La Federación de Taekwon-Do Estilo ITF de la República del Paraguay (FETREP) supported by the National Secretariat of Sports (SND), held its annual tournament called "Torneo Apertura 2014 FETREP" Taekwon-Do ITF, on Sunday 4th May 2014, at the Sports Stadium of the "National Secretariat of Sports" (SND), from 08:00 to 17:00 Hs

It was attended by the Chairman of the FETREP GM Javier Dacak and all directors.

Approximately 250 athletes from Encarnación, Ciudad del Este, Caacupé, Asunción and other cities participated in the competition, watched by over a thousand people in the stadium of the National Secretariat of Sports and was attended by 50 referees and judges placed in 4 rings.

Also present were outstanding competitors from the World Championships in Benidorm Spain 2013: Lara Dacak 2nd Dan (gold medal); Celia Avalos 2nd Dan (silver medal) both of Asuncion; Lucas Duarte 3rd Dan (gold medal) and Nestor Ramirez 3rd Dan (silver medal) both of Incarnation

An excellent technical and healthy level of competition as been achieved , where all enjoyed a tournament full of trophies and happiness. 



  • ·        08:00 hs:. Junior 13 and under / White to Black Belt
  • ·        13:00:. Juveniles / Adults. 14 and older / White Belt to Danes.

The event was a success and all competitors are preparing for the "World Cup 2014 Jamaica" to be held in Montego Bay, Jamaica, from 23 to 30 August 2014.

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The preparations for this year’s fifth edition of the Holland Cup (May
31st and June 1st 2014), one of the biggest ITF Taekwon-Do tournaments in
Europe, are at full steam and nearing completion. The Holland Cup is one
of the tournaments of the prestigious ITF-Netherlands Masters Series,
organized by the organizing committee from Sportschool Tim Kool (Tim Kool,
Corine Kool and Rory de Vries).

The first registrations were received, posters have been printed, program
books and all promotional materials finished and the hotels are ready to
receive the final competitors. The flights of the AETF reporter have been
booked as well, so there will be prime coverage on the AETF site.

Entries to the Holland Cup are still possible up to May 17th, so if you
are interested, it is still possible to register for the tournament. If
you need any additional help or information, please send an email to All information is available on and By liking our Facebook
page before June 5th, you also have a chance of winning some amazing

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Dear Presidents, Masters, Instructors,

On behalf of myself and Polish Taekwon-Do Association I would like to invite you to the 19th Central Summer Taekwon-Do Camp to be held from 4th to 13th July 2014 in Biala Podlaska, Poland.

It is one of the biggest Taekwon-Do camps in Europe with a many years’ tradtion.

Every year many over 200 competitors from several dozen countries from all over the word came to practice Taekwon-Do in Poland. Except for Taekwon-do trainings on the highest level, the camp offers a lot of other attractions and it is comparatively cheap.

In attachment you will find the application and general information.

It will be a great opportunity to exchange the experience and to prepare for the World Cup 2014 in Jamaica and the European Cup 2014 in Budapest, Hungary.

More information about the camp you will find under the link

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our office.

Yours sincereley,

Master Tadeusz Loboda

Application Form


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Dear Grand Masters, Masters, Instructors and Students,

ITF Taekwon-Do Finland, in collaboration with Espoo Taekwon-Do club, has the pleasure to invite you to a TKD Kids course on September 13th – 14th, 2014.

TKD kids is the official ITF program for kids and is targeted for ages 5-7 y.o. In case you wish to have more information about the course, make sure to visit the program’s webpages:

The course is open to all ITF members aged 16y.o and above and minimum 2nd Gup.

The course will be conducted by Master Donato Nardizzi 8th degree and the official language of instruction will be English with the possibility to translate into Finnish when required.

Don´t miss this opportunity to get on board this project which promises to be one of the most important developments in ITF´s future.


Welcome to Finland,


Master Thierry Meyour                                   Mr. Teppo Häyrynen

President ITF Taekwon-Do Finland                Head Instructor Espoo Taekwon-Do Club


Accommodation Form


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On the 30th of March Novokuibishevsk city had a very special friendly match meeting between the teams of the Russian national team and the national team of Ukraine.

The initiator and organizer of this meeting was their representative on the Samara Region Governor Vyacheslav Suslin.

The meeting was planned a year ago, and we waited with great anticipation for its arrival. Due to the political situation in Ukraine, some people expressed their doubts about the status of the meeting or if it would ever happen. We had no such doubts, moreover, we were particularly pleased to see our Ukrainian brothers on our common ground and to demonstrate that we have always been and always will be together.

The whole point of sport to bring people together. So everyone should remember the history of sports when in antiquity for the Olympic Games stopped all wars, declared a truce to all athletes to move freely and to come to the territory of the competition. The very idea of ​​Olympism is the idea of ​​peace, goodness and light, where everyone can claim the title of the winner thanks to his perseverance, dedication and hard work, not social status, financial or geopolitical features.

Secondly, the philosophy Taekwon-Do, as we were taught by the founder General Choi Hong Hi is to unite people regardless of nationality, race, religion, or social status.

And third, the most important thing. We fraternal peoples with a common past, common history, we always remain united and no political interests can undermine our centuries-old friendship. 

All costs of transport, accommodation, meals and reward athletes we undertaken by the  organisers with thanks to the sponsorship  of chain stores SOYUZNY.

We thank all participants and spectators of this momentous event. The fights were colorful, rich and interesting. Considering the overall situation will not be on our website to disclose the results, us all of our guys are winners.

Adapted from the All Russian Taekwon-Do Federation Website: 

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