(March 10th, 2009)


Hands up if you want to be a Black Belt. Imagine how great it would be to do those awesome flying kicks and those neat Black Belt patterns. Wouldn’t it be cool to stand at the front of the class leading the bow and maybe even doing the class warm up. Now imagine yourself as a 4th degree (subunim) a 7th degree or even a 9th degree Grand Master.
It takes a lot of perseverance but you can do it! Ask any Instructor, Master or maybe even Grand Master Tran- they will tell you that they love the opportunity to help others, to travel around the world to tournaments and seminars and to meet great students just like you…
Remember set your goals HIGH

Jaleem from Ethiopia

Alison and Tyson from Canada

Dawid from Poland

“Do you have a picture of you and your TKD friends? Send it to us at kidsarecool@tkd-itf.org and you might be in the next issue of Kid Kicks”


Did you know???
The ITF has a new Sa Sung Nim (9th degree) Grand Master Tran Trieu Quan. Perhaps you have met him at a seminar or tournament? He is always happy to talk with students and share ideas. GM Tran was just 12 when he started Taekwon-Do in Vietnam, and now he is a Grand Master. He is also President of the ITF…… that is pretty cool! Here is a black belt secret from GM Tran – If you are polite, helpful, honest, and always try your best you will be a great Black belt! Does that sound like you?
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