Jamaica Taekwon-Do Association 2nd Mentorship Programme Launch

Seminar: Time Management/How to Study Effectively Report                       

April 2013

Prepared by Aneeke Brown 

The Mentorship Programme committee staged a Time Management/How to Study Effectively session on Saturday, April 13, 2013 at the JATKD Headquarters. We believe that as a martial arts body, we should be knowledgeably equipped with the habit of time management not just specific to our scheduled classes at the dojang but in all spheres of our life. 

This one day session brought mentors and mentees and the entire Taekwon-do family together, as we engaged in direct & note-taking discussion on Time Management. The discussion was lead by Mr. Shane O’Conner, a professional counsellor.  Mr. O’Conner spoke to the group on lifestyle challenges and choices which will affect management of time and ultimately how one approaches studying. 

Where do you want to live? 

  1. Cruffsville – lack of care/interest


  1. Littlesville – comfortable with little


  1. Muchville/averageville – strong believers in luck 


  1. Greatsville-things are accomplished


You were created for greatness!!


Mr. O’Connor also spoke of 4 common time wasters:


  1. Laziness - will suck the life out of you!!


  1. Procrastination – this causes stress.  “Time cannot be recycled”


  1. Distraction – put away the mobile phones; turn off the television.


  1. Impatience – prepare well for life!!!


“Not everyone will make it but you can because it is a choice”

Following Mr. O’Connor’s presentation was a question and answer segment, in which people could receive clarity on any point the presenter made and also a prize was awarded to the individual who could recall effectively what Mr. O’Connor spoke about. 

The day’s session was also a buzz with a formal presentation from the Gungo Walk Team (Jamaica 50 Event music team) who attended the session to formally hand over the cheque from the staging of the show “Classic Duets” which was held on Friday, March 22, 2013 at Red Bones Café.  This show was done for charity and all the net proceeds went toward one of our mentees O’Shane Murray who is still in the hospital recovering from spinal injuries. 

The net amount from the show, $128,000.00, will go towards O’Shane’s recovery expenses. The Mentorship Programme is pleased to have been part of this venture and would like to thank the Taekwon-do family for making it possible. 

Proceedings ended with a word of thanks from Mr. Arthur Barrows President of the JATKD, after which the attendees shared refreshments to close off what was considered to be a timely managed day.

Alana Pennant member of mentor-ship programme presenting a token to Mr. Shane O’Connor the Guest Speaker

“Classic Duets” the O’Shane Murray benefit show cheque Presentation:

L-R: Stephanie Wallace-Mawell and Michael-Sean Harris of Gungo Walk handing over the cheque to Aneeke Brown & Joleen Masters of Jamaica Taekwon-Do


Jamaica Taekwon-Do Association 1st Mentorship Programme Launch Report

March 29, 2013

Prepared by Aneeke Brown

March 9, 2013 marked the second launch of the Jamaica Taekwon-Do Association (JATKD) Mentorship Programme; and along with it the friendly and fever pitch excitement as to who are the mentors and the mentees among our martial arts community. There were forty (40) persons in attendance, including mentees and mentors to sit around this year’s chosen colours of blue and green decorated gym area, at the JATKD head branch, 30a Westminster Road, Kingston 10. The 2013 programme will run for 10 months (March to December 2013). The total list of participants for the year 2013 includes mentors and mentees from Kingston and Mandeville school, as we extend the programme throughout the Jamaica Taekwon-do Association

The mentorship programme is a non-profit venture and is the collaborative effort of members of the Jamaica Taekwon-do Association. Mentors will strive to foster social and mental development with their mentees to assist them to discover new capabilities in the Jamaican social climate, sport of Taekwon-do and the world at large.

The programme will embark on several activities/sessions for 2013; namely, Time Management/How to Study Effectively, Personal Development with a focus on Hygiene and a trip to Blue Mountain, Jamaica. These activities are with the aim that the mentoring programme benefits both the mentors and the mentees providing both with opportunity for developing social skills and lifelong friendships with martial arts linkages.

The Target group for the 2013 mentorship programme will include the JATKD High school program participants (Mentees), Juniors from the Westminster and Mandeville location (Mentees), adults and black belts (Mentors) of the JATKD. 

The launch moderator was Mr. Carlyle Gray, the launch officially started with prayer for the day’s proceedings, and the overall mentorship programmme. Then the President of the JATKD, Mr. Arthur Barrows gave a warm welcome and encouraged the attendees to make the 2ndstaging of the programme even more successful than last year 2012 and to have an open-mind about the overall programme and enjoy the launch.

The guest speaker was Mr. Leighton Smith, a guidance counselor and a teacher at Dunrobin Preparatory School. Mr. Smith during his presentation got the mentees and the mentors involved through an interactive discussion and encouraged all persons to make a difference throughout the programme. Following Mr. Smith’s presentation, a token of a basket was presented to him by first time mentee, Alexia Webb from Mandeville School.

The attendees were entertained by singer and song-writer, Stephanie Wallce-Maxwell who got some of the mentees and mentors rocking, waving and singing along with her to “One Moment in Time” by Whitney Houston The spirit was high among the attendees and so in keeping with that spirit the official charge & launch took place with the cutting of the 2013 cake by Alexecia Scott (Mentee), Zebe Williams (Mentee), Aneeke Brown (Chairperson of Mentorship Committee) & Justin Barrows (Member of the Mentorship Committee).

Things got even more exciting as, mentor and committee member Ms. Audra Smith led a buzz session between mentors and mentees. This session saw them competing to do Balloon Pass, which is meant to promote teamwork and cooperation. There were three (3) groups of which one won. They were awarded prizes, of Digicel phone cards. The vote of thanks was given by the Chairperson of the Mentorship Programme Committee, in which the sponsors were thanked, the committee and the attendees in making the launch a success. Everyone then participated in refreshment of cake, pizza, chicken wings and beverage.

Members of the JATKD mentorship committee includes Nicholas Dusard, Audra Smith, Aneeke Brown (Chairperson), Denise Romero-Williams (1stVP JATKD), Adrian Moore and Justin Barrows.

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This is to inform that on April 6-7 2013, our Allied Federation organized  the Taekwon-do ITF Championship for the Kyrgyzskoy Republics with a participation of 257 competitors among the most strong athletes from all regions in Kyrgyzstana.  
Best  regards,

President Allied Federation Taekwon-do Kyrgyz  Republic            
V.  Oleinichenko

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All ITF Taekwon-Do Cup Netherlands


31st March 2013 in de "Kruisboog" hall in Houten the Netherlands was the place for a new competition in poule system for juniors, seniors and veterans from 13 years and up. In total there were 30 schools of 5 countries, 40 referees and 42 coaches. With the participation of competitors of ITF Argentina, ITF Belgium, ITF Sweden, ITF Switzerland and the ITF Netherlands the international level for good competition was there.


All competitors were competing in a poule system in individual patterns and sparring and guaranteed more bouts for all competitors. During the Team events it was a knock-out system and the teams could contain in patterns of juniors, seniors and veterans M/F from 13 years and up. In the sparring teams could participate with teams of 3 persons and 1 reserve and the winner of two matches won. This system was highly appreciated by the competitors and coaches. 


The competition is part of the ITF Netherlands Master Series which contains 5 competitions and the national team members are selected at their performances at these competitions. The next competitions of the series will be the Holland Cup in June in Delft.


The referee team had the umpire committee of the ITF Netherlands lead by Patrick den Hoed and Emiel Kloor. With the help of the referee of ITF Sweden. Mr Ove Johanssen there was a good level of referees. We like to thank all the referees for their hard work and good judging. At this Easter tournament there was also a little competition of counting the Easter eggs in a bowl. The proud winner got this price of the creator of this competition Mr. Jarne van Schaik. 


Coach ITF Sweden and AETF Board Member, Mrs. Mimmi Oskarsson

Thank you so much for your warm and welcoming hospitality! We really enjoyed the competition which had a very nice and relaxed atmosphere. Looking forward to see you soon again! 

Competitor ITF Argentina, Mr. Lucas Marchal

We want to thank you. The tournament was excellent and the level to. We always want to compete in fights like the all ITF Easter tournament. Again thanks for the possibility. I hope to see you again. 

Next year there will be another All ITF Taekwon-Do Cup in the same place and we hope to welcome our guests again in the great sport hall with enough affordable hotels in the near area! 

We like to thank all involved and hope to see you next time. 

Harry van Schaik "Active and Involved"

Robin Born " and

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On March 26-27, 2013, after the IIC in NY, Master Ernesto Santaniello (VII Dan) from Italy visited Queens Taekwon-Do Center where he guest-taught both a children's class and black belt class.

Master Santaniello showed great ability for driving the class, providing clear explanations for the children, and offering a lot of information to the black belt class on new exercises to improve sparring techniques.

Also, on Wednesday, March 27, Grand Master Trajtenberg made a special trip to QTC, before heading to the airport for his return home. The students of the advanced children's class had the wonderful opportunity to meet briefly with the ITF President and take photos.

Master Suarez, director of Queens Taekwon-Do Center, would like to extend his sincere thanks to GM Trajtenberg and Master Santaniello for sharing their time with the students of QTC!”


Master Ruben D. Suarez

Head Instructor

Queens Taekwon-do Center


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