On the weekend 24th -26th January 2014, Timisoara was venue of the most important Romanian Taekwon-do Seminar of the year. The trainnig  was conducted by Mr. Oltean Marius  – 6th degree The President of Romanian Taekwon-Do Federation, Mr. Mircea Muntean - 6th degree The Secretary General of Romanian Taekwon-do Federation and Dan Goron - 5th degree, the Vice President of Romanian Taekwondo Federation. The hosts of this  event were Mr. Dan Olaru – 5th degree in Karate Shotokan, and 3th degree in Taekwon-do ITF and Bogdan Alic The Vice President of The Romanian Nippon Seibukan Foundation.

Pictures here: 

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Dear Grandmasters/masters/instructors/competitors, 

Through this letter the second update for the “Open Dutch” Championships which will be on the 19th of January 2014 in Best, Netherlands. (closing date 5th of January)

The organization announce that we found Master Coos van de Heuvel from the Netherlands available to do the job as head umpire. With his experience at EC and WC will that not a problem.

This year we have again the tournament into 2 hall’s like previous year.

We have the honour that Grandmaster Wim Bos is again present at our tournament with the Italian delegation. My Slovenian friend Tomaz Barada of course is there, and also master Sandy Dunbar from Scotland is present.

But again also the Polish club from Legnicki with a big group, they always present at this tournament.

At the moment we have already confirm that participants from Belgium, Germany, Ireland, England, Suisse, Wales, Scotland, Norway, Bosnia Herzegovina, Slovenia, Poland, Italy and the Netherlands.

On this link you go to the tournament website: or go to our Facebook pagina: Open Dutch Championships 2014

This year we have of course a nice t-shirt for all winners in the A-category.

But on request from others we have now also a t-shirt for those who like to buy it as a souvenir from the tournament.  This can only through order in advance, for details look to the website.


Hope to see you all in January. 

Best regards, 

Master Willy van de Mortel


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