On February 16, 2013, in Kiev, was held the 7th All- Ukrainian Taekwon-Do Union Championship among juniors aged 14-17 and adults aged 18-36. The aim of the event was to promote a healthy lifestyle and to select the team members for  the 2013 European Championship to be held in Sweden and the 2013 World Championship to be held in Spain.

Competitiors participated from various regions like:
-Kyiv region,
-AR Crimea.

Athletes competed according the following disciplines: sparring, traditional sparring, pattern, special technique and power test.
This Championship was a debut for the Chief Justice of the competitions Iryna Kuznetsova  a judge holding category "B", and 4th degree. With her high level of professionalism, coordinated efforts of the judging panel and discipline athletes, competition was held at a high organizational level. At the championship dominated a calm and friendly atmosphere. Athletes were able to share experiences and communicate with their friends.

Performances were spectacular and effective! According to experts, the level of preparation of athletes was high. Winners of the competition received medals and diplomas , and their names are inscribed in the history of the TKD Union.
Success is not always measured by step of the pedestal or the number of the obtained medals. To be worthy and purposeful person - pride of their parents and example for the friends - that's one of the indicators of success in Taekwon-Do.

Congratulations to all the winners, their parents and coaches with the victory!

All Ukrainian Taekwon-Do Union likes to thank Irina Kuznetsova, Svetlana Ivanko, Yuri Ohnovu and Natalia Zaranovska for organizing the event.
Separate words of gratitude we express to regular partners of Championship - employees of medical clinic "Valeria" and personally its leader Vitaly Kucheruk.

Best regards,
All Ukrainian TKD Union,
V-degree ITF
Oleg Solovey

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ITA Cork Open 2013


The Neptune Stadium in Cork played host to the 2013 Cork Open on the 16th& 17th of February. This year’s Open saw 34 clubs competing in the ITA’s first championship of 2013, with 610 competitors a new record number of competitors at an ITA tournament.

The tournament began at 10am sharp on Saturday the 16thwith177 seniors & cadets taking part.There was a very high level of competitor on display across all divisions, male & female, junior& senior, with many European & world medallist competing. The blackbelt divisions were particularly competitive with athletes vying to win pointsas part of the selection process to secure a place to represent Ireland in the European Championships in May.

The senior sparring sections proved as competitive as ever with Jamie William taking Gold in a close -57kg section with Darren Doherty taking silver and Eddie Dillon bronze.The female -62kg division also proved particularly close with Sarah Lehane, Sabina Mason & Louise Mc Cagh finished 1st, 2nd& 3rd respectively Hong Looi & Adam Shelley met in the final of the -70kg blackbelt section, with Mr Shelley taking the decision after an exciting final. While the senior -78kg division saw Stephen Smullen and Marcin Oworuszko meet in the final once again, with Mr Smullen taking Gold and Mr Oworuszkoplacing 2nd and Cian Keogh takingBronze.In the heavyweight section, Richie Forde continued his good form taking 1st place with Ross Smith 2nd and Alan McDonagh 3rd

The blackbelt patterns divisions saw Katy Laffan and Stephen Kinsella taking Gold respectively in the female & male 1st Dan section. Luke Laffan placed first in the 2nd Dan patterns, with Philip McAuliffe 2nd & Eddie Dillon 3rd. The male senior 4th Dan section saw another meeting between Stephen Ryan & Hong Looi in the final, Mr Ryan took the decision after strong performances of Ul-Ji & Dan Gun with Mr Looi placing 2nd and Stephen Smullen 3rd.


The best overall male competitorat the 2013 Cork Open was awarded to Marcin Oworuszko (2 Gold, 1 Silver) with Katy Laffan winning best overall female (1 Gold, 1 Silver), while Anne Marie Torsney (2 Gold, 1 Silver) was presented with the best overall female junior

Sunday’s competition saw 433 juniors aged 13 & under competing over 6 rings. The standard on display was excellent once again with many competitors having to go through five or more rounds to claim a medal. There were notable performances on Sunday from Cian Ince from Killester Taekwon-Do, Joanne Potter from Quin and Finn Martin from Donabate, who all won double gold. Sunday also saw the introduction of the new ITA wireless-electronic scoring system, developed by Mr Declan Staunton, 1st Dan, from Quin Taekwon-Do Club. The system was tested successfully on one of the rings on Sunday and will bring a new level of professionalism& efficiency to our tournaments when rolled out to all rings in the near future.

Overall the 2013 Cork Open proved to be a very successful tournament, for organisers, competitors and spectators alike. Gratitude must be expressed to the ITA tournament committee of Mr Mark Buckley, Mr Niall Jones, Mr Stephen Ryan, Mr Adrian Byrne & Ms Laura Cullen for their work in the lead up to the tournament and over the weekend of the Cork Open. We now look forward to our next tournament, the Dublin Open which takes place in Dublin in April.

Report by Carl Smullen, 4th Dan – ITA PR Officer

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Black Belt Test

Master Scott Downey and Mrs. Cathy Downey of Downey's Taekwon-Do recently promoted 23 students during their Black Belt test. Promoted to 1st Degree Black Belt:  Matthew Ryder, Bjarne Berge, Calvin Butt and his son Michael, Robert Reid and his daughter Emma, Michelle Rice, Jordan Goodwin, Darrell Wells and his son Nicholas, Riley Mercer, Brandon Lilly, Liam Dyer, and Patrick Rice. Promoted to 2nd Degree Black Belt: Steve Byrne and his son Alex, Carl Reynolds and his son Ryan, Janet Cormey, Grant Rice, and Nicholas Thoms. Promoted to 3rd Degree Black Belt: Sharon Vere-Holloway and Ted Williams. The test lasted 51/2 hours and included patterns, step-sparring, theory, self-defence, pad work, free sparring and board breaking.

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Afghanistan - 23th ITF seminar in Kabul Oympic City


On 8-9 February the 23th ITF Taekwon-Do seminar took place in  Kabul Olympic City. Around 120 participants took part from different clubs with support of the Afghanistan National Olympic Committee and ITF federation. The purpose of the seminar was to train and to show the update techniques of ITF Taekwon-Do to our members and the seminar was successfully. The seminar was opened officialy by the Afghanistan Olympic President.


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