(December 9th, 2008)


Christmas is a special day of the year.
For many Taekwon-Do students Christmas is a time to celebrate family, good fortune and faith.
…….and Christmas presents.
It is wonderful to wake up Christmas day to gifts left by Santa Claus.
Not everyone celebrates Christmas but almost all Taekwon-Do students share the day with family and friends. So what has TKD got to do with Christmas? You might be surprised how many times the tenets of Taekwon-Do will come in handy during the festive season!

Bailey from Scotland age 11

Bossio Family in Columbia age 9, 12,& 14

Kozmo from New Zealand age 11

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Did you know???
The final line of the student oath is I shall build a more peaceful world.
General Choi felt that most conflicts are a result of people misunderstanding each other. Try this- if you find yourself in a difficult situation use the three T’s of conflict resolution: Think about it, Talk about it and Try to work it out. General Choi believed that one must understand the full story and have all the facts before someone can truly make a proper judgment.


Funtastic Word Search
All over the world people want peace. If we learn different ways to say peace maybe we can help create a more peaceful world. Try this cool word search – oh! and can you find the secret phrase? Write us at kidsarecool@tkd-itf.org with the answer. Tell us where you are from and we will include your name in the next Kid Kicks.

Congratulations to Mia from Norway for guessing our last secret word - Taekwon-Do.
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