IUC Report 

A big thanks to GM Bos and Master Ottesen for easily the best IUC I have been to. So much explained and so very well conducted. 

The TAG have been very busy this year already implementing plans for a lot of changes, the least of which are the new rules, so having some details explained by two of the main people responsible for the changes was awesome. 

Master Ottesen started the day with theory and discussing various situations, rule changes to warnings and fouls etc, during which we all had a lesson in how to make calls as a referee. After a little practice on this, we all had a detailed lesson on how to enter and leave the ring, both for patterns and for sparring. Why did we spend a lot of time of this seemingly minor detail? 

Well, the main theme of the day was that in order to have a safe tournament, you have to have professional officials that know what they are doing, and feel and look like they know what they are doing. Master O spent a great deal of time on what it means to be an official, and how to conduct yourself as one. And entering and leaving the ring is the start and especially the finish of this. 

So, guess what NZ! That’s right, things are about to change for us. The IUC only reinforces my resolve after Brighton to lift the standard of officiating in NZ through higher detailed courses, the first of which is coming up in July, but more on that secret squirrel event later in the year. 

The afternoon was spent going over the new patterns scoring system, more sparring, per-arranged, special technique and power. We covered it all, finishing at 6.30 after a very long and productive day. There are also major changes to the team sparring score system. 

It was also great to see some of our top competitors there too, furiously writing down notes. You guys will have an advantage after attending the course, good move on your part. 

So many changes which is the reason why the TAG is running a ‘C’ course in each region. As GM Boss pointed out to us, especially with ‘holding/grabbing’ now upgraded to a foul, these new rules will change how coaches teach and officials judge, and a lot of the techniques competitors currently use will have to be discarded, and new systems adopted. 

A big thanks to you both sirs, a great course and also a big thanks for the way you patiently answered all questions and explained decisions.

Gwyn Brown V dan, ITFNZ
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It was an honour for New Zealand to one again host an International Instructors Course. This 79th IIC was presented to over 145 students by the ITF Technical Committee consisting of Grand Master's Marano, Bos and Lan.
Masters also in attendance from Australia were Master Daher and Barbour. Master Kurt Ottesen came all the way from Canada to attend and assist with the IUC to be held on the Sunday.
This event included many insightful stories from the Grand Masters, as they taught theory with practicality and the importance of history and heart. For example, Grand Master Bos spoke of the history of pre-arranged sparring and of tournaments prior to sparring equipment.
Throughout the weekend, participants were amazed by Grand Master Marano's ability to to teach the basic techniques and to recall the exact version and page number of techniques from the encyclopedia.
Throughout the two day event, groups were separated by rank to allow content to be specifically tailored to each level. This provided an opportunity to go into much greater depth in terms of the analysis of movements and technique.
This IIC was especially special for New Zealand, with a senior grading held at the end of the final day. The NZ team coach, Mr Steve Pellow tested for 7th degree and for the first time in New Zealand, Master Paul McPhail and Master Evan Davidson for 8th degree. All were successfully promoted. 
New Zealand Taekwon-do Federation
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Dear Members and Visitors

The ITF welcomes Dr. Richard Aboud from Dublin, Ireland nominated by the Board as Director of the Anti-Doping Unit for the ITF.

Please feel free to contact Dr. Richard About

Medical Director ITF Anti Doping Unit HQ

3rd Floor, The Forge Building, Smithfield, Dublin, Ireland


Tel: 00353 89 49 75686

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ITF Children’s Development Committee meeting 

On 15th & 16th January 2013 the ITF Children’s Development Committee met in Amsterdam to discuss the future of the Kid’s Development Program. The three Committee members were Master Donato Nardizzi (England), Fabian Izquierdo (Argentina) and the latest member to join the Committee, Philip Lear (England). Master Willy Van Der Mortel (Netherlands) was also expected to attend but was unable to because of the poor road conditions due to the snow.

On the first day, the Committee met with three members of the ITF Board: The President GM Trajtenberg, GM Bos and Master Ferrando. They discussed the importance of the ITF Kid’s Development Program as a means to provide a broad based foundation for young children rather than rushing them through the grades. Today, more children are starting Taekwon-Do at an early age and we are seeing too many young children achieving Black Belt status too quickly by following the adult syllabus. Promotion to Black belt indicates a certain degree of maturity but the children may not have the same level wisdom and broad range of life experiences as an adult. It was agreed that the ITF has a responsibility to encourage instructors to utilise the Kid’s Development Program which provides the necessary broad range of knowledge and experience for their young students at a pace that is suitable for their age group.

It was proposed that elements of the Children’s Development course should be included in all the IIC’s after summer 2013. The proposal is to have a three hour seminar in every IIC about teaching strategies for young students. This would not only benefit instructors who teach young children but also those that teach older students with learning difficulties. Many teaching strategies will be taught which enable the instructor to simplify the various Taekwon-Do skills by breaking them down into simpler parts. It is important that senior instructors and masters understand the teaching methods of the Kid’s Development Program regardless of whether they teach it directly or not. They may indeed have students who will become instructors of the Kids Development Program.

With three Children’s Development courses taking place in 2012, ways of facilitating more courses in 2013 were discussed. The ITF will make it easier for National Associations to host a Children’s Development Course in their country and, if necessary, to translate the Study Book in their own language.

It was agreed to have a dedicated website for the Kids Program which will have its own domain name and have a link from the official ITF website. This will serve to promote the Kids Development Program as well as providing the students, parents and instructors with additional resources.

Ways of making an easy transition for instructors who are already running other children’s programmes were discussed. This is not too difficult as the ITF Kid’s Development Program was designed with flexibility in mind. The biggest problem was that of changing over doboks to the new approved ITF children’s dobok for students using a non ITF approved dobok. Master Ferrando offered to speak to the sponsors to try to agree a deal for students needing to change their doboks.

On the second meeting of the day, the Committee continued to discuss ways in which the transition can be made from other kid’s programmes to the ITF Kid’s Program. Many children’s programmes have similar topics but they are perhaps arranged in different categories or themes. By adapting the assignment criteria for each grade level or badge award the ITF Kid’s Program can appear to be very similar to what the students were doing before.

On the second day, the Committee started work on the new website, designing the structure and listing the menu items. They even managed to write out some of the static content for various pages. There will be a section for kids that will include interactive games, cartoon strips, stories and activities using the five characters of the Program. The idea is to provide extra resources for the kids to help them learn all the topics and at the same time bring the five characters to life. There will be a section for parents not only to promote the Program but also to help them support their children with the homework tasks and learning the various topics. An instructor’s section with a log in facility for official ITF Kid’s Program Instructors only, will provide them with a wealth of resources including a database of games and activities, additional homework assignments and advice on teaching strategies and requirements.

The meeting ended with plenty of work done but still plenty of work left to do by each member of the Committee. They will continue to work on the website and planning the forthcoming courses. Look out for the more information about the Kid’s Development Program coming soon on the ITF website.







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The First Qualifying 2013 World Championship ITF Umpire Course took place on January 26th and 27th, 2013, in Queens, New York, USA. This ITF Umpire Course was organized by Master Ruben Suarez, VIII Dan and President of the National Taekwon-Do Association – ITF, Inc. in the USA, and was conducted by the ITF Umpire Committee Member, Master Kurt Ottesen, VII Dan from Canada.

 The ITF Umpire Course was a great success with a participation of  68 black belts, coming from North America, Central America and the Caribbean.  The purpose of this course was to educate members on the new rules recently implemented by the ITF and to qualify ITF Umpires who are willing to officiate on the paramount event of ITF competition, the 2013 World Championship in Benidorm, Spain.

Master Ottesen covered areas such as the new point deductions system for Patterns, the new electronic system, team sparring new point system and the new rules and regulations for ITF competition. Due to the overall enthusiasm of the participants, the course was extended to cover other areas of interest from the participants.


At the end of the event, Master Suarez was very grateful to Master Ottesen for his commitment and dedication, and all the participants were very supportive and enthusiastic about all the information obtain during this ITF Umpire Course.



NTA-ITF President


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Dear Members and Visitors

The 78th IIC took place in Tralee, Co. Kerry Ireland on the weekend of the 25th - 27th of January 2013 hosted by the Irish Taekwon-Do Association. The IIC was a great success with 130 black belts from 15 countries; Ireland, Switzerland, Netherlands, England, Norway, Scotland, Finland, Austria, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Luxembourg, France, Russia, and Belgium. There was over half of the course from 4th Dan and above including 10 Masters; eight 7th Dan and two 8th Dan. The course was conducted by the ITF technical committee; Grandmaster Marano, Grandmaster Bos and Grandmaster Lan. 



The course was run under a new format which meant extra hours of training and contact for all participants and the feedback from all participants on the course was very positive about the content. The Grandmasters arrived on Thursday and were greeted in the town council chambers by local government officials and the mayor. The Grandmasters were presented with a beautiful certificate to mark their visit.


The IIC commenced on Friday and the Grandmasters were lead into the hall by a piper, which added to the atmosphere and occasion of the event. Over the 3 days the the IIC was mainly divided into 2 groups; one group for 1st - 3rd Dan and the other for 4th dan above, in two separate rooms. This meant the Grandmasters could cover more material with all participants. The Grandmasters covered all aspects of ITF Taekwon-Do including; patterns up to Tong-il in great detail, fundamental movements, free sparring, traditional sparring, step-sparring, self defence, flexibility and warm-up exercises. There was also time for the group for 4th Dan and above to have discussions on topics such as the structure of their schools, gradings and syllabus, and also how to teach different aspects of the Taekwon-Do syllabus. The Grandmasters were in excellent form; Grandmaster Bos was inspirational with the atmosphere he creates in his classes, excellent exercises for flexibility, warm-up exercises, exercises for preparation for specific classes for kicking, patterns and sparring, participants got many new and imaginative ideas for the teaching of their classes from his sessions. Grandmaster Lan showed wonderful ability especially in the areas of free sparring and self defence, with excellent progressions to develop technique and ability in these areas. Grandmaster Marano again showed why he is the chairman of the technical committee, his knowledge on the ITF patterns is superb, participants were amazed at his ability to explain all techniques and reference the encyclopaedia by page and photograph and his ability to fix errors and explain the applications and details of all movements. Participants were very happy with the sessions on the patterns as the grandmasters did not just explain the technical details of the patterns but the reasons for each movement, the applications and also how to correct common errors and problems in the patterns. In the rest periods between sessions the Grandmasters were happy to work one on one with participants and clarify and doubts about the patterns. The participants found all aspects of the course extremely enjoyable and all participants commented on the professional set-up of the IIC by the ITA, the warm welcome and hospitality and the attention to detail. On the Friday evening their was a banquet which was attended by almost all of the IIC participants and their was great entertainment by a local folk band during this event. The IIC for 1st - 3rd Dan finished on Saturday and the Sunday was only for 4th Dan and above, where the higher degree patterns were covered in detail. The IIC was officially closed on Sunday and the ITF Grandmasters were presented with a gift of writing pens made from 5,000 year old Irish bog oak and 24 ct. gold. During the IIC on Sunday their was also a grading for people going for 6th, 7th and 8th dan.  

The following were promoted during the grading: 

1.Mr. Niall Jones from Irish Taekwon-Do Association promoted to 6th Dan

2.Mr. Maxim Kim from Russia promoted to 6th Dan

3.Mr. Odd Arne Larsen from NTN Norway promoted to 7th Dan Master

4.Mr. Hallgeir Betele from NTN Norway promoted to 7th Dan Master

5.Mr. Snorre Edvarsen from NTN Norway promoted to 7th Dan Master

6.Mr. Lazaros Tsilfidis from Russia promoted to 7th Dan Master

7.Master Per Christian Garnaes from NTN Norway promoted to 8th Dan Master

8.Master Carmine Caiazzo from FITAE Italy promoted to 8th Dan Master

Photos of the IIC: 

Gallery 1; 

Gallery 2; 

Gallery 3; 

Gallery 4; 

Gallery 5; 

Gallery 6;  

The ITA Board of Directors would like to extend our thanks to the ITF Technical Committee for an excellent IIC, to the organising committee Mr. O'Mahoney VI Dan, Mr. Stephen Ryan V Dan, Ms. Laura Cullen IV Dan, to the local volunteers and helpers and to the participants from the 15 countries for your support. 


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Dear Members and visitors, 

The ITF is proud to announce that over 11000 ITF members participated from the period 2003-2012 at the 77 IIC’s  held throughout the world.


2013 might become another successful year with many IIC’s. The International Instructors Committee (IIC) consisting of Chairman GM Hector Marano and members GM Wim Bos and GM Lan Ung Kim are ready to conduct the next IIC’s to be held on January in Ireland, on February in New Zealand, on March in New York USA, on May in Uruguay, on June/July in Paraguay, on July in Jamaica, on September in Russia and Poland and on November in Belgium. 

The Committee hopes to find all of you ready for another challenge!

On behalf of the International Instructors Committee

GM Wim Bos

ITF Director and IIC Member


new old            
course  course            number of
number number date month year place country participants
1 188 21-23 February 2003 Cologne Germany 108
2 189 28.2-2.3 March 2003 Livingstone Scotland 89
3 190 14-16 November 2003 Vancouver Canada 66
4 191 21-23 November 2003 Quebec Canada 42
5 192 23-25 April 2004 Buenos Aires Argentina 278
6 193 7-9. August 2004 Auckland New Zealand 96
7 194 13-15. August 2004 Sydney Australia 76
8 195 22-24. October 2004 Brussels Belgium 91
9 196 30-31,1 Oct-Nov 2004 Rimini Italy 192
10 197 12-14. December 2004 New York USA 69
11 198 11-13. February 2005 Regina Canada 113
12 199 29-1. April-May 2005 Dublin Ireland 106
13 200 7-9. October 2005 Lublin Poland 111
14 201 14-16 October 2005 Oradea Romania 53
15 202 25-27 November 2005 Manilla Philippines 61
16 203 7-9. April 2006 Londra England 113
17 204 5-7. May 2006 Buenos Aires Argentina 297
18 205 12-14. May 2006 Asuncion Paraguay 82
19 206 2-4. June 2006 Cologne Germany 105
20 207 5-7. August 2006 Palmerston New Zealand 88
21 208 11-13. August 2006 Gold Coast Australia 94
22 209 1-2. December 2006 Halifax Canada 63
23 210 16-19 February 2007 regina Canada 99
24 211 23-25 March 2007 bogota Colombia 84
25 212 13-15. April 2007 Houston USA 101
26 213 26-28. July 2007 Hong Kong China 80
27 214 21-23. September 2007 Tromsoe Norway 158
28 215 19-21. October 2007 Brussels Belgium 148
29 216 26-28. October 2007 Vienna Austria 110
30 217 25-27. January 2008 Tel Avi Israel 63
31 218 1-3. February 2008 Saloniko Greece 120
32 219 8-10. February 2008 Tashkent Uzbekistan 82
33 220 14-16. March 2008 Austin USA 82
34 221 25-27. April 2008 Riccione Italy 176
35 222 4-6. May 2008 Dublin Ireland 156
36 223 6-8. June 2008 Oakvile Canada 114
37 224 27-29. June 2008 Encarnarcion Paraguay 182
38 225 18-20. July 2008 Tauranga New Zealand 128
39 226 25-27. July 2008 Sunshine Coast Australia 80
40 227 6-9. September 2008 San Juan Puerto Rico 69
41 228 20-22. March 2009 New York USA 134
42 229 27-29. March 2009 Ho Chin Min Vietnam 113
43 230 1-3. May 2009 Buenos Aires Argentina 545
44 231 22-24. May 2009 Mieschbach Germany 183
45 232 26-28. June 2009 Tegucicalpa Honduras 44
46 233 24-26. July 2009 Adis Ababa Ethiopia 221
47 234 4-6. September 2009 Mosca Russia 83
48 235 25-27 September 2009 Benidorm Spain 172
49 236 22-24. January 2010 Warsaw Poland 123
50 237 7-8. March 2010 Auckland New Zealand 163
51 238 13-15. March 2010 Penang Malaysia 56
52 239 9-10. April 2010 Denver USA 118
53 240 14-16. May 2010 Capo Frio Brasil 71
54 241 26-28. June 2010 Regina Canada 116
55 242 3.05 September 2010 Budapest Hungary 150
56 243 1-2. Oct. 2010 Puerta Plata Domenican Rep 66
57 244 19-21. Nov 2010 Utrecht Netherlands 188
58 245 26-28. Nov 2010 Trondheim Norway 255
59 246 10-12. Dec 2010 Jaco Costa Rica 64
60 247 22-24. January 2011 Tralee Ireland 138
61 248 25-27. March 2011 Bogota Colombia 77
62 249 29-01. April/May 2011 Rimini Italy 110
63 250 20-22. May 2011 Clearwater USA 99
64 251 8-10. June 2011 Oelu Finland 132
65 252 23-25. June 2011 Asuncion Paraguay 186
66 253 18-20 August 2011 Ocho Rios Jamaica 77
67 254 6-12. Sept 2011 Benidorm Spain 119
68 255 22-23. Oct 2011 Halifax Canada 113
69 256 29-30. Nov 2011 Hong Kong China 90
70 257 27-29. January 2012 London England 233
71 258 13-15. April 2012 Nashville USA 100
72 259 20-22. April 2012 Vancouver Canada 124
73 260 11-13. May 2012 Livingstone Scotland 119
74 261 9-10. June 2012 Buenos Aires Argentina 658
75 262 7-9. September 2012 Puerta Plata Domenican Rep 27
76 263 22-23. November 2012 Adis Ababa Ethiopia 188
77 264 1-2. December 2012 Tel Avi Israel 131
          total number of participants 10011



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December 2012 

Dear ITF Members and Visitors,

The New Year is approaching while we leave another one behind, a year that was not your standard one for it has featured considerable growth on our part, which tells a great deal about the high standard of  work, at all ranks in our Federation.                              

I wish to leave a record here of how greatly our family increases day by day and to say that as such it is bound to face a few tough times, yet knowing that, sooner or later, the good  times will arrive. I do hope that in this oncoming 2013 tolerance and empathy may prevail as crucial individual values and that these may be the key to harmony, joint growth and contributing to a better society. I know that our predecessors would be proud of how we do uphold those principles in our everyday   effort to surpass ourselves and that therein dwells our special secret.

Let every member enjoy a merry festivity, regardless of creed or religion, let us revel in this brand-new year, making vows for the happiness of those whom we love most, the dearest  ones  in our lives, all intimately bound, in fine health and in peacefulness.


ITF President

GM Pablo Trajtenberg

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