Dear Respected GMs, Masters, Instructors & Students:

The Original Taekwon-do Federation of America [OTFA] and I cordially invite you to the 2014 OTFA OPEN Taekwon-do Tournament on Saturday, October 4, 2014 to be held at the DURANGO HILLS YMCA located at 3521 N. Durango Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89129.

This second annual competition is open to all ITF style schools and practitioners regardless of affiliation. It is the hope of the OTFA to build this event into one of the largest ITF competitions on the West Coast, as well as a venue to bring together all ITF practitioners in the spirit of Taekwon-do.

The event contact and Tournament Director will be Master Cody Springsguth. If you have any questions or concerns, he can be reached at or (619) 993-5425.

For your convenience, we have implemented an online registration and payment page, which can be accessed at• All tournament Rules & Scoring Procedures can also be accessed on this page.

All competitors that register by September 27, 2014 will receive a free 2014 OTFA OPEN T-shirt.


We have secured the beautifulMONTE CARLO LAS VEGAS RESORT & CASINOlocated at 3770 Las Vegas Blvd. South, Las Vegas, NV 89109 for those that need a hotel or would like to stay to enjoy Las Vegas after the competition at a special rate of $145.00 + taxes per night.

Rooms can be booked online at or by calling (866) 562-3472 using the Promo Code:GOTTAto receive the special rate. Rooms must be booked by 9/22/14 to receive this special rate.

Your participation in this event continues to support the worldwide effort to keep alive the legacy of General Choi Hong Hi, the Founder of TKD.

Yours in Taekwon-do,

Master Vincent A. Affatigato

OTFA President 


Invitation and information

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ITA have the pleasure of inviting you to the ITA Irish Cup Championships, which will be held in The UL Sports Arena, University of Limerick, on the weekend of the 29th and 30th November 2014. This competition will include pattern and sparring for all grades, special technique for all blue belt and above from aged 11 upward and power test for black belts. Saturday 29th November is for the cadet and senior categories and is open to yellow belts and above aged 14 and over. Sunday 30th November is for the junior categories and is open to yellow belts and above aged 7 to 13yrs.

Please email your entries to no later than Saturday, the 22nd of November. Please note that this is a pre-registration only event. No club entries will be accepted after 22nd of November. All entries should be made using the ITA Irish Cup excel spreadsheet. Entries will be confirmed by return of email (within 24 hours). If you have not received a confirmation email, your entries have not yet been received. Completed hardcopy forms should be brought on the day of the event. Please remember that accurate information is the responsibility of the instructor and any errors, which require correction on the day, will incur a fine as detailed below. 

Sparring for Cadet and Senior Black Belts will be run using a pool & requalification system, guaranteeing more bouts for all competitors in those categories. This event is open to all Taekwon-Do Associations.

If you have any questions about this event please email me at the above address.

Looking forward to seeing you at this event,

Mr. Mark Buckley VI Dan       

ITA Tournament Director

Invite and Info Pack

Individual Entry (to be used by instructor in club)

Club entry (to be sent to by 22nd November)

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The Ethiopian International Taekwon-Do Association General Assembly conducted its meeting on August 30, 2014 at Beshale Hotel Meeting Hall.

Whereas, four regional representatives were present during the meeting:

These were, representatives of Addis Ababa International Taekwon-Do Association,

                        Representatives of Oromia Region International Taekwon-Do Association

                        Representatives of Amhara Region International Taekwon-Do Association

                        Representatives of Benishangul Gumuz Region International Taekwon-Do Association,

Though the representatives from South Region and Dire Dawa Town Administration were absent due to problems which were beyond their capacity, since four regions were present among the regions to establish a quorum, the meeting was commenced with an opening statement from Sabom Wogayehu Behailu, the president of the Ethiopian International Taekwondo Association. Whereas, a thorough discussion was conducted on the presented written and verbal explanation of the performance of the year 2013/2014, Audit Report and plan for the year 2014/2015; approval was rendered for the matters thereon. Whereby, Mr. Tamirat Feyisa, who is the president of the Ethiopian International Taekwondo Federation and Mrs. Wengel, the head of trainings of the Ethiopian International Taekwondo Federation, who were participating in the meeting as a witness also rendered their comments and recommendation. The meeting was concluded with a luncheon. 

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Human life does not always run smoothly and is often affected by turbulent phases, major challenges or even tragic moments. A young TKD athlete from Ethiopia, Kemal Kasim, has sustain a blow of fate already with 6 years when he (after the civil war in Ethiopia) lost his right leg above the knee playing on a tank. But he did not crush - he even has gained strength. In 1996 he started with TKD, became a coach and an example for many of us (see also the video of his breaking demonstration on our ITF website). Today he is 24 years old and on 31.07.2014 he has passed his examination to 3rd degree. I had the honor to promote him to his 3rd degree and can say that he has passed the promotion with flying colours.

Download the clip (mp3, 3.4 MB)

His life-story and his development are my motivation to start a foundation to allow him a prosthetic leg. Because of his financial situation he cannot afford this and also the technical and medical options are not given in his home country. For this reason I want to invite him to Germany (he can live in my house) for about three or four weeks, where all the requirements are fulfiled. The cost of an artificial leg with necessary precaution and aftercare will be approximately € 10,000.00 (including the flight to Germany). Who is willing to support this project has the opportunity to donate money. The donations should be addressed under the keyword "Kemal Kasim" to the ITF which manages the money.

Bank of the ITF in Spain:

Bank Name: Deutsche Bank 
IBAN ES70 0019 0585 36 4010027855 

I am thanking you in advance for the humanitarian gesture to support our TKD-brother and allow him a new life. I will continuously inform about the progress of donations and also about the current status of things.

Yours sincerely
Master Paul Weiler
ITF Senior Vice-President

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On the 28th May of current year, 8th Dan ITF from Argentina, Dr Adrian Desiderio held an emotional interview in Rome with Pope Francisco, taking advantage of his trip to Rome, the purpose of which was an invitation by the Italian Association of Surgery, for participation in a conference held in Naples, between the 3rd and 6th of June.

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