Very high level at Open Dutch Championships.


When the tournament starts there were 648 competitors from 14 different countries!

Organizers Mr. Henny van Zon and Master Willy van de Mortel were proud of this.

This Open Dutch in the same location as last year in Best, close to Eindhoven with the beautiful sports hall “Naestebest”.

The head referee Master Coos van den Heuvel did lead 77 referee’s over the 9 areas!

Further a warm welcome to our special guests, GM Wim Bos from Italy, GM Lang Un Kim from Germany, Master Per Andersen from Norway, Master Ray Gayle from PUMA, England.

Competitors from Belgium, Scotland, Italy, Germany, Norway, Ireland, Slovenia, Portugal, Finland, England, Poland, Spain Netherlands, and from the Caribbean the hosting country for the next World Cup Jamaica!

There were competitors from National, European and World level present at this competition.

Good matches in Tuls with great competition between competitors from Italy, Germany, Norway, Scotland, Ireland, Finland and the Netherlands.

In sparring Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Norway Poland, Ireland and the Netherlands fought for the titles. 

In the junior divisions where winners as Jennifer Lehane, Chloe Aboud from Ireland, but also Chaiyong Boonyarit from the Netherlands and Timothy Bos from Italy. But also 2 junior girls from Norway, Andrea Engdal and Mina Gravdal as newcomer at the tournament.

In the female divisions we got winners from different country’s Norway, Slovenia, Germany, Netherlands and in the -50 kg it was Schenkema Cunningham from Jamaica who got the title.

She’s the first Caribbean winner at the Open Dutch.

In -63 kg male was the final between Oyvind Rothing from Norway and Seamus Lehane from Ireland, Oyvind won this match.

Male -57 kg was a good final between Italian Tiziano Trimboli and from Poland Armit Batra. The Italian took the win.

The division -70 kg was a very strong one with a very high standard, winner in the final was again like last year Hong Looi from Ireland. He beat  in the final from Poland Maciek Zuk.

In the -78 kg was it from Norway Hendrick-Emil Evardsen who won from Grzegorz Szalkowski Rybnicki, Poland.

Tim Kool -85 kg from the Netherlands stays in the final against another Dutch fighter Hendry Bloks and took the 1st place.

The +85 kg final to goes Davide Messineo from Italy last year finalist against. This year he took the first place. 

The winners in the A class sparring and Tul got all a T-shirt from the competition.

Some competitors got gold in sparring and Tul, junior Chloe Aboud (European Champion) and Hong Looi both from Ireland!  But also Timothy Bos (Italy) in the junior division good for 2  times a 1st place.

Also the new country’s who came to this Open Dutch as Spain, Finland, and Portugal and Jamaica won all some prices at this competition.

There was a competition in Nopi-chagi for the B-class and Team-sparring for the A-class.

With 10 female team and 14 male team from different country’s this was also a strong team competition.

The female final was between Germany and Poland, Poland won the final and Norway won the 3rd place. By the male the final was between Norway and PUMA from England, PUMA won this with a small difference, 3rd place was for the home club Difesa-Willy van de Mortel. 

For all photos and videos visit the webpage:

Tournament winner (club / organisation) where FITAE – Italy in A and B category! 

Open Dutch in figures.

Some interesting facts about this competition.

Competitors:                           648

Countries:                                 14

Club / Organisations:                57                 

Overall winner:                      FITAE – Italy in B-class

                                           FITAE – Italy in A-class 

Thanks to everybody special to our visitors from abroad and we hope to see you all at

the “Open Dutch Championships 2014”   at the 19th of January 2014. 

Mr. Henny van Zon & Master Willy van de Mortel

Organizers Open Dutch Championships


Participating club’s. and regional and country selections.



Club /   Vereniging 



 Buell   Sports

 Oss,   Netherlands



Tampere,   Finland


ASD   Santaniello 

Cortona,   Italy


Rybnicki Club



 Chong   Do Kwan

 Son   en Breugel, Netherlands


 Chong   Do Kwan

 Schijndel,   Netherlands


 Ped's   Sport

 Schiedam,   Netherlands


 Hwa   Rang



 Difesa   - Willy van de Mortel

 Mierlo,   Netherlands


Sportschool   Tim Kool 

Pijnacker,   Netherlands



Dublin,   Ireland



Dublin,   Ireland


Oh Do   Kwan 

Capelle   a/d IJssel, Netherlands 


Sportschool   Tapilatu 

Hoogkerk,   Netherlands 



Krimpen   a/d Lek, Netherlands


Soo Bak   Gi 

Asten,   Netherlands 


Taekwon-Do   Center Deurne

Deurne,   Netherlands 



Amsterdam,   Netherlands 


TV   Delft 

Delft,   Netherlands 


TC Dommelen

Dommelen,   Netherlands



Alphen a/d   Rijn, Netherlands 


TC   Nijmegen 

 Nijmegen,   Netherlands



Barneveld,   Netherlands



Berghem,   Netherlands 


In Nae Do   Kwan 

Utrecht,   Netherlands 


ITF   Zwolle 

Zwolle,   Netherlands 


Northern   TKD Academy

Montrose,   Scotland


Carvalho   Sport 

Delfgauw,   Netherlands 


Dolny Slask



JC   Langenfeld 

Langenfeld,   Germany 



Deurne ,   Netherlands


TA Nimjae

Rotterdam,   Netherlands


Taekyon   Alverna

Alverna,   Netherlands


Scottia   TKSD



Traditional   Taekwon-Do Line

Zaragosa,   Spain


TKD   Middelburg 

Middelburg,   Netherlands 


Jungshin Kwan



TKD Kkamagwiu



TA Leerdam

Leerdam,   Netherlands



Boxmeer,   Netherlands


TKD Celje

Celje,   Slovenia 





ITF   Brussel 

Brussel,   Belgium 


BB   "Hwarang"  

Maribor,   Slovenia 


Yom Chi Kwan



Lyong   Ho 

Ruppertichrot,   Germany 



Groningen,   Netherlands 


TV   Gae-Baek 

Schiedam,   Netherlands

















ITF Italy









ITF Jamaica

Kingston,   Jamaica


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On 19-20th January in Kiev was held the 3rd Ukrainian Taekwon-do ITF Seminar. The seminar was attended
by sportsmen from Zaporizhya, Ivano-Frankivsk, Kyiv, Kirovograd, Crimean, Lviv, Odessa, Kharkiv and
Chernivtsi's local branches of the Union. In addition, a seminar caused lively interest of adepts from
Russia, Georgia and Moldova. Total in seminar participated 77 people from the 4 European countries.
Seminar was conducted by Master Jerzy Jedut, 7th Degree from Poland, the Secretary General and the Member of the Technical Committee of All European Taekwon-Do Federation (AETF).

The seminar consisted of two parts: basic technique and technique of sparring. Immediately after the seminar, all the participants could watch a Taekwon-Do attestation, that first black belt test in Ukraine with Master Jerzy Jedut. The most prepared sportsmen of the Union have applied for the right to get the next master degree (Dan). Most athletes demonstrated proper technical level which results in the fact that they successfully passed the Taekwon-Do grading. The people promoted were: Mr. Umerov Enver (Crimea) to 4th Degree and Mr. Barchuk Andriy (Ivano-Frankivsk) to 3rd Degree.

During the closing ceremony of the seminar Master Jerzy Jedut noted the positive atmosphere that was on the seminar, athletes craving for new knowledge and the desire to develop.

In addition, Master Jedut thanked the All Ukrainian Taekwon-Do Union for showing discipline and a high level of organization. By the applause of the audience Master Jerzy Jedut personally presented to all participants the signed certificates confirming the completion of the seminar.

Best regards,
All Ukrainian TKD Union,
V-degree ITF
Oleg Solovey
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The seminar was held on January 11-13, 2013 and based primarily on protocol and everything related to traditional and conventional practice. 
Importantly, the interest that exists to convey our experiences of the early days of learning compared to the current, creating an excitement in assessing the origins of our art. 
Valuing the mystique of a strong class with respect to the protocol between practitioners and instructor, proclaiming at all times the principles and objectives of the proposed Taekwon-Do to our society.

100 hundred particpats including 30 black belts with several instructors were present from Santiago and other cities. 
The technical level of the participants was good and with educated practitioners it made it easy and enjoyable to teach.
report by GM Dacak
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Afghanistan ITF held the 3rd seminar in Ghazni Province on January 17-18, 2013. About 100 students participated at this seminar. The organizer and supporter of this seminar was the Afghanistan ITF Taekwon-Do Federation and Ghazni sport directorate. At the end of this seminar certificates were distributed by sport officer of Ghazni province. Among the participants of this seminar 20 black belt were present and conducted by two federation teachers. We faced very warm encourage of the Ghazni people


Best regards 
Shoaib Rahmani
President ITF Afghanistan

Mobile: +93 700 976 677

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On Sunday January 13th I.T.F. Netherlands celebrated her 25th anniversary in Nieuwegein, the Netherlands. Over 150 black belts were present at this event, listening to the official opening of the event by the president of I.T.F. Netherlands ,Master James Tjin-A-Ton. To celebrate this event with us there were two special guests present: I.T.F. Netherlands honorary member Grand Master Wim Bos from Italy and Sabum Roy Rolstad from Norway.


After the opening, the day started with a 2 and a half hour training session led by Grand Master Bos. Even though it was an intense training session, displaying Grand Master Bos’ amazing flexibility and fitness, there were many interruptions during which Grand Master Bos told those present stories about his personal and the ITF history, often in a humoristic manner. Next to fitness and stretching, some basic movement and pattern exercises were performed.



After the training session there was some time for pictures with GM Bos, followed by the lunch. An excellent opportunity for everybody to come together and catch up with the other I.T.F. Netherlands members. 

The lunch was followed by a unique question & answer session by GM Bos. The Grand Master was very open, and told many interesting funny, but also moving and touching stories. This was the first time a session like this was ever done by GM Bos, and both himself as the I.T.F. Netherlands members enjoyed it a lot. The session was followed by presenting the I.T.F. Honorary umpire award, which was given to Master James Tjin-A-Ton for his years of effort in national and international umpiring. Other I.T.F. Netherlands that had already received this award include Sabum Kiet Tjon-A-Pauw, Master Coos van den Heuvel and Sabum Harry van Schaik. Master James was very surprised, but of course happy to receive this award.



The afternoon programme had two more important items. First, a presentation was given by Boosabum Martijn van de Velde and Sabum Pattrick den Hoed on the new I.T.F. Netherlands instructor course, which is recognized on a national level and focuses mainly on didactic and not Taekwon-Do skills. The presentation was followed by the last item on the agenda, the “Radix” programme. This is a unique programme designed by Sabum Roy Rolstad and Robert Boer that focuses on alternative self defence applications for techniques from tul. For many of the present black belts this was an eye-opening programme, which crated awareness for the unlimited number of applications for certain techniques.



The day ended by presenting gifts to all those who helped organizing this memorable event. Again, thanks go to the organizing committee (Sabum Jantien Lindeboom, Boosabum Wouter Meijer and Martin de Vries), Sabum Robert Boer and Roy Rolstad, Boosabum MArtijn van de Velde and Sabum Patrick den Hoed. Finally, thanks go to Sabum Ron van der Lee, who designed some of the graphics and a nice banner for GM Bos. Our sincere gratitude goes to GM Bos, taking his time to teach us on this memorable 25th anniversary from I.T.F. Netherlands.

“International Instructor Professionals” project

I.T.F. Netherlands is happy to report that it will start researching a new project named “International Instructor Professionals” or in short “II professionals”. This project is a model in which plaque holders and International Instructors actively contribute to the organization I.T.F. Netherlands, which will be rewarded by receiving a percentage of the income they generate for the organization I.T.F. Netherlands. Other countries like Norway and Argentina already have similar models.


We are proud to report that Sabum Harry van Schaik, who is a member of the ITF development committee among other positions, will be the project leader. Sabum Harry will investigate the possibilities for implementation of this model in the Netherlands, and whether clubs and International Instructors in the Netherlands are interested. If the model is interesting enough and financially sound, I.T.F. Netherlands hopes to implement per the 1st of January 2014. Sabum Harry can be directly contacted on, or questions can be directed to I.T.F. Netherlands wishes Sabum Harry the best of luck.









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