On Saturday 31stAugust ITF Scotland hosted the 6thITF Kids Program Instructor Course. 22Participants from Scotland, England, Wales and Sweden took part in this highly anticipated course. 

ITF Treasurer and ITF Scotland President GM MacCallum was present to open the course and to welcome the ITF Kids committee and its participants. 

The instructors really enjoyed the new developments that the ITF Kids committee have implemented, the simple approach and progressive nature of the course was very well received with many of the instructors quite surprised at how different the course is to any other course they have attended.


This original course has been developed to raise the standard of young children in Taekwon-Do and very much in line with where many ITF instructors want to teach, keeping completely in line with the principles of Taekwon-Do without deviating into games for games sake.


One of the points the instructors where pleased about was that the kids program is not a private business and is run at minimal cost to the instructor helping them to develop their classes and that the kids doboks are available through all ITF Officially approved suppliers and not just through one single source.


This very intense course is constantly being developed and the content of each Kids course adapts as the course continues to grow. The development of the new ITF Kids website is working well with the launch expected during October, this will enable the instructor to access all of the tools they need to run their classes effectively. 

The next courses are in Managua - Nicaragua on 9th and 10th November and New York – USA on 16th November. 

Very thought provoking from many previous childrens courses I’ve attended in the past. Fantastic!

Mrs Gillian McIlvaney



The ITF Kids Committee excel at presenting the new Taekwon-Do Kids course. Clear and consise, this course is exceptional value, giving ITF Instructors all of the knowledge and insight they need to teach pre-schoolers and younger children.

Mr Anthony McKenna


The course was delivered very well. The knowledge and experience of the committee is essential and important to the course.

Mr D Lupton


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Annual TAEKWON-DO ITF  seminar with A.T.E.E
On saturday August 31st, 2013 Masters Rivero, Severino,.Gutierrez, Fernandez members of FETRA organized the A.T.E.E. annual Taekwon-Do ITF seminar conducted by GM's Trajtenberg and Marano with a participation of more than 500 black belts.
The spanish version of ITF Tecnical book (English version is in preparation and will be released on January 1st, 2014) was presented once more and all the instructors were really enthusiastic.
At the end of the seminar both Grand Masters signed more than 150 books
Compliments to the organizers
report by
GM Hector Marano
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From 1 to 10 August 2013 in the village of Mykolaivka in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea (Ukraine) was held a Summer camp in sportive base "Avangard" . It became the first stage of preparation for the upcoming Taekwon-Do World Championship, which will held in Benidorm, Spain on October 23-27, 2013.

48 athletes took part In the summer camp coming from Kyiv, Crimea, Kharkov, Ivano-Frankivsk, Kirovograd, Lviv and Uzhgorod. Also participated sportsmen from Russia and Ireland.

Next year's Summer Camp will be held in August and we are planning to invite other foreign athletes and trainers. The Summer Camp program consisted of three trainings per day. Trainings were conducted by the head coach of National and Honored Ukrainian team Ukraine Oleg Solovey 5th degree


Among the participants should be noted several titled athletes like Kateryna Solovey from Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine World Champion, nine-time European Champion, 2-time winner of the World and European Cup

Dmitry Bezverkhy European champion from Kyiv, Ukraine

Ivan Gryshchuk from Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine European champion

Anatoly Korobko from Kirovograd,Ukraine European champion European champion and silver medalist of the World Cup.

Dzvenyslava Tokareva from Ivano-Frankivsk silver medalist of the World Cup

Nikita Orlov from Kyiv,Ukraine winner of the World Cup Roman Kudashov from Russia European Champion winner of the World Cup

Rostylava Ivanchuk (Ireland).



Sports base "Avangard" where was held the summer camp is located on the Black Sea coast, and the athletes were able to spend time on the beach between trainings and having a good time.

Best regards, Vice-President All Ukrainian TKD Union

Oleg Solovey V-degree ITF

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Master Ferrando ITF Secretary General visited Morocco assisted by Mr. Jose L. Diego 6th degree

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On June 7-9, 2013 was held the 3rd Asian Taekwon-Do ITF Championships in Tashkent in Sport Complex “Uzbekistan” with 4000 seats for spectators. Before the Asian Championship on June 2-5, 2013 GM Trajtenberg President of ITF visited Uzbekistan and organizational meetings at high level were held. A meeting was held with Deputy Speaker of Uzbekistan Mr. Rashid Mamatkarimov Vice-President of NOC of Uzbekistan, with Mullaev Alam Vice-President of Centre of Oriental Combat sports and Martial Arts. Also very important was the meeting with Mr. Armen Bagdasarov President of Federation of Judo. All our leaders confirmed, that they are ready to help the ITF and also they helped in order to organize the 3rd Asian Championship.

On June 6th, 2013 at HQ Miran International Hotel in Tashkent was held the 5th ITF – Asia Congress, where have been confirmed the leaders of ITF - Asia. Master Alfred Yu stayed in his post as President of ITF - Asia, also Master Han stayed in his position as Senior Vice-President of ITF – Asia.

  • Vice-President of ITF Asia – Mr. Sohaib Rahmani from Afghanistan
  • Vice-President of ITF Asia – Mr. Aidos Amanzholov from Kazakhstan
  • Secretary-general of ITF Asia – Mr. Liu Kwong Ming from China
  • Treasurer of ITF Asia – Mr. Tsuchida from Nippon
  • Board of Directors of ITF Asia – Mr. Oleinichenko from Kyrgyzstan

In the Opening Ceremony of 3rd Asian Championship were official representatives from National Olympic Committee (NOC), from Ministry of Sport, from Centre of Oriental Combat Sports and Martial Arts and official representative of ITF Board of Directors Master Yu - President of ITF Asia from Hong Kong. Were presentation of all participants of 3rd Asian Championship. Also Korean national dances, Children’s folk dances and the leading pop singers of our country were in the Opening Ceremony. For all time of the tournament was widely covered by the media on the radio, on the television and in newspapers.

Competitions were held in 3 Rings, with 270 participants from 10 countries and 30 Umpires from the participating countries. Chief Umpire was Mr. Liu Kwong Ming from China. Under Mr. Liu Kwong Ming leadership umpires have been working at a high professional level. On June 9th, 2013 were direct transmission of final competitions and awards ceremony.

On June 9th, 2013 was held the final banquet, to which participated leaders of our country, leaders of Federations and umpires of championship. At the final banquet valuable gifts were given tothe leaders of Federations. We believe, that The 3rd Asian Championship was excellent, all kinds of programs were on high level. 

Chairman of the Organizing Committee                                                                 Master Han VII dan

Secretary of the Organizing Committee                                                                 Kamolova Ninel

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