Following the mandate of the ITF Congress, on June 11th at 3 pm delegations of the two ITF Taekwon-do organisations, leaded by Grandmaster Trajtenberg and Dr. Chang Ung, met in Vienna at Vienna Grand Hotel and signed the agreement to stop immediately and end forever all Court proceedings at present and in the future between the two Taekwon-Do organisations and their own members and confirm the commitments not to slander, calumniate or defame each other. They express that they will observe a mutual respect to each other for the future. Grandmaster Trajtenberg was accompanied by ITF Secretary General Master Ferrando, Senior Vice-President Master Paul Weiler and Lawyer Mag. Spiegl as witness. If you have any questions concerning this matter, please contact the Sec. General's office.

Master Juan Ferrando
ITF Secretary General

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It is India’s great honor to host the 93th IIC of 2014. We are grateful to ITF for giving us a chance to host such a respectable event. Great regards to Grand Masters, GM Willem Jacob Bos and GM Hector Marano for their super strong technical support and valuable time. We feel pride to share the success of the 93th IIC of 2014 in India.

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The latest edition of the ITF online Magazine, Taekwon-Do Generation, is now available online at this link: 

This latest edition is packed with loads of great articles, including interviews with some of ITF's top competitors, coaches, Masters and Grandmasters, as well as an historical article on pioneer Colonel Nam Tae Hi, interesting articles on the structures of the National Associations and National Teams in Ireland, Canada and New Zealand, a look back at the World Championships in 2013, a preview of what's to come in the World Championships 2015 and short stories form around the world in the "My Dojang" section of the magazine. We hope you enjoy!!

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Only two years after the first visit of sabum Niklas Enander (6thdegree/Sweden) the Uganda ITF under the leadership of its President Francis Emulu and the help of some other black belts (former WTF - now ITF) organised the 1st ITF tournament in history in Uganda.

On Saturday, July 26thmore than 70 participants from 7 clubs took part in pattern and sparring competition and with the help of Master Weiler, who brought the electronic competition system, the sparring competition runs very fast (compare also the donation equipment for Ethiopia in the following report).

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Since 2008 the Ethiopian International Taekwon-Do Association (EITA) was the starting point for the ITF on the African Continent e.g. 1st IIC in Africa and the African TKD Cup ITF. Now it was the 1st Kid’s course being held on the African Continent on July 28th and 29th (Monday and Tuesday) by Master Nardizzi (8th degree and Chairman of the Kid’s Committee). 60+ instructors and 15 kids participated at the two days course to learn with great interest and with joy. Master Nardizzi taught all facets of the program and was impressed with the participation of instructors from Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda and Sweden. The interest for the Kid’s course is not only very big by the instructors but also and especially by the authorities (e.g. Ministry of Sport) so that we have to plan and organise more of this seminars in Africa.

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Dear Masters, Instructors & National Anti-Doping Officers,

I would like to formally inform you and ask that you advise all participants from your country that:

ITF Anti-Doping Unit will be enforcing full Doping Control at World Cup 2014, Montego Bay, Jamaica.

The ITF Medical & Anti-Doping Unit has the support of the Jamaican NADO who will be testing at the request of ITF. All male and female athletes in all disciplines over 18 years of age are eligible for testing. Please encourage your participants to take the online courses on to familiarise themselves with the testing process and their rights.

I’m looking forward to see you all in Jamaica,

Yours in Taekwon-Do,
Dr. Richard Aboud
ITF Medical Director & Chairman of Anti-Doping

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The 95th International Instructors Course in San Francisco, California, USA completed on July 6th as a huge success. Over 160 participants from around the world including Canada, Japan, Australia, England and Ethiopia enjoyed instruction from Grand Masters Hector Marano and Wim Bos, along with very special guest, ITF President, Grand Master Pablo Trajtenberg. 

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The 94th International Instructors Course (IIC) was successfully held in St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, CANADA on June 27-29 2014. There were a total of 115 participants from three countries (Canada, USA and Jamaica). Newfoundland is an island off the east coast of Canada and St. John's is the oldest city in North America.

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