On July 3-4, 2014 the30 th ITF Taekwon-Do seminar was held in the Olympic building in Kabul City. Around 90 participants took part from several clubs with support of the Afghanistan National Olympic
Committee. The purpose of the seminar was to train and to show the update techniques of ITF Taekwon-Do to our members.

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How important are the fundamental techniques? They are like a foundations for are future development. The simple middle punch is used in almost every pattern we learn in Taekwon-do. Front kick, side kick, turning kick –  required for the yellow belt are most popular attacking tools in sparring when foot techniques are considered.

For these and many other reasons the answer to the first question is: Fundamental techniques are very important for our training. If for some reason we want to skip the basics and rush to more advanced kicks and strikes we have to keep in mind that it may do us more harm then good. It is a lot easier to progress to the next level knowing where you are coming from. If you don't take the time to learn how to keep your foot horizontal when performing turning kick, probably you won't pay attention also in the reverse turning kick. Errors in patterns, injuries in fight are often caused by skipping through fundamentals.

To avoid this, it's good to have a program that will cover all the basics techniques, theory and nomenclature.

We introduce to you Black Belt Basics: 

After releasing all 24 patterns in the program Black Belt All In One (more information about it on ), there came the time for the next production from Mr. Lukas Grygiel.

Author is proud to have in this production such celebrities as Master Jerzy Jedut VII Dan, well-known coach that teaches thousands of people around the world each year through his seminars, creator of the champions, vice president of technical issues in the Polish Taekwon-do Association.

Of course Mr. Jaroslaw Suska VI Dan, who doesn’t need any special introduction continues cooperation with Black Belt Project. In this specific program he is presenting his famous leg techniques. Black Belt Project also supports young, yet experienced instructors.

In this program we can see Mr. Gabriel Bednarczyk IV Dan, who participated in many technical seminars conducted by the Masters: Kim Jong Su, Ri Myong Chol, Jerzy Jedut, Wilem Jacob Bos, Tran Trieu Quan, Hector Marano, Pablo Trajtenberg, Kim Ung Lan and General Choi Chong Hi and Ms. Kamila Szustak II Dan - multiple medalist of the European and World Championships and also World and European Cups. She has started practicing Taekwon-do when she was seven years old, now she owns Taekwon-do club fulfilling her greatest passion that is to pass the spirit of Taekwon-Do to the youngest.

All  videos can be watched from the front and from the side, at normal or in the slow motion.

Program includes techniques for the color belts and 1st degree exams categorized according to their difficulty. Besides the single techniques Master Jedut presents also sequences from the patterns that shows different kinds of motion in patterns (continuous motion, fast motion, etc..)

In the Stances section are pictures, diagrams and descriptions of the most common stances used in the patterns.

The theory section is divided into categories:

  1. Basics

ñ What is Taekwon-do

ñ History of Taekwon-do

ñ Spiritual culture

ñ Power theory

ñ Taekwon-do tenets

ñ The philosophy of Taekwon-do

ñ Origin of the patterns

ñ Why are there 24 patterns

ñ Meaning of the patterns

  1. Surfaces

ñ Attacking and blocking surfaces of the hands

ñ Attacking and blocking surfaces of the legs

  1. Exam questions

Next is the Dictionary section that translates Korean nomenclature to English. There are categories like:

  1. Ground techniques
  2. Tul stances and techniques
  3. Blocks
  4. Body parts
  5. Foot techniques
  6. Hand Techniques
  7. Stances
  8. Vital spots
  9. Dojang terminology
  10. Additional Korean terminology

This program is invaluable help to students and instructors. You can Pre-Order Black Belt Basics for lower price now at the

Promotion ends on 5th of July.

We recommend this program and fully support Black Belt Project.

Below are the few opinions of the beta-testers of our program:

After extremely enjoying All in One with all the Taekwon-do patterns I was really curious about the new program. My students often asked me about the video material that would present fundamental techniques. Especially before the exams. In this program we will find both: videos, practice and theory – that is exactly what I and my students needed! When I had heard that price is about 25€ I had no doubt that my every student above 8th degree will order this software.

I fully recommend it to anyone who is serious about his career in Taekwon-do.

Mr. Artur Suchy Osuchowski IV DAN from Poland (coach and medal-winning contestant)


„Master Jerzy Jedut is a well-known coach. His experience in Taekwon-do is udeniable. To have him performing techniques and sequences from patterns is like having a seminar with one of the best instructors in the world. Watching Mr. Suska performing flying kicks is really inspiring and always gives me more energy and motivation for my daily training.

I also appreciate the part with the theory – finally I have everything in one place. This software will be helpful not only for the color belts; most of the presented techniques are used in the higher patterns as well. Without a doubt it’s a must-have software for any Taekwon-do practitioner.“

Mr. Kai Johnsrud II DAN from Norway (coach)

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Master Downey and Mrs. Downey recently conducted their annual seminar (24th
year). There were over 140 students in attendance. The seminar included
instruction on self-defence, theory of power and training secrets and its
application in patterns, free sparring drills and pad training. Next year
will be a special seminar as it will be Downey's Taekwon-Do 25th

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Report from the 5th Holland Cup
by AETF Report Erseki; Source AETF website 

On the last day of May and the first day of June the 5th edition of the Holland Cup hosted by the Netherlands was held in Pijnacker’s sportcentrum called De Viergang. Pijnacker is next to Delft, where the main organizer and his club (Sportschool Tim Kool) also hold their trainings.

8 nations (Belgium, Germany, England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Malaysia and of course the Netherlands), with almost 500 participants registered for this year’s event - 194 B class and 304 A class competitors.

The weather was exceptionally good at the weekend, with a lot of sunshine which filled our hearts with joy and energy, so everyone was looking forward to start the tournament after the Dutch national holiday.

As in previous years the competition began on Saturday. This day was for the high belts, the A class competition was held for everyone over blue belt (4th gup and upwards). The rules again were a bit amended to fit all the competitors as the event was an open one (so there were competitors from different organizations). As usual the contest started with the pattern events on 7 rings.

A lot of high ranked VIP guests visited the event. Master Coos van de Heuvel arrived on his motorbike to take a look around, and I was able to share some thoughts about the event with him.

Organisers with Master Coos van de Heuvel. Photo: Norbert Erseki

Many masters and instructors arrived with their own club as coaches. Not a complete list and not in order of importance: Master Willy van de Mortel, sabum Julia Cross (multi-world champion from Scotland), sabum Collin Adolfs (ruling World champion), Britt Adolfs (ruling European champion), Master Thomas Dennis, Master James Tjin-a-Ton (member of the AETF Umpire Committee), sabum Lilian Doulay (ruling European champion from France), sabum Chiel Rombout, Master Triqui Brahim (Germany), sabum Stephen Tapilatu, Master Wijnand Tapilatu and of course the organizer, sabum Tim Kool, ruling European champion.

Sabum Julia Cross and Sabum Stephen Tapilatu. Photo: Norbert Erseki
Mr Tim Kool. Photo: Norbert Erseki

The organization of the events was exceptionally precise, everything went as planned. If you haven't been at the event's venue or read the previous reports of the past editions of the cup, you might be wondering how crowded it was, but on the contrary, it was quite nice as the sportcenter is a rather large arena - almost double the size of a normal indoor court. Having this much space the organizers surrounded an area for the preparing teams as well as 3 small areas for the gathering for the upcoming categories, so checking the competitors and their ID cards took place not at the edge of the ring, making more space around, causing less confusion.

Special event. Photo: Norbert Erseki

Of course we should not forget the umpires who volunteered: they have played a key role in the smooth run of the events. Many of them were just junior, trainee umpires, some of them were even umpires for the first time, however all of them showed outstanding performance. The first day was finished with the sparring categories. The sparring for the children was held not in weight categories, but they were grouped based on their height which was quite unusual for the ones who got used to the weight groups.

Umpires of the main ring. Photo: Norbert Erseki

One interesting fact: the youngest competitor was 6, while the eldest one was 61 years old! It was good to see that there were a good couple of older competitors: fathers, mothers and possibly even grandparents who were still kicking, representing the most precious thing taekwon-do can offer: health.

As it was the 5th event the organizers were thinking about making it a special one by adding a special category which was available for everyone. They decided on a yop chagi competition, where the goal was to hold your leg in a yop chagi position over the height of your own hip for as long as possible: whoever could hold it for the longest time won the competition.

This year's best teams were the PUMA club from England on Saturday, taking the first place on the overall team ladder in category A, and Buell Sport from the Netherlands who took home the gold in category B.

Left: Best TeamPuma on Saturday. Right: IV-VI category. Photo: Norbert Erseki

Everyone left the competition in a great mood, wishing to see each other again in 2015 at the 6th edition of the Holland Cup.

Pictures are available on Facebook
- from Saturday at:
- from Sunday at:

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Final results of the 5th edition of the Holland Cup:
Patterns B-class
Patterns A-class
Sparring youth B-class
Sparring youth A-class
Sparring juniors B-class
Sparring juniors A-class
Sparring seniors B-class
Sparring seniors A-class
Sparring veterans
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The 34th term of Afghanistan ITF Taekwon-Do Senior and Junior National championship was held at Kabul city Olympic on 8th to 9th of June 2014. There was 150 participants at this championship from several provinces of Afghanistan. This championship was at two parts 1-Sparing 2- Pattern. The supporter of this championship Was the NOC of Afghanistan and ITF Taekwon-Do Federation of Afghanistan

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