Dear Visitors, please have a look at the 2011 Degree promotions from 4th to 6th degree and from 7th to 9th degree. The ITF Board congratulates all those promoted and hopes to meet them soon at any ITF event around the World.

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Date: 12/Mar/2012, 08:39
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233 participants in the 70th IIC in England

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Author: GM Marano
Date: 02/Feb/2012, 09:25
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We bid farewell to this intense 2011, which goes by leaving the pleasure of each moment enjoyed and the achievements we shared together. And here starts 2012, brimming with hopes and projects.

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Date: 18/Ene/2012, 19:23
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9th November was 93rd anniversary of birthday of founder of Taekwon-Do ITF, gen. Choi Hong Hi, the first President of International Taekwon-Do Federation – ITF.

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Date: 18/Ene/2012, 19:18
End date18/Ene/2012, 19:18
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The Hong Kong Taekwon-do Federation hosted the 69th International Instructor Course in Hong Kong. The course was conducted by the ITF Technical Committee which included Grandmaster Marano, Grandmaster Bos , and with great pleasure the presence of ITF President Grandmaster Trajtenberg.

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Date: 18/Ene/2012, 19:15
End date18/Ene/2012, 19:15
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The place of this seminar was Kargha Kabul also there were 80 participants and the aim of this seminar was about the new technique and rules of ITF also we had some participants from WTF that they join with us and we show the techniques and rules of ITF Taekwon-Do for them. And the supporter of this seminar was the Afghanistan NOC and Afghanistan ITF Taekwon-Do Federation. And this seminar opened by the voice president of Afghanistan NOC Mahmood Hanif at Kabul city. And we face with very worm encourage of our people.

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Date: 18/Ene/2012, 19:13
End date18/Ene/2012, 19:13
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On behalf of myself, David Hiltz, my wife Jacqui Hiltz and all members of Hiltz Taekwon-Do, we wish to thank Grand Master Hector Marano, Grand Master Ung Kim Lan, Master Clint Norman, 7th Dan, and special guest Master Pierre Laquerre, 8th Dan, for conducting the 68th International Instructor Course in Halifax Nova Scotia Canada.

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Date: 18/Ene/2012, 19:11
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Welcome to Kid Kicks II

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Date: 18/Ene/2012, 19:09
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From 6 to 11 September at the Gran Hotel Bali in Benidorm, the 1st convention of the ITF, the Convention was attend by many Masters, Instructors from different countries such as Argentina, Canada, Usa, Germany, Italy, Poland, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Switzerland, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Ireland, England, Scotland, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Greece, Austria. With the presence of 3 Grandmasters Dan IX, 4 Senior Masters VIII Dan, 12 Dan Masters VII and many instructors.

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Date: 18/Ene/2012, 19:07
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