TKD Champions League is an event organized every year by PUMA Club Sibiu, and is dedicated to performance in Taekwon-Do ITF. At this event participants are male Taekwon-Do fighters.  Every one of them gains points in sparing, tull, power breaking and special techniques. The best sportsman is the one who gains the higher number of points at all four probes. For the second time, the champion was Tatu Sabin form West Team Oradea who won our consideration and an amount of money.

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On April 5th 2014 was the 11th time our city hosted international championship Best of the Best. This year we had record number of 16 participating clubs from Slovenia, Czech Republic and Slovakia. 150 participants measured their power in 83 categories of patterns, special techniques, power breaking, self defense and matsogi. Also this year were present classic categories of Best of the Best in patterns without technical difference and matsogi without weight difference. In category of Best of the Best matsogi won Michal Machota. In category Best of the Best matsogi women won Veronika Balažováform Slovakia, who also won Best of the Best category in patterns. For the first time in 11 years of Best of the Best were introduced professional match Master league between champion Milan Zach and champion from Slovakia Marcel Petro. This duel won south Bohemia champion Milan Zach, Master League is sponsored by Hayashi and winners of the category were financially honored.Thanks to support of city Říčany we were able to prepare professional conditions for participants, referees and visitors at new sport centre.

Herby Czech Taekwon-Do Federation and organizing committee, we shall gives many thanks to our sponsors and partners, representatives of Říčany, middle Bohemia and all participantsof the 11th Best of the Best.

On behalf of Czech Takewon-Do Federation Vladimir Machota
Senior vice president 

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Over the weekends of March 8th/9th and May 10th/11th a Level 1 (Assistant) coaching course was run in Blanchardstown Taekwon-Do Club under the auspices of the Taekwon-Do Advisory Board and the Irish Martial Arts Commission. 14 ITA coaches attended with 10 completing all of the course requirements and assessments. 


The Level 1 coaching certificate is the minimum qualification required of instructors by the Irish Martial Arts Commission before an individual can be the lead instructor in a Taekwon-Do Club, and is accredited by Coaching Ireland and the Irish Sports Council. 


Coaches are educated in a range of topics including; Ethics, Pedagogy, Long Term Athlete Development, Mental Fitness, Flexibility, Teaching Skills, Teaching Tactics, Inclusion, Facilitation, Planning and much more. This is achieved through a blend of facilitated coaching and debriefing, distance learning tasks, home study and lectures. 


The feedback from the coaches, as always, will be used to improve all future iterations of the course but the highlights included:


"Reflective practice is not something I'd used before following my training sessions, I'll certainly be doing this in future! I didn't realise how much valuable feedback I was missing out on."


"It's only when you go through the process of planning and reviewing a series of sessions that you really realise how much you achieved or failed to achieve. I feel like I'd been working in the dark."


"The tutors managed to balance the coaches varied coaching philosophies (more competitive, more traditional) without imposing their own preferences too much, most of the time ;) When it came down to it though the knowledge and expertise was evident"


The following have successfully completed the course and will be receiving their certificates from Coaching Ireland in the coming days:


Mr Ken Leahy

Mr John Murphy

Mr John Moriarty

Mr Eoin O'Connor

Mr Gerry Mooney

Ms Teresa Keith

Mr Dave Lynch

Mr Eddie Dillon

Mr Rodney Connolly

Mr Paul Shannon


Our thanks to Mr Gerry O'Rourke, Blanchardstown Taekwon-Do Club for the use of their venue and the support of their young athletes during the practical assessments. 


Photos of the course:

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On Saturday, May 17th, 2014, the City of the Eternal Spring, Cidra, Puerto Rico, was the meeting point for the 3rd Technical Workshop conducted by Master Ruben Suarez, VIII Dan. This workshop was organized by the Asociación Nacional de Taekwon-Do de Puerto Rico, and had a participation of 100, including 15 international instructors.

The workshop with Master Suarez was described as a total success, since as usual exceeded the expectations from all the participants. We want to congratulate all the participants who joined us in this event.  Then, on Sunday, May 18th, 2014, Master Suarez conducted a special training for black belts Instructors covering technical aspects of black belts patterns. At the end of the training, he presided over a black belt testing for 5th Dan to Mr. Saul Pacheco.

A lot has been said about the loyalty from the student to the Master, but very little has been said about the loyalty from the Master to the student. His knowledge, technical level, and human quality, make him the loyal master, which inspires you, motivates you and teaches you without any reservations.

We want to thank Master Suarez for his commitment in helping with the development of Taekwon-Do in Puerto Rico. We are very honored to have him so close and we want to thank him for the invaluable commitment to Taekwon-Do in Puerto Rico.

L. Gato-Gato, President

Asociación Nacional de Taekwon-Do Puerto Rico

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Dear friends and colleagues,

I would like to invite you to 19th Taekwon-Do summer camp, organized by Taekwon-Do school Kwang Gae, which will take a place at sport area “U starého rybníka” Zbralavice village near to Kutná Hora. In this sport area are hel preparations in cooperation with national team and Middle Bohemia region. This camp was completely rebuilt. Reason for keeping camps here is wide sport base, great kitchen and very friendly atmosphere.

Last year we hosted camp for 120 participants from Czech and foreign clubs.
Summer camp starts by barbecue night for all participants (last year it was turkey) Following days participants have option to train with instructors of Taekwon-Do, Kickox-aerobic, Ji Jitsu a Hap-Ki Do. Evening is closed with camp fire with guitar.

During summer camp will participants have possibility to see exhibition of Taekwon-Do, Aerobic and dance. Also possibility of witness work of Prison service, work of police dogs, tournament afternoon, tournament in Taekwon- Do, night adventure game, Taekwon-Do examination, disco, trip to Zbraslavice and much more.

For those who will have extra energy there is possibility of table tennis, beach volleyball, basketball, football and during summer days possibility of renting bout on a lake and swimming.

Although most participants takes advantage of individual trainings with national team members of Czech Republic, international instructor M. Baltic form Slovenia and Mr. Agim Murtic from Bosnia. There is also possibility to get better in other languages while instructors are able to have trainings in Czech language, they are also willing to have them in their native language therefore possibility to practice English or Croatian. Accommodation is secured in ***hotel, with two gyms with tatami, gym for strengthening and sauna. Meals are prepared according to needs of a camp and is enriched for afternoon snack and drinks. Breakfasts are supplemented by meals for sportsmen and after discussion is possibility of vegetarian meals or meals according to special needs.

Program during whole summer camp and summer camp at all is taking care of by old team of instructors and assistents. This year will be Summer camp held from July 2014.

Thankfully to support of our partners Middle Bohemia region and city of Říčany, we will spent ten incredible days together which we all look forward to.

Forms please forward to email, or address: Škola Taekwon-Do Kwang Gae, Tehov – 71, 251 01 p. Říčany, Česká republika, or throughout your club or your trainer.

Price of the Summer camp is 7480,-Kč. In this fee you will have meals, 3times a day, + snacks and drinks, trainings and seminars, tournaments, t- shirt with logo of this year Summer camp, snacks and meals to camp fire, all sport utilities of area and more. Until May 31, is necessary to pay deposit 2000 CZK in cash or on account of the school 194 975 526/ 0600, rest might be paid at registration at Summer camp 

More info and registration form

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