The Official Registration for the ITF World Cup in Jamaica is now open. Follow this link for the registration site:

Each Country/Club participating must first apply for a log in to be able to access the site and enter their participants. 

Preparations for the event which takes place in Montego Bay Jamaica from August 26th to 30th are well under way. For more information including hotel packages please follow this link; 

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Date: 13/Mar/2014, 11:15
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70 participants from Colombia, Perú, Puerto Rico and USA, attended the 89th International Instructor Course held in Bogota, Colombia , from the 7th to the 9th of March 2014. The course, which was led by Grand Masters Hector Marano and Ung Kim Lan, was very dynamic and full of great teaching . The course leaders guided the particpants through each pattern in detail, from Chon -Ji to Tong- Il clarifying each of the doubts of the participants and emphasizing the “why”  or the application of  each movement, so that everyone understood the purpose and method involved. 

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Date: 11/Mar/2014, 15:46
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The ITF Tournament Committee and ITF Umpire Committee in liaison with Grandmaster Bos have now updated the Official ITF World Cup Rules. Please follow this link: to download the rules. It is very important that all competitors, coaches officials and umpires are familiar with the updated rules so that everyone can perform to the best of their ability regardless of their role. Please distribute the updated rules to your members. The link also provides the rules and regulations for ITF World Championships, Scoring Procedures, approved clothing, etc. 

The next ITF World Cup takes place from August 26th to 30th 2014 in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Please follow this link for the official website and to keep up to date with the event: 

We look forward to seing you there for what is going to be a wonderful event in an amazing location. 

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Author: S Ryan
Date: 28/Feb/2014, 11:35
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The ITF are very happy to announce two new resources for our members.

Firstly the new Official Umpire Attire for International Umpires. This new suit will be available to all International Umpires who represent their country at the ITF World Championships. All those who umpired at the last World Championships in Spain will receive their new suit at the upcoming European Championships in Italy or directly through their NA/AA.

Secondly the English version of the IIC book is ready to be launched, this book authored by Grandmasters Trajtenberg, Marano and Bos is going to be an excellent resource for our members. The book was launched last year in Spanish and has been very popular in Spanish speaking nations. The highly anticipated English version will be available from April 1st by emailing You can email now to pre-order your book. Copies will also be available at the upcoming European Championships.

These exciting new resources add to the professionalism and service the ITF strives to offer its members. 

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Date: 27/Feb/2014, 11:39
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Dear ITF community:

We know that children today have become one of the most important sources of our teaching and that; moreover, those who are training in the future will certainly send their own children to practice Taekwon-Do ITF.

That is why we strive for excellence in the teaching of children.

I have the honour to present the latest work done by the Committee for Child Development, which is the new web site and which is in the first stages of it’s development. It can be accessed through the official website of the ITF or directly at

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Date: 14/Feb/2014, 11:00
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Dear members, from now on the ITF HQ office will issue a new certificate for Instructor Plaque Certificate annual renewals. This will replace the sticker system that was in place up to now.

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Date: 05/Feb/2014, 21:58
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We are excited to announce the launch of the Official Website for the ITF Kids Development Programme. This colourful and interactive website will be a fantastic tool for teaching and learning as it is not just for Instructors but has dedicated sections for Kids, Parent and for Instructors. To visit the Kids Program website please follow this link: more content will be added very soon. 

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Date: 29/Ene/2014, 09:17
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As you may be aware the ITF Board of Directors recently established a new Marketing & Development committee for the ITF. This committee has been very active since our appointment in setting up new modes of communicating with our members, for example a number of social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Picasa and YouTube. We are happy to say that these pages and channels have started to receive a strong following, especially the Facebook page which now has almost 5,500 members. However we need your support to help them to become even stronger and to establish a connection with all our members worldwide. Please share these connections with your members.

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Date: 27/Ene/2014, 11:17
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In the President Message for Christmas 2013, Grandmaster Trajtenberg takes the opprtunity to reflect on a very successful 2013 for ITF, look forward to some very exciting projects for 2014 and the continued growth and development of our organisation and wish all of the ITF community and their families a very happy and peaceful Christmas. 

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Date: 27/Dic/2013, 18:14
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