A big welcome to all the 190 participants for the upcoming IIC to be held in Treviso, Italy on November 14-16, 2014.

We inform all participants that we organize an IIC DINNER BANQUET in the Hotel (place of the event) on Saturday evening November 15th at 20.30 at the price of € 35 per participant.

If you are interrested and would like to join the IIC DINNER BANQUET, send your name, surname and country name to on or before October 25th, 2014.

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Author: S Ryan
Date: 06/Oct/2014, 17:28
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On the weekend of the 27th and 28th of September the International Sparring Seminar by Oleg and Katya Solovey was held in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The organization was under the charge of Sabunim Luciano Iriarte (IV) of the Federal Taekwondo Institute (TIF). With an attendance of 150 students from across the country and some neighboring countries, the seminar was a big success.

On Saturday the course was attended by black belts and gups on Sunday. In both innings, the Sabunim Oleg Solovey explained the theoretical concepts of sparring and fundamental movements that led to Katya Solovey and many of his students, to the top of the world podium. With simple explanations, Solovey shared his secrets of training and guidelines to follow to function dynamically within the ring.

The training lasted 5 hours and participants expressed their happiness and gratefulness for the high level of the course and the friendliness and warmth of Katya and Oleg. All students received a certificate of participation signed by the Ukrainian couple and were able to take pictures and chat with them.

Prior to the seminar, Katya and Oleg were received by the municipal government of San Isidro, who gave them presents and declared their visit to the city "of general interest". The same mayor, Dr. Gustavo Posse, was responsible for communicating the Taekwon-Do ITF will continue to receive municipal support through the inclusion of the same in local sports programs.

Oleg and Katya’s stay also included a welcome banquet on Sunday night at the Ukrainian Cultural Association Prosvita, where Oleg and Katya were received by the president of the Ukrainian Diaspora in Argentina, Jorge Danylyszyn. After the traditional welcome with bread and salt, the Ukrainian ballet and local vocal quartet, offered a show that for the couple was extremely exciting. "We were not expecting this reception. It was the best that we have seen live outside of Ukraine ", Oleg and Katya assured.

On Tuesday at noon, Oleg and Katya Solovey next to Sabunim Luciano Iriarte, were received at the Ukrainian Embassy in Buenos Aires, by Mr. Ambassador Yurii Diudin, who said that the visit of the representatives of the ITF athletes was a first step to maintain a fluid relationship and friendship.

Oleg and Katya Solovey said that they were very happy and comfortable for the welcome they felt and their treatment, and that the seminar participants were very smart and quickly grasped the concepts transmitted. Surely there will be a return visit to the ITF best competitor of all time and one of the best coaches in the world to Argentina

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Date: 02/Oct/2014, 19:14
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Based on the Invitation of ITF Taekwondo Federation of General Directorate of Physical Education & Sport of Afghanistan, the first term of International Seminar of Taekwondo with great leadership of Master Santaniello was held at the conference hall of General Directorate of Physical Education & Sport in Kabul from 18/20th September, 2014. During the seminar 170 athletes, 50 black belts and the rest holding red and blue belts were gathered from all over Afghanistan. Herewith l would like to indicate that Master Santaniello is an outstanding and well experienced trainer who has been trained in the most updated ITF Taekwondo techniques which were very useful in improving the capacity and building the awareness of the participants. During this period he officially met the Technical/Professional Director of General Directorate of Physical Education & Sport of Afghanistan, The General Director of Parliament House, and Kabul Mayor. For the honor of great assistance and services of Master Santaniello he has been awarded the appreciation letter of Afghanistan General Directorate of Physical Education & Sport of Afghanistan, the Honor Sign of Parliament of Afghanistan has awarded to him by the General Director of Afghanistan Parliament and meanwhile the Mayor of Kabul has been awarded him the Honor Sign of Kabul Municipality for his great services toward development of ITF Taekwondo in Afghanistan. The above mentioned seminar has been warmly appreciated by the General Directorate of Physical Education & Sport of Afghanistan, ITF Taekwon-Do Federation and ITF sportsmen. The senior management unit of Afghanistan ITF Taekwon-Do Federation and its sportsmen are cordially thanking the ITF for all the rendered supports and cooperation and especially from Master Santaniello for transferring such treasure to us.

Sincerely yours, Mr Rahmaní  President Afghanistan Itf Vice-President ASIA itf

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The ITF will conduct a seminar in Taiwan on October 4th & 5th. This is another impotant step in the development of the ITF in Asia. 

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This is the event that many New Zealand Taekwon-Do kids look forward to – the National Junior Camp (  November 21-23, 2014 will be the 12th camp – the previous 11 were all oversubscribed and enthusiastically received by kids and parents alike – this one will be no different.  Each event has a theme; fittingly (for New Zealand) this one will be Hobbit-like where everyone can dress as their favourite Tolkien character.  The organisers are Mr Gwyn Brown (5th Dan) and Mr Shaun Skedgwell (4th Dan) – this is their 12th successive camp!

The camp is mainly for kids 8-15 years, but whole families can attend.  In fact the quota of parents that can attend is often filled first.  There is plenty of Taekwon-Do, usually combined with games and a fair bit of joking around – there is even a baking contest (perhaps someone will dress up as Gordon Ramsey?). Several instructors from the Region plus some of New Zealand’s world champs will also participate. Instructors are usually cajoled into taking the early morning swim at the local river – they do need to set an example. The parents get to join in, but they also help out in the kitchen and keeping the peace in the bunkrooms (lights out at 10pm - there are teenagers there after all!).  Meals are a treat; the kids get two choices at every meal – eat what is put in front of them or go hungry; it works every time!

Fun is at the top of the agenda.  The success of these camps is in no small way a testament to the dedication of the organizers and all those who help out.

Brian Ricketts

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