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WORLD CUP 2012 - BRIGHTON ENGLAND - 3rd and last COMPETITION DAY - Short Report
A full World Cup report with pictures shall be shown soon shortly at the ITF website!!!! or have a look at the World Cup 2012 website
Next World Cup confirmed - Jamaica on August 2014

The board received a visit from the Major of Brighton

The finals were held in 10 rings with a superb Gala evening on the main ring with the last 10 finals completed. Also we saw some demonstations and all was shown on live stream.


82 Umpires  officiating at the WC 2012


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Friday October 5th, 2012.

The 2nd competition day started with a remaning elimination competition of some 60 divisions/categories in pattern and sparring. A very long day for the officials, coaches and competitors which started at 8.30 am and finished around 20.15 pm.

Fantastic bouts at a very high level either in pattern or sparring took place. Also Special Jumping Techniques took place with the participation of many competitors that reached unbelievable heights. Traditional Sparring also a very spectacular item which was very much appreciated by the audience took place.

Tomorrow the Individual finals shall take place which might be seen by live stream tv through the World Cup website.

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Report Day 1

Thursday October 4th, 2012


The World Cup starts with 1579 competitors from 45 countries. At 9.00 a.m. the official opening ceremony took place with the Vips in attendance including the major of Brighton and ITF officilal Board Members and others quests.

During the official opening cermony Master Orello Ellis from England was promoted to 9th degree with the title of Grand Master.

10 rings all  fully prepared with the electronic scoring systems ready to be used during the whole day for individual patterns, sparring and special jumping techniques competition. 

84 Umpires officiating!!

The Umpire Committee consisting of: Chairman Master Alberto Katz and Committee Members Masters Kurt Ottesen and Sandy Dunbar prepared the ring councils according to the skills and experience of the Umpires present.

The Ring competition schedule for the 4 days competition was prepared by the Tournament Committee consisting of: Chairman Master Coos van de Heuvel and Comitttee Members Masters Giovanni Cecconato and Harry Vones

please check the world cup website for more information and results





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Strictly no changes will be allowed on the ONLINE system, this means if a competitor does not make their weight then they will not be allowed to compete in Individual sparring. It will be IMPOSSIBLE to change weight categories either before or during the weigh in as all the draws are made in advance. If a competitor withdraws due to injury then they will be classed as a "No show" on the draw and the other competitor will win by default. No refunds can be given after the closing date of 17th September if for any reason a competitor withdraws.

Each Club/Association must print off their own version of their draw from the World Cup website as NO PRINTED DRAWS will be given in Brighton.

Welcome to the ITF World Cup 2012

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During September 7th to 9th, 2012  the 75th IIC took place in Puerto Plata, DR 

Organizers Mr.NorbertoTaveras and Mr. Fausto Castillo received leaders from Puerto Rico, Anguilla, Jamaica, Colombia, USA, and Canada in the beautiful Barceló Resort Hotel.

It was possible to work in all the patterns as well as in grabbing techniques, face to face techniques, combat and theory. 

Also thanks to the presence of the new promoted Master Ottensen, member of the ITF Umpire Committee, who gave some information according the new ITF Tournament rules which will be officially introduced from January 1st, 2013. 


The written comments from the participants was excellent and encourage us to continuous helping Taekwon-Do in the Caribbean.

At the end of the IIC, Mr. Ricardo Talero from Colombia was promoted to 6th Degree Black Belt and Mr. Hal Lipscombe and Kurt Ottensen both from Canada were promoted to  the title of Master 7th Degree Black Belt.

CONGRATULATIONS to all of them. 

We like to thank GM Marano and GM Lan for their passion, knowledge, support and great help to increase the growth of Taekwon-Do in the Caribbean. 


On behalf of the Organizing Committee

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Report on the 8 th  ITF International Umpire Course

Last Saturday and Sunday, August  25th -  26th 132 participants from Argentina, Venezuela, Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil and Chile attendend a full 2 day training course with the latest Rules for World Championships in effect as from January 1st 2013. It was organized by FETRA and Master Fabian Pini in CEDEM installations. Master Fabian Pini exceeded everyone expectations for his professionalism and kindness.

Saturday morning the course started with GM Trajtenberg and GM Marano opening speeches followed by Master Katz and Mr. Kurt Ottesen seminar on the new Rules. A new PowerPoint presentation was translated into Spanish and updated with all the changes. Ring councils were set (21) so people were grouped in the same manner as they would be in a World Championship.  Participants were very interested in how new rules were going to be implemented and many questions were answered to a demanding audience .Procedures forrunning each event were described in detail.

The afternoon started with the Free Sparring chapter addressing to a hands on seminar: Master Katz described details and special considerations about warnings, points and fouls.  Hard Contact was also discussed and practiced so participants were able to understand what was referred when light contact, contact, and hard contact was shown.

The first day session closed with 2 workshops running at the same time: The first part conducted by Master Katz where participants were able to practice learned concepts in tournament mode. The electronic system was set and each ring council practiced with free sparring controllers while center referees conducted each match. Everyone saw how scoring and results were displayed on the screen while 2 competitors were sparring in identical format as it is done in WCHs. The experience was great! Everyone had a chance to score and handle the electronic devices. The second part conducted by Mr.Ottesen showing hand signals for center referees and having also a hands on practice! He clarified each hand signal.

The second day started having Master Katz describing new rules for Individual and Team pattern and describing the new guideline with the code of points to discount in patterns scoring.

GMMarano took the lead and went into the qualitative part of patterns confronting points to be discounted according to the code of points in real time. He used videos and also made some participants to perform different patterns. This part of the seminar was very good indeed.

Master Katz explained Power and Special Techniques highlights. Some videos from last WCH were projected and finally Mr. Ottesen ended by showing the exact procedure for these events.

Overall this seminar exceeded participant’s expectations and everyone learned, practiced and had fun!!

Master Alberto Katz

Chairman of the ITFUmpire Committee

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August 16th, 2012


Latest update on the numbers. So far we have just under 1500 competitors registered (1476) with over 1,000 being black belts. This is from 150 Clubs/Associations and 44 Countries, we also currently have 74 Umpires registered.

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It was held in Benidorm............

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