 by chance. A friend asked me to join her in a Taekwon-Do beginners’ course. I loved the course and continued. There are so many benefits to training. It helps my confidence, self esteem and my work as a physiotherapist. I also teach junior red-belts twice a week which is very rewarding. New Zealand will be amazing. I am excited to compete, watch great matches and cheer my Norwegian teammates. After the Championships my family (my two kids and fiancé) will travel the North Island making the trip very special.


My name is Llauger Castillo from Puerto Rico

I will be competing in senior male 4h-6th degree patterns, and senior male heavy weight sparring I started Taekwon-Do in 1983. My brothers were involved and they told me how great the martial arts were. It was great fun to train with my brothers. I am very glad that they encouraged me to join them. Taekwon-Do has become a very important part my life. It has given me courage, strength, good health and motivation. Through Taekwon-Do I have developed the ability to set goals for myself and achieve them. I believe that the 2011 World Championships will be very special. New Zealand is one of the most respected ITF countries. They have good students who will be trying very, very hard to win in front of their home crowd. I am expecting the audience to be loud, maybe not like Argentina but you never know. I can’t wait to be there.


My name is Master Giovanni Cecconato

I am a member of the ITF Tournament Committee. I started Taekwon-do October 1981 at age 17. At that time my friends and I were looking for a kung fu school. One day I saw a big poster of a Korean Master performing with a side jumping kick and a punch against two opponents. I was very impressed. I tried one class and joined. Little did I know how important Taekwon-Do would become to me. It is my way of life! I have travelled the world, met many great people and continue to be inspired by the martial art. I am very much looking forward to New Zealand. The Organizing Committee is doing a superb job and I expect the competition level to be as high as always.


My name is Ethan Parker from New Zealand

I am the Captain of the New Zealand junior’s team and will be competing in 5 events. I started Taekwon-Do in 2001 at the age of 8, with Master Paul McPhail. At that time my sister was a student and I enjoyed watching the patterns and sparring classes. I was also inspired to join Taekwon-Do through Jackie Cham movies. I thought it would be awesome to be able to do some of his moves. I have now learned that Taekwon-Do is more than just punching and kicking. It has taught me much me about self-discipline and self control. There is always something to improve and get better at. Through Taekwon-Do I have also developed many friendships. Some of my friends will be on Team New Zealand at the 20111 World Championships. It is going to be so fantastic for our families and friends to see us competing against the best Taekwon-Do athletes in the world.


My name is Nicholas Tran from Canada

I am the head coach for Team Canada. I started Taekwon-Do in 1988 in Quebec, Canada with Helene Pare a student of Grand Master Tran. Taekwon-Do was an integral part of my family as both my parents and my two sisters were practicing this martial art. We had many wonderful times training together as a family. My sisters always challenged me to be my best (sometimes through their words and sometimes through their sparring). My sister Joliette is now a 6th degree Black Belt with her own full time professional dojang and my mother continues to train with her. Since my first Taekwon-Do class I have felt Taekwon-Do is a powerful tool to enrich lives. It has given me so much. Apart from improved fitness and more confidence I have enjoyed much success with Taekwon-Do as an athlete. I am now very excited to be coaching athletes from my country. I think the 2011 Championships will be a great success.


My name is Joleen Masters from Jamaica

I am an umpire at the 2011 ITF Championships.I started Taekwon-Do on the 2nd November 1988. I had always been enthralled by "karate". One day a schoolmate of mine gave me the name of Mr. Harrision Chin-Hing (he thought Mr. Hing was a karate teacher). I tried a class and her I am today still training. Taekwon-Do is important to me for many reasons, it has taught me self control and humility, has broadened my outlook on life, keeps me fit and healthy, keeps me on my toes as I teach the children´s class and affords me the opportunity to travel the world. I have competed in World Championships since 1999 (missed 2009) and each has been different. The 2011 World Championships will be my first as an umpire. I expect New Zealand will afford me a pleasantly memorable experience.


My name is Lai Ying Fu from Hong Kong

I will be competing in senior female light weight sparring and pre-arranged sparring. I started practicing TaeKwon- Do in 2004 for fun and fitness. I fell in love with all powerful kicking, punching and special technique. In 2006 I participated in the World Cup and later on I participated in the 2009 World Championship and the Asia Game 2010 in Vietnam. I understand that to enjoy both the process of the training and the competition is as important as the results of the competition Even though the training for the competition is so tough and exhausting, I have found allot of satisfaction in the improvement both in my skills and physical endurance. My goal is to perform well and gain more valuable experience to share with my teammates. Bye and see you all in New Zealand!


My name is Mohammad Zahin from Afghanistan

I will be competing in Senior male hyper weight sparring and senior male power. I began Taekwon-Do in 2000 with Mr. Shoaib Rahmani, a great instructor and President of ITF Afghanistan. It looked like allot of fun to try the special techniques. I love everything about ITF Taekwon-Do. It helps me set goals and I believe very strongly in the student oath. I am very happy that the ITF will hold the world championship and that Afghanistan will be able to attend this memorable Championship in New Zealand..


My name is Jaroslaw Suska

I will be competing in senior male 4h-6th degree patterns and team power/spatiality breaking. I began Taekwon-Do training on February 27th, 1985 in Lubartów with Mr. Jerzy Jedut. I was encouraged to try a class by a friend. This visit turned out to be a major landmark in my life. I joined up after the class and began my life-log journey with Taekwon-Do. And what a journey it has been! I have travelled the world with Taekwon-Do, made many wonderful friends, decided on a career as a physical education instructor, met my beautiful wife Anita Pasek and now am the proud parent of two boys. I can honestly say that Taekwon-Do has given me happiness. For me a Championships is using this great opportunity to meet people and to compete in a friendly atmosphere. To my mind, it is not the medal that counts but the participation itself. Everybody present there will be the winner. I hope that the World Championships in New Zealand will be unforgettable for every one.


My name is Harry van Schaik from the Netherlands

I am an umpire at the 2011 ITF Championships. I started Taekwon-Do in 1980 with Mr. Stanley Brug. to learn self defense. I soon grew to love the work outs and self discipline required by this wonderful activity. Now Taekwon-Do is truly a way of life to me. It has contributed so much to my self development and self awareness. It has also provided me the opportunity to travel all over the world as a competitor and umpire. Throughout these travels I have found that all major tournaments have their special moments but I expect the 2011 Championships to be especially memorable. The organization will be exceptional and the New Zealand team will put on a great show. It will also be an important moment in the ITF’s history as we elect our new President. On a more personal note this will be the 25th international competition I have participated in and my last as an active referee. It has been an honour to work with so many amazing Taekwon-Do practitioners. I look forward to many more years of teaching Taekwon-Do and sharing the knowledge I have learned from these great people and this wonderful journey.


My name is Daiana Turnes from Argentina

Yo empecé Taekwon-Do en el año 2000 a la edad de 6 años. Yo empecé porque mi querido hermano (Denis Turnes), estaba practicando con un profesor realmente asombroso Master Villanueva. A la edad de 13 años yo decidí que Taekwon-Do era mi meta deportiva principal, y yo traté de hacer mi mejor esfuerzo para lograr y cumplir mis sueños. Durante este tiempo Taekwon-Do me ha dado la paciencia de desarrollar mis proyectos, el auto control de nunca perder mi temperamento y la cortesía de tratar amablemente a todos aquellos que están a mi alrededor, En pocas palabras, esto me ha hecho quien soy. Este Campeonato Mundial será muy especial para mi, ya que es mi último año como juvenil. Yo desearía que mi hermano pudiera estar conmigo. Yo espero que esto sea una maravillosa experiencia para seguir creciendo, y una mejor manera para decir adiós a este período de mi vida que me presentó a muchos amigos, y me ha permitido viajar a tantos lugares hermosos. Después del Campeonato voy a entrenar fuerte para las divisiones mayores


My name is Carolina Dillen from New Zealand

I will be competing in senior female 1st degree patterns, senior female team pattern, senior female light weight sparring and senior female team sparring. I started Taekwon-Do in 1997. I thought it would be cool to learn the amazing kicks like I had seen in martial arts movies. I soon found Taekwon-Do to be much more interesting and challenging than other activities and sports. I was hooked. The physical training, self-discipline and self-development really appealed to me and still do. Taekwon-Do has become a way of life. I have travelled the world for competitions and training, made many friends, met my partner Mark Trotter and am now instructing this art at Impact, the school I own with Mark. Whew! I would like to welcome all the students competing at the World Championships. It is going to be a spectacular event.
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