The ITA Irish Cup took place on the 29th & 30th of November in the UL Arena at the University of Limerick. The event was attended by 623 competitors from Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and England. 

The Saturday was made up of those aged 14 & older both colour belt & blackbelt competing in patterns, sparring, special technique & power-breaking. There were many World & European champions & medallists, both Junior & Senior on display including in the senior -70kg sparring section where current senior European Champion Adam Shelley fought Killester club mate & current Junior European champion Colm Carroll in the final, with Shelley taking Gold. While in the -78kg final two experienced competitors did battle with Stephen Smullen taking victory over John Moffitt.In the -85kg section European Champion Tim Kool from the Netherlands, who brought his team to compete in Ireland, took Gold. Sarah Lehane took Gold in female -68kg sparring, where Sarah Barry & Katie Moriarty took Silver and Bronze respectively. In Patterns Philip McAuliffe of Cork ITA took Gold in the senior 2nd Dan section after a final match versus Eddie Dillon. 

The best junior female award was shared by Ellen Ince or Killester & Maeve Magee of Integrity Martial arts who had an even share of points, while Alex Plamadeala of Blanchardstown TKD won best junior male with an impressive haul of 4 Gold medals (Patterns, Sparring, Special technique & Breaking). In the senior categories Silvia Farigu & Daniele Vello from Italy were awarded the best overall female & male awards respectively.

On Sunday, the competitors aged 13 and under competed in Patterns, Sparring & Special Technique. As with all ITA tournaments, the sections were quite large with many medallists having to come through 5 rounds or more to claim a medal. The quality on display was once again very impressive and the juniors got a taste of international competition with many competitors from the Netherlands, England competing

The next ITA tournaments are the Cork Open & Dublin which take place in February & March next year, more information can be found here:

Cork Open
Dublin Open

 ITA facebook page

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Thursday the 27th of November was an historic day for the Taekwon-Do ITF in Israel, as it has been the first time that a World Cup champion and a representative of the Israel Traditional Taekwon-Do Federation ITF were received by the Minister of Culture and Sport, Limor Livnat.

The meeting was very nice, during the forty minutes reunion, the Minister has shown interest in the achievements of 13 years old athlete Ron Kolsky.

Ron competed in the World Cup in Jamaica in the +60kg sparring category for age 12-14, and achieved first place.

The Minister asked Ron about his training and for his school grades, and Ron’s mother, Dr. Yael Kolsky proudly answered that Ron has an average of 94/100. This detail was very important for the Minister to show that it is possible to be a good Taekwon-Do athlete while maintaining good grades.

Ron’s instructor, Sabum-Nim Leonardo Oros Duek, Secretary General of the Israel Traditional Taekwon-Do ITF, thanked the Minister for the time she had given for this meeting, and told her about a pilot project to start in February, thanks to the Strauss company, with which teens from internees will be recruited and offered to study Taekwon-Do, giving them the possibility to become athletes.

The Minister was gifted with an explanatory booklet of the 12 years in which the Israeli Association is working for the Taekwon-Do ITF in Israel. Sabum-Nim Oros Duek gifted her also with a book of his publishing of the various patterns.

With good sense of humour, the Minister performed a basic ready stance Narani Chunbi Sogi.

This meeting marks a before and after of the history of the Israeli Taekwon-Do, keeping in mind that only six months ago this association was recognized by the Ministry of Sports in Israel.

In the meeting was present the Vice-Director of the Secretary of Sports, Mr. Dudu Malka who congratulated Ron for his achievements.

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On November 20 – 23 in Almaty city, Kazakhstan was the 2-nd Open Asian ITF Cup 2014.

On these great tournament, which organized by National Sport Federation of Taekwon-do ITF (NSFT), in this tournament participated 219 sportspersons from Afghanistan, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Russia, Uzbekistan. All of the tournament was broadcasted on National Television in Kazakhstan, many thanks to KazSport TV. Also thanks for our partners: Hotel Alma-Ata, Hostel Athletic, Hostel 74\76, and Technodom, RSBIK. On 19th November Master Coos conducted the Umpire and Coach meeting, where he explained the rules and duties for the tournament  in the folowing days.

NSFT appreciated for Master Coos for  and the ITF for supporting this Tournament. This tournament was a great experience for our organization and for ITF Asia.

Special thanks for Master Khan for supporting

Special thanks for Levan Tsaretishivili (Georgia President of Taekwon-do)

Thanks to Mr Shoaib Rahmani and all other teams and clubs!

The results of the 2nd Open Asian ITF Cup:


Gold Medal

Silver Medal

Bronze Medal













Kyrgyzstan Sonsu





After the finish of all programs and the tournament, NSFT awarded all umpires with special prizes and souvenirs. 

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The 35 term of Afghanistan National Senior and Junior Championshipwas held at Kabul city in Niazbek region from 13-14 November 2014. There was 2 events: 1- Pattern 2- Sparring and in this championship we had 130 participants from Kabul and 2 other provinces of Afghanistan: Maidan Wardak, Parwan.
The supporter of this championship Was the General Directorate of Physical Education And Sport of Afghanistan and ITF Taekwon-Do Federation of Afghanistan.

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The INTA under the tuition of Master Brendan O’Toole (VIII), Master Val Douglas (VIII) and Master Gerry Martin (VII) recently held and an Instructor and Technical Course (ITC) on Cobh Island, Cork, Ireland. 

Instructors and students travelled from all over the country to attend the two day event which was broken into a number of practical and information sessions for all grades.

The first day was specifically focused around fundamental movements, step sparring and self-defence. Senior participants also had the opportunity to engage in a club development and protocol seminar which offered information on setting up and developing new clubs and the effective implementation of Taekwon-Do etiquette at club level. 

The Master Technical Committee focused their attention on senior grade participants on the second day. The Masters worked through senior grade patterns, application of movements and discussed effective teaching methods for senior grades. 

The INTA would like to thank Great Island Taekwon-Do club for hosting the event and all those who assisted and took part in the weekend.

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