On Saturday, May 17th, 2014, the City of the Eternal Spring, Cidra, Puerto Rico, was the meeting point for the 3rd Technical Workshop conducted by Master Ruben Suarez, VIII Dan. This workshop was organized by the Asociación Nacional de Taekwon-Do de Puerto Rico, and had a participation of 100, including 15 international instructors.

The workshop with Master Suarez was described as a total success, since as usual exceeded the expectations from all the participants. We want to congratulate all the participants who joined us in this event.  Then, on Sunday, May 18th, 2014, Master Suarez conducted a special training for black belts Instructors covering technical aspects of black belts patterns. At the end of the training, he presided over a black belt testing for 5th Dan to Mr. Saul Pacheco.

A lot has been said about the loyalty from the student to the Master, but very little has been said about the loyalty from the Master to the student. His knowledge, technical level, and human quality, make him the loyal master, which inspires you, motivates you and teaches you without any reservations.

We want to thank Master Suarez for his commitment in helping with the development of Taekwon-Do in Puerto Rico. We are very honored to have him so close and we want to thank him for the invaluable commitment to Taekwon-Do in Puerto Rico.

L. Gato-Gato, President

Asociación Nacional de Taekwon-Do Puerto Rico

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Dear friends and colleagues,

I would like to invite you to 19th Taekwon-Do summer camp, organized by Taekwon-Do school Kwang Gae, which will take a place at sport area “U starého rybníka” Zbralavice village near to Kutná Hora. In this sport area are hel preparations in cooperation with national team and Middle Bohemia region. This camp was completely rebuilt. Reason for keeping camps here is wide sport base, great kitchen and very friendly atmosphere.

Last year we hosted camp for 120 participants from Czech and foreign clubs.
Summer camp starts by barbecue night for all participants (last year it was turkey) Following days participants have option to train with instructors of Taekwon-Do, Kickox-aerobic, Ji Jitsu a Hap-Ki Do. Evening is closed with camp fire with guitar.

During summer camp will participants have possibility to see exhibition of Taekwon-Do, Aerobic and dance. Also possibility of witness work of Prison service, work of police dogs, tournament afternoon, tournament in Taekwon- Do, night adventure game, Taekwon-Do examination, disco, trip to Zbraslavice and much more.

For those who will have extra energy there is possibility of table tennis, beach volleyball, basketball, football and during summer days possibility of renting bout on a lake and swimming.

Although most participants takes advantage of individual trainings with national team members of Czech Republic, international instructor M. Baltic form Slovenia and Mr. Agim Murtic from Bosnia. There is also possibility to get better in other languages while instructors are able to have trainings in Czech language, they are also willing to have them in their native language therefore possibility to practice English or Croatian. Accommodation is secured in ***hotel, with two gyms with tatami, gym for strengthening and sauna. Meals are prepared according to needs of a camp and is enriched for afternoon snack and drinks. Breakfasts are supplemented by meals for sportsmen and after discussion is possibility of vegetarian meals or meals according to special needs.

Program during whole summer camp and summer camp at all is taking care of by old team of instructors and assistents. This year will be Summer camp held from July 2014.

Thankfully to support of our partners Middle Bohemia region and city of Říčany, we will spent ten incredible days together which we all look forward to.

Forms please forward to email, or address: Škola Taekwon-Do Kwang Gae, Tehov – 71, 251 01 p. Říčany, Česká republika, or throughout your club or your trainer.

Price of the Summer camp is 7480,-Kč. In this fee you will have meals, 3times a day, + snacks and drinks, trainings and seminars, tournaments, t- shirt with logo of this year Summer camp, snacks and meals to camp fire, all sport utilities of area and more. Until May 31, is necessary to pay deposit 2000 CZK in cash or on account of the school 194 975 526/ 0600, rest might be paid at registration at Summer camp 

More info and registration form

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Over the weekend May 9 - 11, 2014 was held the 7th official National seminar of Taekwon-Do at the sport center Na Fialce in Říčany. The seminar was led by Master Frank Vanberghen 8thDan and Annick Van Driessche 6thDan international instructor from Belgium. The seminar was organized by the Czech Taekwon-Do Federation ITF (the CFT) supported by the Central Region, sponsors and partners, and with particularly strong support from the city of Říčany. Clubs ​​from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria attended this seminar. The program was launched on Friday, 05/09/2014 by meeting and dinner with the representatives of the participating states. On Saturday at 9:30 happened a meeting of the mayor and deputy mayor of Říčany with Master Frank Vanberghen and Annick Van Driessche, present also were partners, representatives of Slovakia, Austria and the Czech representative of Taekwon-Do Federation international instructor Vladimir Machota 6thDan. At 10:00 The Mayor of Říčany Mgr.Vladimír Kořen and deputy mayor Mgr.Hana Špačková officially opened the 7thNational seminar. The first part of the seminar was devoted to correction of the basic techniques, the types of movement in Taekwon-Do and correction of patterns from Chon-Ji to Do-San. After a brief pause, the hall was divided into two rings. One part continued under guidance of Master Frank for black belts on the way to fix and correct techniques up to Choong Moo, on the other tatami continued Sabumm Annick Van Driessche with colored belts to fix basic sparring, practicing new training methods and patterns up to Yul-Gok. During the third part Master F. Vanberghen focused on technique consistency of up to Choi-Yong. The second group practiced technique for sparring and other methods of developing strength and explosive speed. After the last break, Master F. Vanberghen corrected techniques up to the pattern Tong-Il.

Saturday's seminar was finished at 16:30 with a common photo of all participants and after that Master Frank Vanberghen and Sabum Annick Van Driessche were awarded an honorary plaque for the support and development of Taekwon-Do. At the same time a gold medal was awarded to international Instructor Kaled Fetoui from Austria for his work for Taekwon-Do and also to Slovak national team head coach Mr. Robert Balaz. On final muster representative of the Austrian Federation Elmar Kickingereder 6thdan invited all black belts to the 96thIIC, which will be held in October this year in Vienna. The seminar was run in the English language and translated by Mr. Ing.Lukáš Zajicek, MBA 2ndDan and Mr. PhD. Jaroslav Bohata, Msc. After that a grading for 3rdand 4thblack belts: Josef Kubat and Michal Machota to 3rdDan and Ing.Michal Novak and David Mondschein on 4thDan was held. During the grading Annick Van Driessche was available on the second ring to all participants with questions and requests and Jacob for individual repairs and issues relating to techniques and competition rules of Taekwon Do. After completion of the grading certificates were handed to all participants and then there was a briefing with representatives of all sections of the Czech clubs and head representative of CFT International instructor Vladimir Machota 6ThDan.

From 19.30 an after party was held at the restaurant Pivovarská, the party was in barbecue style with an indoor and outdoor program. On Sunday representatives of the CFT met with Master F. Vanberghen and Sabum Annick Van Driessche to conclude legislative affairs.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee of the National Seminar I would like to thank the Mayor of Říčany Mgr.Vladimír Kořen and deputy mayor Mgr. Hana Špačková for their support and to all of our sponsors and partners for their cooperation and support in organizing seminars, particularly to Pavilion Hotel Říčany and Mr. Alexandr Souček, Restaurant Pivovarská and Mr. Tomáš Jílek, Mr. Libor Jirásek and lastly to pharmacy Zasmuky Mrs. Mgr.Olga Bohabojova.


International instructor Vladimir Machota 6thDan

Vice president of Czech Taekwon-Do Federation

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On Saturday May 3rd2014, the official presentation of HAIDONG GUMDO, for the first time in Paraguay, was performed.

The venue was the International Taekwon -Do Academy (AIT) of GM Dacak. He attended with several: instructors, black belts and colour belts.

Master Jeong Woo Kim, 7th dan, chief instructor of the WORLD HAIDONG GUMDO FEDERATION, visited us from Seoul, to let us know this beautiful martial art.

The seminar was held under the authority of the President of the Federation of Taekwon-Do ITF Style of the Republic of Paraguay (FETREP), GM Javier Dacak, accompanied by Master Abelardo Benzaquén (Argentina), who accompanied and guided our invited.

They also made their show to the audience throughout the day Sunday, May 4thduring the “National Tournament Opening FETREP 2014”, at the Sports Stadium of the National Sports Secretary.

We are grateful to Master Jeong Woo Kim, who gave us the honor of meeting the Martial Art "HAIDONG GUMDO" which is closely related to our "Martial Art Taekwon-Do ITF" as to the origin.

GM Dacak opened the doors to this new martial art in Paraguay, with an excellent view to institutional relationship with the Federation headquartered in Seoul, South Korea; with a view to the dissemination and promotion of our “Taekwon -Do ITF” in that country.


9° DAN (PA-9-1)



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The "Golden Belt" is a summing up the achievements of Russian athletes and coaches, it is a tribute to their dedication, professionalism, strength of will and spirit, an expression of gratitude to those who stand at the origins of the martial arts in Russia and those who continue to climb on the podium at world championships, contributing to the promotion of the arts.

This year's winners were Artem Vahitov ("The brightest victory of the year," Thai boxing), Marina Mohnatkina ("The brightest victory of the year," Sambo), Paul Korzhavyh ("Best Athlete of the Year", jiu-jitsu), Catherine Kozlachkova (" Best Female Athlete of the Year ", Taekwondo ITF), Eugene Ilm (" Best Coach of the Year ", kiokusinkaj), fire-found iron (" Fidelity tradition "Aikido), Gennady Korolev (" In Service of the Fatherland ", martial arts), Leonid SHCHEPKIN ( Loyalty to the chosen path", Okinawa Goju-Ryu Karate-Do), Abdurahman Bilar ("Will to Win", grappling)

Each National award winner received a statuette of "Golden Belt" People's Artist of Russia and martial artist Alexander Rukavishnikova. The reward for the winners are also  a numbered diploma and a badge, considered the highest award of the Russian Union of Martial Arts.

 We are pleased to announce that the winner of the "Golden Belt” was World Champion Ekaterina Kozlachkova.

The award is a national awards ceremony held by Russian Union of Martial Arts (RUMA), and this year the ceremony was held in the Kremlin. 

Ekaterina Kozlachkova was recognized as "the best athlete of the year among all martial arts." The award was presented by the Deputy Minister of Sport of the Russian Federation.

That track record Ekaterina Kozlachkova is below (only the medals in the individual competition are listed)


5 gold, 1 - Bronze


3 - Gold


7 - Gold, 8 Silver, 5 - Bronze

European Cup

5 - Gold, 1 - Silver

Overall champion of Europe 2006.2009 and 2012

Overall champion at world championships in 2011 and 2013

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