Keep your muscles strong.

Push ups, sit ups, rising blocks and even parallel ready stance all require muscles to be performed. You have over 600 muscles in your body to help you do all those cool Taekwon-Do moves. Believe it or not you need 55 muscles just to perform annun sogi (sitting stance). Without muscles you could not run, jump, eat, talk or even text your friends.

Who wants to be a jelly?
Close your eyes and think of everything you do in your Taekwon-Do class.

You need muscles to do all those neat things. In fact you need muscles just to close you eyes to think of those neat things. It’s crazy how important muscles are. What luck your Taekwon-Do class helps make them strong and healthy.

Here comes Canada

Julio and Carla staying focused

Working those muscles in plank position It feels great to stretch out!

It feels great to stretch out!

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muscles and focus in action
Did You Know???
• Keeping our bones together is a group effort involving muscles, tendons and ligaments. Your muscles attach to your bones by tendons. Ligaments make sure your bones do not move in funny ways. They hold bones in place forming joints.
• Your brain controls your skeletal muscles and therefore your body movement. By developing better focus you are better able to perform your Taekwon-Do movements.
• There are two main types of muscles strengthening exercises we perform in Taekwon-Do: Isotonic and Isometric.
• Pushups are a type of isotonic exercise. There is constant tension on your muscles as they change length and position.
• Practicing Bending ready stance is a type of isometric exercise because even though there is tension on the muscles they remain in the same position (ouch after 2 minute)

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Congratulations to Mr. Kurt Ottesen!!! Mr. O was the first to correctly answer our skill testing question again... You have probably met Mr. Ottesen at one of the terrific ITF tournaments. He is a member of the ITF umpire committee and travels all over the world. Oh, the answer is; Toi-Gye is the pen name of noted scholar Yi Hwang who opened Confucian School named Do-San.

Okay! Here is another question. Name five muscles that help you perform a jumping spinning hook kick? (Bandae Dollyo Chagi)
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