On 17-18 of February 2014 a TKD KIDS course took place in Russia. This event was organized by all Russia Taekwon-Do Federation right after the all Russia Taekwon-Do championships. The course was conduct by Master Donato Nardizzi VIII Dan the president of ITF England. 55 instructors from Russia and Ukraine took part in the course. 

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On March 8th 2014 took place in Sant Vicenç dels Horts - Barcelona the 3rd ITF BARCELONA FUJI MAE CUP 2014 with both national and international competitors

This year we had welcomed teams from Belgium, Netherlands, France, Norway, Scotland, Israel and England. Of course we also had competitors from all around Spain (Cataluña, Cantabria, Andalucía, Murcia, Comunidad Valenciana and Aragón).  We would like to remark the huge participation and the technical and human quality of all competitors.

Our Sponsor was Fuji Mae as always, and I would like to thank them for the logistic and support to this event.

The competition day began at 7:00hs with the arrival of competitors to the sports hall. After the coach and umpire meetings, everyone went to their assigned areas to start working. At 8:30hs competition began with Individual Patterns followed by Team Patterns and Pre arranged Sparring. We could witness the extremely high level of the participants.

During the Opening Ceremony a Clubs Parade took part and an exhibition of HWA-RANG-DO School little students followed it. The children had the opportunity of being part of this big Taekwon-do Day.

Once the Opening Ceremony have finished, all competitors, coachs and umpires went for a “Friendship Lunch” were they could gather and share a good meal together, make new friends and meet old ones in a relaxed atmosphere.

At 15:00hs competition started again with Individual Sparring until the end of the event, keeping everyone amazed for the intensity and enthusiasm of the competitors.

We would like to thank local instructors John McKissock and Andreu Martínez for their help and Master Alberto González for his support to this event.

I would like to remark the participation two instructors, who are also good friends, Mr. Mario Múgica and Mr. Félix García, José Luis Diego whom brought teams with great competitors on national and international level.

This year we were delighted to welcome Master Frank Vanberghen and Instructor Annick Van Driessche from Belgium and Master Ray Nicolaisen from Norway. We also have the opportunity to welcome a big team from Israel with his Instructor Leonardo Oros Duek (AETF´s Board of Directors Member). And the presence of Master Ferrando Secretary General ITF.

Last but not least, I would like to thank all the schools that took part this year, I hope you have felt the essence of this event: gathering as a family, enjoying time together and feeling proud of our Martial Art. I look forward to welcome you next year for the 4thITF BARCELONA FUJI MAE CUP 2015.

Thanks to you all and see you next year!!!

José Carlos Revelles

VI Degree – Instructor Internacional

HWA-RANG-DO School Director

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Finally, all 24 Taekwon-Do patterns, performed by the best Taekwon-Do athlete in the world are gathered in one place – Black Belt All in One. We recommend it not only as a unique learning and teaching tool where we can control the movements and the views, but also as a tribute to Mr. Jaroslaw Suska – 6-time world champion and  20-time European champion – Taekwon-Do legend.

Watching his exceptional technique, precision and balance can truly inspire us and motivate  us to work harder on our skills. The program gives both – inspiration and tools to make our training more efficient and to get results faster. That's probably the reason more and more people are using it to reach the next level in their patterns’ skills.

Mr. Lukas Grygiel, author of the program talks about the future of the project.

Having all the patterns in the project has ended the first stage of its development. What now? Can we count on more parts concerning other Taekwon-do aspects?

Yes, I’m currently working on another part – Black Belt Basics that will cover the following issues:

Kicks and hand techniques for following gradings with videos and description.

Basics ( What is Taekwon-do, rules, history, origin etc..)

Blocking and attacking parts of the body

Hand techniques


Body (vital points etc...)

Sample questions for the exams

Required techniques for exams from 10th to 1st kup

Here we have a list of stances that are used in patterns (10-1 kup). When we choose the stance we can access more details on it. We can see its front and side view. We can also check the diagram that helps us correctly adjust position's length and width and also feet angles.


It is simple and yet very helpflul module, where we can find meanings of the korean names used during the training, championship or exam.

Are you planning to make your program accessible via mobile devices?

Of course, for some time my clients are asking about it and I am working on it. First I’m preparing iOS version as most of my clients use Ipads and Iphones. I don’t forget about Android users and ultimately the application will work on both systems.

When do you think it will be available?

-        It is my priority now and I think it should be ready in 1-2 months.

How many parts of your project are you planning to develop ?

-        Well, I have a few more programs in my mind. Recently I’ve came up with an interesting idea – I will present it soon.  I’m also talking to clients and people interested with the project and they give me their suggestions also.

Ok, so what are your plans for this year?

-        In 2014 I’m planning to put all existing parts on mobile, release Black Belt Basics and my latest idea, that I don’t want to reveal just yet.

Which country is the most interested in your project?

-        I sell my product all over the world and I don’t have exact statistics but I would say that most orders come from Great Britain and Scandinavian countries (Norway, Sweden, Finland).

Mr. Suska retired from being active contestant, does it mean that in the next part we see someone else?

-        That’s true, Jarek has ended his career as a player and started new one as a national team coach. Fortunately that doesn’t mean that we ended our cooperation. As everybody knows, he became world champion not so long ago, so he is still the best and is still in the project. Another thing is that indeed I want to give a chance to others to be a part of Black Belt. Soon I will provide more information in that matter.

What is the total price for all 24 patterns?

-        It is 99€  - now  we have limited time offer. It will be about 120€ later. You can also buy Black Belt Masters (Part 2 and Part 3) or Black Belt Combo Box (Part 1 and Part 2) if you order a book also it’s even more profitable.

As always we invite anyone who is interested to your website or directly to contact you at:

-        Yes, please visit also our facebook fanpage at and share your ideas, comments and feedback – I create the project together with all Taekwon-do fans who decide to contact with me and share their opinions.




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Dear Grand Masters, Masters, Instructors, Assistant Instructors and Students of Taekwon-Do!

We are honoured to get the opportunity to again welcome the well-known and much demanded ITF Technical Committee for an IIC in Austria after 7 years! So far the three Grandmasters have conducted more than 90 IICs all over the world spreading the knowledge of Taekwon-Do.

This IIC will take place in Vienna, the capital of Austria on 26-28 September 2014.

Application Form

Invite and Official Info

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The 31st Italian Championship was held in the Sportshall Flaminio in Rimini for the divisions Cadets , Juniors and Seniors recording more than 350 participants . The most important national competition was opened by the President's speech Master Carmine Caiazzo with the participation of the National Technical Director Grand Master Bos. The impressive work done by the Competition Committee, composed by Mr. Carli, Canteri, and Mandosio, and the Umpire Committee, composed by Mr. Minotti, Cendron and Maragoni, is a tangible sign of the continued evolution of FITAE - ITF.

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