The National Sport Federation of Taekwon-Do ITF Kazakhstan (NSTF) present their annual report of activities for 2014. Some of the highlights of the year ibclude continued growth of the organisation with new members joining from other federations, the Grand Prix Almaty Championships, the Open Kazakhstan Championship, attending the Polish Summer Camp, the Kazakhstan Summer Camp, the Open Asian Championships and attendance at the World Cup in Jamaica. 

Together we are strong! Spread your wings! 

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Author: S Ryan
Date: 10/Dic/2014, 14:45
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Last Saturday 6 December 2014, took place in the Palau d´sports L´illa of Benidorm, Benidorm (Alicante) the Spain Cup 2014.

On Friday took place the arrivals of the different delegations from throughout the country, we received them in the Salon Puig Campana of the Station Hotel, where we made first the weigh in and afterwards the meetings of Coaches and referees which had to officiate in the event the next day. And in this year were a total of 230 participants among all delegations.

Saturday at 9:00 began the event where you could see four areas of competition, three tatami mats, one of them high and another area where they were machines of special technique and the machines for breaking. All competition areas used electronic controls and displays where you could follow each match scores.

During this event were different modalities of Taekwon-do ITF competition:

 - individual forms

-  forms team

 - individual sparring

- sparring  team

- match pre-set

–special techniques

- techniques of power

We give thanks to the instructor José Luis Diego and Paco Ferrando and all those who are part of the school Tae Benidorm for their work and great kindness, which together with the City Council of Benidorm and the committees of the FEST got that this Cup was a complete success without precedents, in a very friendly atmosphere.

Also thank all participating delegations of the Spanish Federation of Taekwon-Do ITF, as well as their competition, umpire  and organizing committees for the good and hard work for the preparation of this important event. Sabum Jose Luis Diego, Sabum John Mckissock and Master Alberto Gonzalez as responsible for these committees.

We also want to thank to teachers that attended this event and always so pleased to count with your presence, Master José Ramón Viudes, Master Juan Ferrando, MasterAlberto González, Master Miguel Martínez and the instructors Vicente Ibañez and Alejandro Banega for their great help.

At 13 hours in the presence of the Councillors in the City Council of Benidorm held a very special and emotional event for this Federation, with the delivered of Senior Master 8th dan grades to the  Master Juan Ferrando and José Ramón Viudes who promoted during the last international course of Italy the last month. For the Federation, these are the firsts  VIII Dan and it is a very important step which demonstrates the growth and consolidation of the Federation.

Also want to thank our sponsors for their great collaboration and help Spain cup 2014, FUJIMAE and TOPTEN .

Secretario FEST


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Author: S Ryan
Date: 10/Dic/2014, 11:19
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The Irish Taekwon-Do Association held its winter blackbelt grading on the 6th & 7th of December in Rathcoole, Co. Dublin. The event was hosted by Mr Carl Smullen & Mr Stephen Smullen of Newlands Taekwon-Do Club and was attended by 50 candidates from around the country testing for 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th Degree Blackbelt.

The first day was for those testing for 2nd Dan and above. 14 candidates tested under a panel of Master Patrick O’Rourke, Master Pat Barry, Master Terry Donnelly, Master Tim Forde and Mr Niall Jones, with Mr Stephen Ryan conducting the examination of breaking & special technique, while Master Kenneth Wheatley tested the candidates on theory of Taekwon-Do & Mr Jack Sheehan acted as narrator. Of the fourteen candidates tested, ten where successfully promoted to their new grade.

On Day two, 36 candidates went forward to test for 1st degree blackbelt, a major milestone in the training career of any Taekwon-Do student. The grading took place in two testing rooms with panels made up of: Master Pat Barry, Mater Terry Donnelly, Mr Adrian O’Mahoney, Mr Mark Buckley, Mr Stephen Ryan, Mr Brian Coughlan, Mr Kevin Kinsella, Mr Declan McMullen & Mrs Laura Ryan. Master Tim Forde & Mr Ken Leahy tested theory and Master Patrick O’Rourke & Mr Hong Looi tested power-breaking & special technique. While Ms Anne-Marie Kinsella & Mr Jack Sheehan were the narrators.

Candidates where tested on fundamental techniques, kicking techniques, patterns, self-defence, step sparring, free sparring, special technique, power-breaking and the theory of Taekwon-Do. The increasing standard of ITA members was highlighted by the fact that all 36 candidates where successfully promoted to 1st Dan on the second day of testing.

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Date: 10/Dic/2014, 11:14
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Last Saturday 29th of November, we performed the last Gup examination of the year. More than 90 students, coming from every Dojang in Santiago, (Chile`s capital), tested. The size of this examination, is the biggest exam recorded in the history of ITF-TKD in Chile.

I am very proud of the team of additional Sabumnims (one 5th, and three 4th) who helped the testing and feel extremely satisfied with the high technical level shown by the Gups on this historic examinations.

ONT Chile continues growing!!!


Eduardo Oviedo S.

6º Dan

Federación internacional de taekwon-do en Chile

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Author: S Ryan
Date: 08/Dic/2014, 11:14
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On the 15th November 2014 in the Sports Center Na Fialce in Říčany took place the first round of the season 2014-2015 championship. This year it has been the 5th year of holding the Central Bohemian Taekwon-do Cup which is part of the competitions under the Czech Federation of Taekwondo ITF (ČTF).

This year a record amount of clubs and competitors from the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia and individual competitors from the USA joined the Cup. New members of the Czech Junior and Senior National team have introduced themselves when fighting for medal positions with their competitors from foreign countries as well as with their National team colleagues. For illustration we could have seen fights of Michal Zach (Borovany) with Denis Drapič (Ahac) from Slovenia. Furthermore we could have seen other strong fighters as Jakub Tomáš (Ge Baek Prešov) from Slovakia or Jan Ohem (Brandýs n.L.), who we know from this year’s European Championship, European Cup or International competitions as Best of the Best or Prešov Open.

A big comeback has shown a former Czech National Team member and a medallist from the World and European Championship Pavel Kupr (Pečky), who has shown himself in a top class form when gaining one gold and two bronze medals. The category of juniors has also been dominated by members of the national teams: Arso Ivoševič, Igor Zavadovsky, Michael Kupilík and Martin Jonáš. Denisa Stárková has shown her top form in her final fight with her national team colleague Lucie Staňková.
In category under 15 years the role of the favourite has defended Petr Pros when winning four gold medals and one bronze. Furthermore new serious competitors are being born in this category represented by Filip Žaloudek, Jan Zachrdla, Matěj Jirásek, Alex Vištal. In the girls category under 15 years the role of the favourite have defended Rozálka Pačesová, Bára Jílková and Štěpánka Říhová.
The medals may be the more precious as they have been received from the icon of Czech Kickboxing Miroslav Sobotka the owner of the company Hayashi TOP TEN and editor of Fighters magazine.
Fighters from the following clubs took part in the competition: Kobukson Mladá Boleslav, Milovice, Pečky, Brandýs nad Labem, Říčany, Babice, Ondřejov, Tehov, Stránčice, Fight club České Budějovice, Křemžtí draci-Křemže, Borovany, Ge Baek Prešov (SVK),TKD Clubs AHAC (SLO),Tiger Ljubljana (SLO) and fighters from the USA Kenneth and Denis Martins (USA).
The competition has been attended by six International Instructors (V. Machota 6. Dan, V. Drapič 5. Dan, M.Baltič 5. Dan, M. Novák 4. Dan, D. Mondschein 4. Dan, J. Gavura 4. Dan) who have shown a team Tull and an exhibition fight by Jan Gavura and Vahid Drapič.

The competition has been held by the support of the city Říčany which has been represented by the present deputy Mayor Ms. Hana Špačková, Central Bohemian Region and our partners: company Hayashi, Miroslav Sobotka, ČEZ energie, M.K.M. M.Bruckner, OSRAM R.Ostertág, Pivovarská restaurace T.Jílek, Doprava L.Jirásek, Lékárna Zásmuky Mgr.Olga Bohabojová, Cotton clubs Říčany pan Ivkovič, Sportbar Reviera Říčany J.Wunsch, rodina Vištalova, Atlascopy A .Král, KSC Na Fialce, Hotel Pavilon A.Souček.

Because of all our partners we could have set the level of the competition again a bit higher and competitors earned valuable gifts and a small refreshment. All referees have received a two course menu and a fee. The competition has been visited by several important people well known from the media and politics.

A new competition drawing software has been presented on this Cup, which will be connected to the online registration system. During the introductory ceremony the president of ČFT Mr. Tomáš Lehovec has handed over training licences and promoting certificates to master degrees owners (Dan). The fifth Central Bohemian Cup has been followed by an After party in the Pivovarská restaurace (Uhříněves) in style of Saint Martin’s goose and for the public in Sport Bar Rievera, which has been a tradition in the past several years.

NOTICE: Organisator is member of highest Czech sport authority “ Czech Union of sports “ as is requested by ITF and AETF rules.

On behalf of organising committee
Int.instr.Vladimír Machota 6. Degree
Senior vicepresident of CTF

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