On November 14, 15 and 16 in Treviso, Italy, was the place of a very speciale event: the 98th IIC for the first time in history of ITF dedicated to the elite of our instructors only from 4th degree and higher.

The event has been organized by GM Wim Bos and Master Giovanni Cecconato in cooperation with FITAE-ITF (Italian Taekwon-Do Federation).

Great success with the participation of 35 Masters and 129 Instructors, for a total of 164 persons, coming from 22 different countries: USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, Vietnam, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Netherlands, France, England, Scotland, Germany, Belgium, Lebanon, Slovenia, Greece, Russia, Denmark, Poland, Spain, Ireland and Italy of course.

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On November 7, 8 and 9 was held in Tegucigalpa, Honduras the 97thIIC.

The IIC was conducted by the Grand Masters Hector Marano and Ung Kim Lan, while on the addressing of the Kids Development Program was Sabun Nim Fabian Izquierdo.

The event was attended by 104 participants from Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.

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Master Weiler, ITF Senior Vice-President, would like to update you on the donations for Kemal Kasim and thank you for your wonderful support so far. With your efforts we are getting very close to reaching our goal and helping Kemal get a fresh start in life. 

To see the list of donations so far, please download this file. This is the money collected as of the 28th of October 2014. 

More about Kemal Kasim's Story below. 

Human life does not always run smoothly and is often affected by turbulent phases, major challenges or even tragic moments. A young TKD athlete from Ethiopia, Kemal Kasim, has sustained a blow of fate already with 6 years when he (after the civil war in Ethiopia) lost his right leg above the knee playing on a tank. But he did not crush - he even has gained strength. In 1996 he started with TKD, became a coach and an example for many of us (see also the video of his breaking demonstration on our ITF website). Today he is 24 years old and on 31.07.2014 he has passed his examination to 3rd degree. I had the honor to promote him to his 3rd degree and can say that he has passed the promotion with flying colours.

Download the clip (mp3, 3.4 MB)

His life-story and his development are my motivation to start a foundation to allow him a prosthetic leg. Because of his financial situation he cannot afford this and also the technical and medical options are not given in his home country. For this reason I want to invite him to Germany (he can live in my house) for about three or four weeks, where all the requirements are fulfiled. The cost of an artificial leg with necessary precaution and aftercare will be approximately € 10,000.00 (including the flight to Germany). Who is willing to support this project has the opportunity to donate money. The donations should be addressed under the keyword "Kemal Kasim" to the ITF which manages the money.

Bank of the ITF in Spain:

Bank Name: Deutsche Bank 
IBAN ES70 0019 0585 36 4010027855 

I am thanking you in advance for the humanitarian gesture to support our TKD-brother and allow him a new life. I will continuously inform about the progress of donations and also about the current status of things.

Yours sincerely
Master Paul Weiler
ITF Senior Vice-President

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Grandmaster Trajtenberg and Master Ferrando visited Tokyo to hold a meeting with the leaders of ITF JAPAN, in order to analyze the situation in ITF Asia and prepare a program that will enhance the ITF in the Continent. Master Kim explained the situation and proposals in his opinion that should be undertaken to promote ITF on this continent. 

During the visit to Tokyo Grandmaster Trajtenberg and Master Ferrando were invited by Master Kim to conduct a Master Class, which was very well attended. The participants applauded Master Ferrando and Grandmaster Trajtenberg for the level of the seminar and requested that they return in the future. 

The visits to Taiwan and Japan were scheduled by ITF in their eagerness to prepare a plan of potentiation of ITF all across Asia

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The ITF begins a new stage in which will be realised a great effort for promotion in ASIA following on from the great example of our successful growth and development in Africa.

Our President Grandmaster Trajtemberg, and Master Ferrando ITF Secretary General visited Taiwan to make contact with members of ITF Taiwan and while there conducted a seminar with 70 participants, 20 of them black belt holders. They have made this visit accompanied by Sabunim Ricardo Rieiro  through whom contacts have been made with ITF TAIWAN President Horacio Obon, being to admire the effort and support made ​​by Mr. Rieiro. 

The Directors of ITF were well received and the first course given in the country was a success in that the participants were satisfied and grateful for the support that was giving to them by ITF.

One official meeting was held which lead to the agreement for the affiliation of  ITF Taiwan to our ITF family. Finally Directors and black belts of ITF Taiwan hosted a dinner for the Directors of ITF, in which all were pleased with what appears to be a new step for a successful ITF TAIWAN. 

Mr. Obon has offered to assist in the development of ITF in Asia through very good relationships he has built with leaders of different countries in Asia

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On the weekend of 26th-28th September, the 96th International Instructor Course (IIC) took place in Vienna, Austria. The course was attended by 163 participants, including 9 Masters from Argentina, Czech Republic, England, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Kyrgyzstan, Luxembourg, Moldova, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Scotland, Switzerland, Austria and conducted by the International Technical Committee, Grand Master Marano, Grand Master Bos and Grand Master Ung.


After arrival and registration of all participants on Thursday and Friday, the IIC was officially opened Friday morning by honoured guest and member of the ITF board, Grand Master MacCallum, who expressed his pleasure to be in Austria again, the country in which he had spent over 20 years of his life.


The program on the first day was very versatile. After a warmup and stretching session, fundamental movements were practiced and explained in detail by Grand Master Bos. Following that, Grand Master Ung taught self defense and sparring, backing up the theoretical explanations with many practical drills and exercises. The day’s training ended with 2nd Degrees and above going through patterns Eui-Am, Choong-Jang and Juche with Grand Master Bos while the 1st degrees were taught coloured belt patterns and fundamental movements by Grand Master Marano.


The banquet took place on Friday evening and was attended by86participants. The hosts organised 2 busses to transport all attendees (with an audio guide that explained sights on route), while the Grand Masters and their invited guests journeyed by limousine. All were taken to the “Luftburg”, a restaurant famous for its roasted ham hock (also known as pork knuckle or Schweinshaxe) which was tried by many that evening. After the dinner, a slideshow entertained the guests with photos of the previous IIC in Austria, held in 2007. It was followed by a short video that showed the process that went into making the gifts for the Grand Masters; they each received a large and expertly shaped wooden fist, cut from one single tree trunk with a chainsaw. To end the evening, a relaxed stroll through the nearby Prater, Vienna’s amusement park, lead to the Riesenrad, a giant ferris wheel constructed in 1897, which is still in full operation today. Everyone was invited to take the 15 minute ride and enjoy the view of Vienna from up high, before being taken back to the hotel by bus.


The second day started, after a warmup, with a focus on patterns Chon-Ji through Ge-Baek for 1st to 3rd Degrees and Yong-Gae, Ul-Ji and Moon-Moo for 4th Degrees and above. Various sparring exercises were also taught by Grand Master Ung, with a constant emphasis on the Do as an important aspect of fighting which should not be neglected, as it has a strong influence on the outcome of a fight. In the afternoon, Master Nardizzi conducted an introductory course for the ITF Kids Program, explaining its philosophies and giving insight into children’s minds and behavioural patterns. The attendance was high and much fun was had by all, as Master Nardizzi demonstrated the methods and games of the ITF Kids Program with the help of very enthusiastic “children”, in the form of senior black belts. Despite the light atmosphere, all those attending were nonetheless made aware of the importance of providing children with adequate classes that suit their needs and develop not only motor skills, but also pass on the moral culture of Taekwon-Do, which is an integral part of the ITF.


At the same time, promotional tests were conducted by Master Weiler, Senior Vice-President of the ITF, and Master Harmat, President and Founder of the Hungarian Taekwon-Do Federation. All those presented for grading demonstrated outstanding skill and passed successfully.


3rd – 4th Degree

Mr. Marius Ionicescu - Romania



4th – 5thDegree

Mr. Mihai Hondru - Romania



5th – 6th Degree

Mr. Michael Holler - Finnland

Mr. Ion Postu – Moldova


The last day of the IIC began with a short warmup and stretching session, followed by the teaching of 3rd Degree patterns to 3rd Degrees and above. Meanwhile, 1st and 2nd Degrees received instruction from Master Santaniello. The last training session covered 5th and 6th Degree patterns whilst 4th Degrees and below were taken through a wide variety of exercises (including self defense and sparring) designed to encourage them, amongst other things, to look for exercise and training possibilities outside of their usual gym routines, as it is the only way one can really surpass an average skill level.


Before the IIC was officially closed and all certificates were handed out to participants, Master Weiler spoke about the appeal for donations for Kemal Kasim (an article on this is also posted on the ITF website), a young 3rd Degree from Ethiopia who, with the help of the ITF worldwide, is hoping to replace his missing leg with a prosthetic one. Master Weiler had been collecting donations throughout the IIC and declared with joy and deepest gratitude that he had collected over 800 Euros. It must be mentioned in this context that Mightyfist Taekwon-Do, one of the IIC’s sponsors, made doboks available as prizes for a raffle and donated all ticket money to Master Weiler for this inspirational humanitarian cause. Master Weiler thanked everyone sincerely for their help.


The IIC was closed, as it was opened, with a speech by Grand Master MacCallum, who invited all participants to recognise and acknowledge the great debt we all owe to the ITF Technical Committee for their supreme knowledge, dedication and perseverance to ever increase, standardise and spread the incredibly high level of ITF Taekwon-Do in the world. The Technical Committee, after a warm round of applause, in turn thanked all participants and especially the organisers for the wonderful time they had spent in Austria.


The Austrian national Taekwon-Do association would like to thank everyone who attended this IIC and hopes they have taken fond memories of Vienna back home with them.




Written by Struan MacCallum - Austria

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On the 13-14.09.2014, ITF Finland along with Espoo Taekwon-Do Club have hosted a sanctioned ITF Kids course conducted by Master Donato Nardizzi VIII Degree, Chairman of the Kids development program.

The course was attended by 31 participants from Finland and 1 participant from Austria.

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The 5th International Taekwon-Do Federation (ITF) World Cup of Taekwon-Do was hosted by Jamaica at the Montego Bay Convention Centre from August 26-30, 2014. Jamaica saw in excess of 2000 visitors to its shores for this beautiful event. The Championship had participants from 33 countries, 58 clubs, & 678 athletes, competing in exciting matches in individual and team events in Sparring, Patterns, Pre-Arranged Sparring, Technical Breaking, and Power Breaking.

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During the 6th and 7th of September last, the International Instructor Course for Kids was held in Montevideo, organized by Sabun Nim Gabriel Colina V Dan, President of CITI Allied Association from Uruguay.

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