(October 18th, 2008)


Welcome to Kid Kicks.
Kid Kicks is for kids of all ages.
It is a bi-monthly article about how cool Taekwon-Do is.
Be sure to tell your friends about Kid Kicks.
- Wow! this issue is all about FRIENDS -

The cool kicks? Earning a new belt?
The great teachers?

Becoming a 
better person?
All the push ups and sit-ups
  or maybe the super friends you make.

Everything is more fun with a friend
“It’s great to have friends all over the world”
“My best friend is my brother”
“Do you have a picture of you and your TKD friends? Send it to us at kidsarecool@tkd-itf.org and you might be in the next issue of Kid Kicks… Cool eh?”


Every reason is a good reason to learn Taekwon-Do
Isn’t it fun though when you learn Taekwon-Do with a friend-They laugh with you, encourage you to try harder - practice tricky step sparring moves with you - hang out with you at tournaments and even share their “energy” cookies with you!!!


Did you know???
General Choi was thinking of friends when he created the tenets of Taekwon-Do. “In order for a true friendship to develop and last it takes many hardships, sacrifices, and time, from both individuals”. Thus it requires perseverance in order for one to be honorable to one’s friends. This is why the tenet ‘Perseverance’ comes from the code ‘be honorable to your friends’.


Funtastic Friend Word Search
Kids all over the world learn Taekwon-Do – Can you can find all the different ways to say friend? There is also a special word hidden in the word search – what is it? Write us at kidsarecool@tkd-itf.org with the secret word. Tell us where you are from and we will include your name in the next kidkicks.
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