Human life does not always run smoothly and is often affected by turbulent phases, major challenges or even tragic moments. A young TKD athlete from Ethiopia, Kemal Kasim, has sustain a blow of fate already with 6 years when he (after the civil war in Ethiopia) lost his right leg above the knee playing on a tank. But he did not crush - he even has gained strength. In 1996 he started with TKD, became a coach and an example for many of us (see also the video of his breaking demonstration on our ITF website). Today he is 24 years old and on 31.07.2014 he has passed his examination to 3rd degree. I had the honor to promote him to his 3rd degree and can say that he has passed the promotion with flying colours.

Download the clip (mp3, 3.4 MB)

His life-story and his development are my motivation to start a foundation to allow him a prosthetic leg. Because of his financial situation he cannot afford this and also the technical and medical options are not given in his home country. For this reason I want to invite him to Germany (he can live in my house) for about three or four weeks, where all the requirements are fulfiled. The cost of an artificial leg with necessary precaution and aftercare will be approximately € 10,000.00 (including the flight to Germany). Who is willing to support this project has the opportunity to donate money. The donations should be addressed under the keyword "Kemal Kasim" to the ITF which manages the money.

Bank of the ITF in Spain:

Bank Name: Deutsche Bank 
IBAN ES70 0019 0585 36 4010027855 

I am thanking you in advance for the humanitarian gesture to support our TKD-brother and allow him a new life. I will continuously inform about the progress of donations and also about the current status of things.

Yours sincerely
Master Paul Weiler
ITF Senior Vice-President

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On the 28th May of current year, 8th Dan ITF from Argentina, Dr Adrian Desiderio held an emotional interview in Rome with Pope Francisco, taking advantage of his trip to Rome, the purpose of which was an invitation by the Italian Association of Surgery, for participation in a conference held in Naples, between the 3rd and 6th of June.

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Taekwon-Do has been taught in New Zealand since the early 70s.  Despite this longevity, self defence has only been an integral part of our grading/examination system since the early 90s – perhaps one reason for this is that Taekwon-Do is usually described as a “system of Self Defence’, and as such there was no need for a separate component that required examination.  ITKD’s current examination system now includes a well developed self defence curriculum, one that has evolved in the intervening 25 years.  A new approach to the curriculum, written by Master Paul McPhail and Mr Mark Banicevich with the assistance of several ITKD members experienced in self defence , has recently been published.  If anyone wishes to purchase the book go to

The latest issue of TKD-Talk (published by ITKD, New Zealand) that also contains 3 articles on the new syllabus and is available for downloading at

Self defence is not just about blocks, punches and kicks.  Whereas this may have been the approach in years past, it is now recognised that self defence, or self protection, also needs a very healthy dose of ‘de-escalation’.  The majority of situations where an individual is faced with aggression can be resolved without resorting to some kind of physical response. Instead, students can be taught that an understanding of basic behavioural or psychological factors is at least as important, if not more so, than leaping at your aggressor with a reverse turning kick.  This begins with awareness – being aware of your environment such that awkward situations are avoided.  However, if confrontation does occur, then having learned to read body language, knowing where to stand or how to move without appearing aggressive, and particularly knowing how to respond with non-aggressive language (shouting probably won’t work), will give our students a real advantage in the self defence stakes.

All of these skills have been incorporated into the new ITKD coloured belt syllabus. Our students will now learn de-escalation and physical self defence.  And our Instructors will have the flexibility to use techniques that best suit each student – techniques that have been proven to work in the real world.

A big thanks also must go to Mr Phil Thompson and Protect Self Defence" for sharing their material and expertise in making this self defence syllabus possible. 

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This is to announce that the IIC for 4th Degree and above which takes place in Treviso Italy from November 16th to 18th 2014 is now fully booked as the maximum number of 150 participants has been reached. All those attending are reminded to complete  their registration through their NA/AA with the ITF Online System. 

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The 19th Summer camp was held from 5-15.7.2014. This year we had attendance from 13 clubs from Czech Republic, Slovenia and Bosnia with around 90 participants. Taekwon-Do trainings were held under the instruction of 8 international instructors and 4 instructors of other martial arts. Every morning was reserved for Taekwon-Do sport training, before lunch was practice of basic techniques and movements, in the afternoon we held trainings of other martial arts where participant had a chance to try new techniques of training, new ways to develop power, endurance, speed and effervescence. Evenings were free for volunteers to train individually with instructors.

Even during this summer camp the whole program was very rich. The first evening participants had a chance to get to know the basics of first aid, which was held under supervision of MU Dr.Jan Ohem, also reading of interview with Gen. Choi Hong Hi made by Taekwon-Do Times, which kids read to each other, exhibition of training for dogs, the staging of the Wild West (bank robbery), exhibition of the training of police dogs, exhibition of prison police force, exhibition of Taekwon-Do. Other events were training of KICK BOX, MUAY THAI, HAPKIDO, KRAV MAGA and also a course of mountaineering. Thankfully to support of radio SPIN kids had opportunity to have a dancing night with popular moderator Aleš Matoušek. As a part of the cultural program was live performance of the singer of popular Czech band ČECHOMOR, František Černý, and on a different night performed rock band VOSMA. Traditional events that weren’t missing in this year summer camp were grading, summer camp tournament, tournament in bowling on XBOX, sport afternoon with funny sport activities, night adventure game, every night camp fire with guitar and sausages, every third day grill of ham, dress party and goodbye party with DJ Tomy where kids had fruit and legendary chocolate fountain.

During night hours were held meeting of assistants and trainers where were valuated day to day events and made plans for upcoming days. This summer camp were special because of guests that came to visit us in our progress. Founder of Czechoslovakia Taekwon-Do int.instructor Miroslav Galbač, first members of national team int.instr. Jiří Gazda (1988 Budapest, YG PYONG YANG), first medalist 1991 Vienna and multiple holder of european champion and world champion Jaromír Mich and first original national team of Cezch Republic (1992 Korea, Netherland 1993, Malaysia 1994, Etc.) For our member were great honor to train with official word champions and European champions or trainer of Slovenia national team int.istr.Vahid Drapič 5.Dan, Lukáš Pešta, Jaroslav and Josev Vomáčko, Jiří Švandelík and Jan Weidlich.

Big thank you to sponsors and partners of Czech Taekwon-Do Federation and school Kwang Gae we were able to secure all inclusive, camp t-shirt, white t-shirt and scarf which were used to own imagination and creativity to make unique and unforgettable memory. Summer camp was traditionally held in sport areal Zbraslavice, which has own swimming possibilities, two big gyms for martial arts (tatami in it, special techniques stands, power breaking stands, etc.) gym, sauna, sleeping in sport hotel, shooting range for bows and guns, mountaineering wall, tarzan park, natural arena for paintball, aquazorbing, basketball field, beach volleyball field, tennis court, football field, rom for table tennis, big trampoline and field for small kids. Resume from camp was not only certificates and medals but lots of satisfied participants and parents. For Czech Taekwon_do Federation is big success of joining in new club of Taekwon-Do.

Thanks to partners include: Central Region-STOP CRIME, Říčany city, town Brandys nad Labem, Martin Adamy, Roman Chomát, Libor Jirásek, Pharmacy Zásmuky - Olga Bohabojová, Atlas Copy- Adolf Král, Pivovarská Restaurant-Thomas Jilek, Ltd. MKM-Michael Bruckner , Bohemia Home as-Tics Ivošević, orthopedic aids - Ruda Půlpán, Super-2001 sro Petr Kubicek, Family Vištalova, Sport bar Riviera-Jarda Wunsch, Pavilion Hotel - Alexander Soucek, Cotton club - Predrag Ivkovic. 

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