Report of IIC JAPAN

On June 1-2, 2013 ITF Japan held the 83rd International Instructor Course in Tokyo. It was the first IIC in Japan after reformation of ITF. Attended by 80 participants, including 2 Masters, 20 instructors and 50 black belts that came from different areas of Japan, as well as Finland, Malaysia, Singapore and USA. This IIC consisted of many parts covering all aspects of ITF Taekwon-Do.


On Saturday morning the members of the ITF Technical Committee were introduced : Grand Masters Héctor Marano , Wim Bos and Ung Kim Lan.

After warm up training, the participants were bound up in the course with a large amount of information that covered fundamental movements, patterns, steps sparring, free sparring, self defense technique and well as other numerous aspects of Taekwon-Do.

At the evening night, the attendees joined the IIC Banquet, held in the traditional Japanese restaurant  located near the venue. 

On Sunday , the participants learned the many different elements of Taekwon-Do , including an analysis of the technical application of patterns,  and practical sparring techniques. 4th Degree and above received an extra morning training with the GM Héctor Marano.


Also many thanks to Master Micael Daher 8th degree President Oceania Continent being present.

During the IIC 3 participants form ITF Japan were promoted to 4th degree: Mr. Genji Kishi, Hirotada Harada and Kazuaki Shibagami. 

The first IIC in Japan was closed by GM’s encouragement and the making of group pictures.

President / Nobuhiko Tadaoka
Chief Director / Seong-Deok Kim
Secretary General / Genji Kishi

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Dear Members,

The ITF informs You that Umpires wishing to participate at the upcoming World Championships to be held in Benidorm, Spain on October 23-27, 2013 according the Rules and Regulations as written at the WC 2013 website "section Umpires" must apply on or before June 1st, 2013 directly to their National or Allied Organization.

The National (NA) or Allied Association (AA) shall take care to sent the application form to Master Alberto Katz. The ITF Umpire Committee shall therefore not accept any Individual application.

The selected Umpires shall be informed through their NA or AA about their participation on or before July 1st, 2013

Best regards

Master Alberto Katz

Chairman ITF Umpire Committee


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On May 10-12, 2013 the Uruguayan Traditional Taekwon-Do Association led by instructors Julio Lladó V Degree and Daniel Istueta IV Degree, hosted the 82nd International Instructor Course in Montevideo, Uruguay which took place in the Facilities of the Centro Protección de Chóferes.  Attended by 106 participants, including five Masters, 35 instructors and 66 black belt that came from different areas of Uruguay, as well as Argentina, Chile and Brazil.


On Friday afternoon the members of the ITF Technical Committee were introduced: Grand Masters Héctor Marano and Ung Kim Lan. After a rigorous warm up, the participants had a challenging afternoon absorbing a large amount of information that covered fundamental movements, patterns, steps sparring, free sparring, and well as other numerous aspects of Taekwon-Do.


On Saturday morning, the group met again for the 2nd IIC Day which covered in detail the many different elements of Taekwon-Do ITF, including an analysis of the technical implementation of the black belts patterns, and a thrilling session of self defense conducted by GM Ung Kim Lan.

At the evening night, most of the attendees joined the IIC Banquet, held in the Alto Palermo Restaurant and pub located in the Aguada area, the site offered a moment of relaxation and camaraderie in an elegant atmosphere with a high sense of friendship among all the participants of the event, Instructors Julio Lladó and Daniel Istueta paid a special tribute by presenting recognition plaques to the Grand Masters on behalf of the Organization as well as the Sports Commission of the Municipality of Montevideo, and by giving the thanks for the tremendous support and friendship they received in the planning and the organization of the IIC.

On Sunday morning, all participants from IV Degree and above met for the last morning of seminar where GM Pablo Trajtenberg spoke about having a better understanding of the student-instructor relationship and of the instructor responsibilities concerning the teaching. He also encourages the national authorities to create a scope of relationship in order to strengthen the Uruguayan Taekwon-Do.

The end of the seminar was closed by GM Trajtenberg and the making of the group pictures. 

The IIC comments were exceptional, as participants reported a week end full of valuable information, of invaluable friendship, and the joy of sharing the true spirit of Taekwon-Do ITF ! 

On behalf of the IIC organization

Julio Lladó V Degree                                                            

AS.U.T.T. President                                             

Daniel Istueta

General Secretary

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On May 3-5, 2013 the AETF European Championships have been held in Skovde, Sweden with a particpation of 26 countries and 508 Junior (14-17 years) and Seniors ( 18 years and *) Black belts. A fantastic by Master Swavek Dydiszko, ITF Sweden and AETF organized event. If you are interested to know more please refer to  in order to see the result and other impotant facts of the event.


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The 6th Qualifying International Umpire Course, organized by Asociación Colombana de Taekwon-Do was held in Bogotá, Colombia, on April 27-28, 2013. It was conducted by Master Alberto Katz, Chairman of ITF Umpire Committee, and with the support of Master Ruben Suarez the ITF Umpire Committee member. 
50 participants learned all about the new rules, parameters and score methods of the different competion items:  individual and team patterns, individual and team sparring, pre-arranged sparring and power breaking and special techniques.
The Course was developed with a detailed explanation of each topic. A lot of practice was done concerning of the various items including the use of the electronic scoring equipment
The Masters were always ready to answer all the questions and solve any doubts that arose during the course generating great interest among participants.
All th participants had a wonderful and enriching time. Thanks to Master Katz, Master Suarez and many thanks to ITF. 
Mr. Luis Eduardo Hernández                            
President                               .
Asociación Colombiana de Taekwon-Do ITF                 .

Master Gonzalo Camelo
ITF representative
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The ITF International Instructors Course (IIC) is a three day training seminar open to 1st Degree and above. The new format means that 4th Degree and above receive an extra morning training with the Grand Masters - not to be missed. The IIC is not just for instructors - it is a training course covering all aspects of ITF Taekwon-Do valuable for all members from 1st Degree and above accepting for special cases all ages. At the IIC Eurasia participated 5 countries: Finland, Georgia, Moldova, Kirgizstan Republic and Uzbekistan.


The venue for the IIC was the University of Kunaev.


The Sponsor of this IIC Eurasia was logistic company “UNICO TM” therefore many thanks for them.

Group of participants with the GM's Marano and Lan

Special thanks to GM Hector Marano and GM Ung Kim Lan conducting the IIC in Almaty (Kazakhstan).

Report by:

President of ITF Taekwon-do Republic of Kazakhstan

Mr.Aidos Amanzholov.


Organizing committee:

Mr Aidos Amanzholov, Mr Daniar Dossabayev



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On April 12-13, 2013 the 2nd ITF Convention was held in Buenos Aires, Argentina with a participation of 240 instructors, masters and grand masters.

 ITF President GM Trajtenberg presenting Fabian Izquierdo ITF Kids Committee Member

The organizing Committee invited as special guests GM Wim Bos ITF Director, GM´s Dacak, Crispino and Ramish, also ITF Secretary General Master Juan Ferrando and Mr. Paco Ferrando President ITF Spain in order to join the convention.

The Convention was a very big sucses and the participants went home with a lot of new ideas as various items were presented like the ITF Kids information given by Fabian Izquierdo member of the ITF Kids Committee, Marketing, Fysical Preparation, First Aid and different other matters given by  famous Argentine persons like Carola Hersher, Horicio Anselmi, Master Adrian Desiderio, Roberto Liaskowsky, Cristian Cabral, Marisel Giuliani, Ariel Canteros and Master Alberto Katz.

At the 2nd day the ITF booklet and the IIC technical book (for the moment in the spanish language) was presented. 


It needs to be said that ITF President GM Pablo Trajtenberg and GM Hector Marano and their staff members did a wonderful work and that this kind of Convention should be repeated in all other Continents.

Some comments:

-GM Paul Trajtenberg.
 I can assure you that what I am going to say you it’s really a sense. It is brilliant to be in the ITF that always I dreamed, where the projects that one constructs also they are being seen of the same form by the board and colleagues, there seems to be a tuning in, the same wave, I’m really full of happiness for having been present at this convention, where really I learned very much.

-Good days GM, how are you? For our side it wanted to tell you that the Convention was brilliant in any sense it’s a very big change in the concepts of the training, it was and supported a level of quality and quantity of incredible knowledge.

-Dear Grand Máster:
I enjoyed fully the 2nd Convention Instructors' ITF, that level of excellence that the speakers had in his specialities, thanks to the big teachers for his knowledge sharing with us, it´s a pride to belong and to share this experience.
A cordial greeting, Master Marchini

report by GM Wim Bos



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