During September 7th to 9th, 2012  the 75th IIC took place in Puerto Plata, DR 

Organizers Mr.NorbertoTaveras and Mr. Fausto Castillo received leaders from Puerto Rico, Anguilla, Jamaica, Colombia, USA, and Canada in the beautiful Barceló Resort Hotel.

It was possible to work in all the patterns as well as in grabbing techniques, face to face techniques, combat and theory. 

Also thanks to the presence of the new promoted Master Ottensen, member of the ITF Umpire Committee, who gave some information according the new ITF Tournament rules which will be officially introduced from January 1st, 2013. 


The written comments from the participants was excellent and encourage us to continuous helping Taekwon-Do in the Caribbean.

At the end of the IIC, Mr. Ricardo Talero from Colombia was promoted to 6th Degree Black Belt and Mr. Hal Lipscombe and Kurt Ottensen both from Canada were promoted to  the title of Master 7th Degree Black Belt.

CONGRATULATIONS to all of them. 

We like to thank GM Marano and GM Lan for their passion, knowledge, support and great help to increase the growth of Taekwon-Do in the Caribbean. 


On behalf of the Organizing Committee

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Report on the 8 th  ITF International Umpire Course

Last Saturday and Sunday, August  25th -  26th 132 participants from Argentina, Venezuela, Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil and Chile attendend a full 2 day training course with the latest Rules for World Championships in effect as from January 1st 2013. It was organized by FETRA and Master Fabian Pini in CEDEM installations. Master Fabian Pini exceeded everyone expectations for his professionalism and kindness.

Saturday morning the course started with GM Trajtenberg and GM Marano opening speeches followed by Master Katz and Mr. Kurt Ottesen seminar on the new Rules. A new PowerPoint presentation was translated into Spanish and updated with all the changes. Ring councils were set (21) so people were grouped in the same manner as they would be in a World Championship.  Participants were very interested in how new rules were going to be implemented and many questions were answered to a demanding audience .Procedures forrunning each event were described in detail.

The afternoon started with the Free Sparring chapter addressing to a hands on seminar: Master Katz described details and special considerations about warnings, points and fouls.  Hard Contact was also discussed and practiced so participants were able to understand what was referred when light contact, contact, and hard contact was shown.

The first day session closed with 2 workshops running at the same time: The first part conducted by Master Katz where participants were able to practice learned concepts in tournament mode. The electronic system was set and each ring council practiced with free sparring controllers while center referees conducted each match. Everyone saw how scoring and results were displayed on the screen while 2 competitors were sparring in identical format as it is done in WCHs. The experience was great! Everyone had a chance to score and handle the electronic devices. The second part conducted by Mr.Ottesen showing hand signals for center referees and having also a hands on practice! He clarified each hand signal.

The second day started having Master Katz describing new rules for Individual and Team pattern and describing the new guideline with the code of points to discount in patterns scoring.

GMMarano took the lead and went into the qualitative part of patterns confronting points to be discounted according to the code of points in real time. He used videos and also made some participants to perform different patterns. This part of the seminar was very good indeed.

Master Katz explained Power and Special Techniques highlights. Some videos from last WCH were projected and finally Mr. Ottesen ended by showing the exact procedure for these events.

Overall this seminar exceeded participant’s expectations and everyone learned, practiced and had fun!!

Master Alberto Katz

Chairman of the ITFUmpire Committee

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August 16th, 2012


Latest update on the numbers. So far we have just under 1500 competitors registered (1476) with over 1,000 being black belts. This is from 150 Clubs/Associations and 44 Countries, we also currently have 74 Umpires registered.

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It was held in Benidorm............

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Master Nardizzi, President of ITF England has been honoured to carry the Olympic torch.

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Korea Report

ITF’s President GM Trajtenberg and Senior Vice President Master Weiler accompanied by Master Benzaquen from Argentina recently visited Seoul,South Korea, which obtained highly productive results.

During their stay they were accompanied and guided by Korea NA representative Mr. Kim Beom Suk, organizer of all meetings and visits.

The ITF believes that in view of the world’s Taekwon-Do situation and as a consequence of our recent initiatives within Sport Accord it managed to awaken the interest of WTF Taekwon-Do. Invited by WTF senior members with great courtesy and deference visits to important places took place, like the Kukkiwon, the Gyongsangnam government, organizer of the Asian games, who invited the ITF to take part in the Asian Games, and theKyonggi University, where a protocol of understanding was signed.


We learned that for the WTF, Taekwon-Do was born in 1972 and aware of that erasure in history, it might seem that the ITF could give back this piece of history and therefore received a excellent welcome.

We also noticed in various talks that WTF Taekwon-Do has its goal in the sport aspect. However many WTF practitioners are searching for a Martial Art which also includes our sparring system and ITF's social  way of approach. 

The Haidong Gumdo World Tournament was attended, which was the main purpose of our visit, since our presence was due to this invitation. Verbally a joint help was agreed which might later enable the ITF to be present in further demonstrational exhibitions events and seminars inSouth Korea. 


After evaluating this important trip the ITF looks forward to gradually harmonize and develop ITF Taekwon-Do in South Korea.


Picures above with various members like Gumdo President Mr. Kim Jeong Ho, WTF GM Chung Won Kap and GM Kim Deok Geun President of Righteous Taekwondo Solidarity.

The ITF congratulates the Argentinean instructors Santiago Pintos and Paola Bordón, who have been teaching the ITF system in Korea for some years.

Report by:

ITF President GM Trajtenberg  


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Vietnam Report

I was invited to asist to a TKD class were the Vietnam TKD Federation (VTF) gave a little demostration and I took the oportunity to make them some technical corrections. Some picures were taken and I was invited to a nice restaurant and the members present were very curious to know about the position of the ITF in relation to VTF. I explained that is necessary to work more profesional and follow the ITF By Laws and to find good leadership to develop ITF in Vietnam. VTF also requested to arrange any kind of seminar in order to make progress for the ITF system in Vietnam.



During my visit to Vietnam I also met with Mr. Mariusz Steckiewicz and was invited to a nice dinner with his sponsor, a gentleman that is helping Mr. Stiekiewicz and making plans to the future.

Report by:

ITF President GM Pablo Trajtenberg


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Participant update

104 Clubs/Associations from 36 countries. The most number of clubs from each country so far: Scotland 11, USA 10, Canada 10, England 9, Netherlands 7, Poland 6. Please enter all competitor details on the registration site by 15th August, changes can be made up until 17th September, however we need to get an idea of numbers to create a schedule. Please do not leave this until the last minute

Press Photography

In a bid to ensure the highest level of Press Photography and that there are a manageable number of Press People in the Competition Arena, we kindly ask that you apply for a Press Pass. This is not available for anyone just wishing to take photos, but for Press people travelling to make reports for their country or media.

There will be a photographic company covering the entire event on the floor as well as an official reporter from the ITF and AETF. However there is nothing stopping people from taking photos and video from the stands.

Please apply for the PRESS PASS APPLICATION to by 15th August, you will be notified by 30th August if you have been successful or not to get onto the Competition Arena Floor for photos.

Mr Philip Lear
ITF World Cup Organiser


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The Irish Taekwon-Do Association hosted an International Umpires Course in Limerick on the weekend of the 30th of June & 1st of July 2012. The event was the largest Umpires course ever run by the ITF with over 180 participants from 18 countries in attendance. With participants travelling from Argentina, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, England, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, Scotland, Sweden, USA and Vietnam, this was an historic IUC as it was the first time that the updated ITF rules, which will be introduced from January 2013, where presented.

The ITF delegates; Grandmaster Bos and the ITF Tournament and Umpire Committee members arrived on the Wednesday prior to the IUC for meetings to discuss the new ITF tournament rules. They had several days of meetings ahead so the local organising committee decided to make their experience as enjoyable as possible by mixing in some touristic and cultural experiences. One of the trips was to the famous Cliffs of Moher. The cliffs situated in north County Clare and soaring 702 feet above the Atlantic Ocean form some of the most spectacular landscape in Europe.  On route to the cliffs the ITF delegates were treated to lunch in Vaughans restaurant in the seaside town of Lahinch. This meal was hosted by local Government officials from Shannon Development and Shannon Region Conference and Sports Bureau. The trip to the trips was enjoyed by all and the weather was perfect. On Friday evening there was a fantasic banquet in the 15th Century Bunratty Castle. This medieval banquet was a wonderful experience and was thoroughly enjoyed by all, one of the highlights of the night was when Mr Stefano Minotti was thrown in the dungeon and had to sing to be released, he did not disappoint as he brought the whole banquet to a standstill with his wonderful operatic voice.

The Umpire course began on Saturday afternoon in the large Jean Monet theatre on the University of Limerick campus. Master Kenneth Wheatley, President of the Irish Taekwon-Do Association opened the event by welcoming the attendees from around the world as well as welcoming and introducing Grandmaster Bos 9th Dan member of the ITF Technical Committee and Director of the ITF, the Tournament Committee; Master Coos van den Heuval, Master Giovanni Ceccenato, Master Harry Vones& Umpire committee; Master Alberto Katz, Master Sandy Dunbar and Mr. Kurt Ottesenand the other masters in attendance, Master Paul Weiler (Senior Vice President of the ITF), Master Tadeusz Loboda (AETF President), Master Adelbert Wagner (Germany), Master Frank Vanberghen (Belgium), Master James Tjin-A-Ton (Netherlands), Master Gordon Wallace (Scotland), Master Thomas Denis (England), Master Patrick O’Rourke (Ireland) and Master Neil Franks (Ireland).

The opening address was delivered by Mr Brendan Dowling, the President of the Irish Martial Arts Commission, the National governing body for martial arts in Ireland. Mr Dowling spoke of the importance of working in a spirit of cooperation within martial arts as well as the positive role that IMAC has played in the development of martial arts in Ireland. Mr Dowling also praised the ITA for their work in promoting Taekwon-Do and their contribution to IMAC over the past number of years and how the ITA as a government recognised body now has access to police vetting, child protection trainign an world-wode recognised coach education for all its instuctors.

Grandmaster Bos then opened the umpires’ course by welcoming the attendees to the IUC and congratulating the ITA on planning such a well organised event on the impressive University of Limerick campus. Master Alberto Katz from Argentina and Mr Kurt Ottesen of Canada then proceeded to deliver a presentation on the rules of ITF Taekwon-Do competition. They explained the importance of courtesy in Taekwon-Do competition as well as competitor safety, before moving on to the more technical point of organising and running a ring council.

One of the highlights of the first day was the introduction of the new team sparring procedures. The ITF delegates explained that one of the reasons for the change was to ensure each competitor who travels to a major championship would get the chance to compete, and that the team competition would not finish after one team had won three bouts.

A barbeque was planned for that evening at the Scholars Bar on the UL campus; a large number of the IUC participants as well as the ITF delegates came to enjoy an evening of good food and traditional Irish music. It proved to be a very enjoyable night that gave everyone a chance to catch up with old friends from around the world as well as make some new ones.

The final day of the IUC began on Sunday morning at 9am in the University Arena; the ITA volunteers had worked tirelessly to set up 5 competition areas, including areas for special technique and power testing. The impressive arena looked almost ready to host a major championships and all those in attendancewereextremely impressed.The agenda for Day 2 began with Master Katz presenting the new system for umpiring patterns. This represents of the major changes to the rules with each competitor beginning with 10 points at the beginning of the match and accruing ½ point & full point deductions for any errors that occur throughout the performance, the competitor with the highest remaining score after the performance will be the winner. The participants were given an opportunity to get some practical experience judging patterns under the new rules, with volunteers acting as competitors.

After a short break, the umpire committee moved on to the updated rules for pre-arranged sparring. Master Katz explained that only 1 successful blow should be performed at the end of the routine and all other techniques should be defended against or dodged in line with the Taekwon-Do principle of ‘One Blow, One victory’

Mr Kurt Ottesen was up next and presented the rules for sparring. After presenting the rules and procedures for running a sparring ring council, the ITF Delegates askedsome of the current competitors in attendance todemonstrate the level of contact which is acceptable in competition as well as what would be deemed heavy contact. Again the participants had an opportunity to get some practical experience as part of a jury council for a sparring match under the guiding eye ofMaster Sandy Dunbar, Master Vones and MrOttesen, while Master Katz displayed video clips of various interactions that could occur within a sparring match and asked the participants to decide what action should be taken in each situation. This proved a very useful method for helping the umpires to sharpen their skills and make the correct decision.

The final section of the day was comprised of the umpiring procedure for special technique and power testing. Mr Ottesen led this section and explained how these events where as important to ITF competition as sparring and patterns and that in the future we can expect to see these events taking place on the centre ring of a major championships.

The IUC closing address was given by Grandmaster Bos. GM Bos thanked the Irish Taekwon-Do Association for their warm hospitality and once again congratulated the association on running an excellent event. Grandmaster Bos said he looked forward to returningto Ireland for a future event to be held at the superb facilities of the University of Limerick campus. Master Wheatley then closed the event by thanking GM Bos and the tournament and umpire committee for a very enjoyable and informative course as well as thanking all those in attendance for making the journey to Limerick. All 180 participants then took position for a group photo and with that the IUC had come to an end.

The Irish Taekwon-Do Association would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Grandmaster Bos and the ITF Tournament and Umpire Committees for an excellent course and would like to thank all our guests from abroad for their company over the weekend and we hope to see you in Ireland again for the International Instructors Course to be held in Kerry in January 2013. Gratitude must also be expressed to the event sponsors Top Pro Sports, Acist Skillnet and Clare Spring water. Finally a big thank you must be given to the organising committee, the local committee and the volunteers who put in a huge amount of work in the months prior to the event as well as over the weekend to make the International Umpires Course such a success. 

Report by Mr. Carl Smullen IV Dan, ITA PRO.

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