Great Champion, Ms. Katya Solovey from the Ukraine has officially retired from competition. We, the ITF community, would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge this great champion who finishes competing as one of the all time greats of ITF Taekwon-Do. We are sure she will continue to be involved in ITF as a great coach in the future. Please read the wonderful tribute below from her coach, Mr. Oleg Solovey. 

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On November 30th in Santiago, Chile the 3rd National Tournament was held, organized by the Chilean Federation of Traditional Taekwon -Do, FECHITAT.

This time , they managed to muster 200 competitors, from the north, center and south of the country, highlighting the great presence of both children and adults. This has been the biggest tournament ever organized in Chile so far, given the growth it has achieved since, FECHITAT is forming and adding instructors across the country, becoming the benchmark for the ITF in Chile.

The the excellent technical level, especially among black belts and the good work that the organization achieved through the body of referees and judges should be noted.

In the form of tag team school, Budo, belonging to ONT and Sil-la, FECHITAT school faced, winning the latter, with bouts of high technical and tactical level.

Within the opening ceremony awards for Sabumnim Osvaldo Rojas, Javier Lillo, Ernesto Reyes and Marcelo Russo, FECHITAT founders, as well as Mr. José Dollenz, former director of the National Institute of Sport were awarded in recognition of support to Chilean sport .

In the future this tournament aims to become a center of attention for competitors also neighboring countries, in pursuit of the Pacific coast providing a good level event in measurable exponents of that area.

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On 2-3 November 2013 in “Universiada” sports hall, Sofia, Bulgaria for 11-th consecutive year the Bulgarian Association of Taekwon-Do and Central Police Taekwon-Do Club together with the Sports Association of Ministry of Interior of Bulgaria, Ministry of Youth and Sports, Sofia Municipality organized the National Martial Sports Festival. This year in the Taekwon-Do ITF competition participated 203 athletes from Bulgaria, Hungary and Serbia. The participants was aged 6 years and above and competed in all individual and team disciplines of Taekwon-Do – Sparring, Pattern, Special Tecnique, Power Test and Traditional Sparring.

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Seminar and promotion Test with Master Ruben Suarez 8th degree



On November 8-10, 2013, was conducted the II Seminar and promotion text with Master Ruben Suarez in the Dominican  Republic. The seminars were held in the 3 major cities: Puerto Plata, Santiago and Santo Domingo.
During these three days, practitioners learned various dynamic exercises and workouts as well as, new updates of the techniques of this art. Master Suarez spends several hours’ sparked new questions, and answer to what they learned in the seminar. 


At the end of the seminar instructor Norberto Taveras gave a recognizing plaque to Master Suarez for being an ideal instructor as well as the Asociación de TaeKwon-Do del Distrito Nacional handed a plaque of appreciation for his selfless interest in developing the Taekwon-Do in the Dominican Island. NORBERTO 'S TaeKwon -Do and ASOTADINA and all there members thank Master Ruben Suarez, for his time and expertise dedicated to all of us.


On November 9th, 2013 a degree promotion test was carried out by Maestro Suarez with 11 candidates for consideration: I, II, III, IV and VI Dan. The test began at 3:00 PM and after 7 hours ends. During the examination the candidates performed all the basic moves, kicks, all patterns, 3.2 and 1 step sparring, free pre arranged sparring, self defense, free sparring and board breaking. Mr. Norberto Taveras was promoted to VI Dan, making him the first 6th Dan in the country, as well as the most advanced rank. Congratulations to al Candidates.

Hermi Reyes, I Dan

Víctor Liriano, I Dan.

Pedro Luis Heredia, I Dan.

Nicole Martinez, I Dan.

Julio Casso, I Dan.

David Beley, I Dan

Ronald Ramirez, II Dan.

Jorge Tejada, III Dan.

Jose Bolivar Garcia, III Dan.

Jose Luis Tejada, IV Dan.

Norberto Taveras, VI Dan.

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