Date:  January 26-27, 2013
Place:   Queens, New York - USA 
Organizer:  NTA-ITF Master Ruben Suarez 8th degree 


IUC USA - Invitation

IUC USA - Application Form

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GMaster Trajtenberg and Master Ferrando have participated in Sport Accord Convention....

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Date:  June 16th, 2013
Place:   Utrecht, Netherllands
Organizer:  ITF Netherlands - MasterJames Tjin A Ton
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Dear Presidents, Masters, Instructors,

On behalf of myself and Polish Taekwon-Do Association I would like to invite you to the 19th Central Summer Taekwon-Do Camp to be held from 4th to 13th July 2014 in Biala Podlaska, Poland.

It is one of the biggest Taekwon-Do camps in Europe with a many years’ tradtion.

Every year many over 200 competitors from several dozen countries from all over the word came to practice Taekwon-Do in Poland. Except for Taekwon-do trainings on the highest level, the camp offers a lot of other attractions and it is comparatively cheap.

In attachment you will find the application and general information.


It will be a great opportunity to exchange the experience and to prepare for the World Cup 2014 in Jamaica and the European Cup 2014 in Budapest, Hungary.


More information about the camp you will find under the link


Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our office.

Yours sincereley,

Master Tadeusz Loboda

Application Form


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Dear friends and colleagues,

I would like to invite you to 19th Taekwon-Do summer camp, organized by Taekwon-Do school Kwang Gae, which will take a place at sport area “U starého rybníka” Zbralavice village near to Kutná Hora. In this sport area are hel preparations in cooperation with national team and Middle Bohemia region. This camp was completely rebuilt. Reason for keeping camps here is wide sport base, great kitchen and very friendly atmosphere.

Last year we hosted camp for 120 participants from Czech and foreign clubs.
Summer camp starts by barbecue night for all participants (last year it was turkey) Following days participants have option to train with instructors of Taekwon-Do, Kickox-aerobic, Ji Jitsu a Hap-Ki Do. Evening is closed with camp fire with guitar.

During summer camp will participants have possibility to see exhibition of Taekwon-Do, Aerobic and dance. Also possibility of witness work of Prison service, work of police dogs, tournament afternoon, tournament in Taekwon- Do, night adventure game, Taekwon-Do examination, disco, trip to Zbraslavice and much more.

For those who will have extra energy there is possibility of table tennis, beach volleyball, basketball, football and during summer days possibility of renting bout on a lake and swimming.

Although most participants takes advantage of individual trainings with national team members of Czech Republic, international instructor M. Baltic form Slovenia and Mr. Agim Murtic from Bosnia. There is also possibility to get better in other languages while instructors are able to have trainings in Czech language, they are also willing to have them in their native language therefore possibility to practice English or Croatian. Accommodation is secured in ***hotel, with two gyms with tatami, gym for strengthening and sauna. Meals are prepared according to needs of a camp and is enriched for afternoon snack and drinks. Breakfasts are supplemented by meals for sportsmen and after discussion is possibility of vegetarian meals or meals according to special needs.

Program during whole summer camp and summer camp at all is taking care of by old team of instructors and assistents. This year will be Summer camp held from July 2014.

Thankfully to support of our partners Middle Bohemia region and city of Říčany, we will spent ten incredible days together which we all look forward to.

Forms please forward to email, or address: Škola Taekwon-Do Kwang Gae, Tehov – 71, 251 01 p. Říčany, Česká republika, or throughout your club or your trainer.

Price of the Summer camp is 7480,-Kč. In this fee you will have meals, 3times a day, + snacks and drinks, trainings and seminars, tournaments, t- shirt with logo of this year Summer camp, snacks and meals to camp fire, all sport utilities of area and more. Until May 31, is necessary to pay deposit 2000 CZK in cash or on account of the school 194 975 526/ 0600, rest might be paid at registration at Summer camp 

More info and registration form

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The ITF Afghanistan has the honor to invite you to the Technical Seminar Conducted by Master Ernesto Santaniello VII Degree from Italy on September 18-19-20, 2014 in Kabul Afghanistan Organized by Mr. Shoaib Rahmaní President itf Afghanistan Vice-President Asia and Promoted by NOC National Olympic Committee Afghanistan. 
This event is the beginning of cooperation between Master Santaniello and itf Afghanistan to help our Organisation to develop the technical level to the highest levels.
During the event there will be some meeting with our government people and Master Santaniello such as, chif of NOC National Olympic Committee Parliament members and all of National and International medias to give a strong International input to our Taekwon-do itf.

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Dear Grandmasters, Masters, Instructors and Students:


The National Association of Honduras Taekwon-Do ITF has the honor to invite you to the 97th International Instructor Course, led by the technical committee of the ITF, Grand Master Hector Marano IX Dan, Chairman of the Committee, Grand Master Ung Kim Lan, IX Dan and Professor Fabian Izquierdo, who is in charge of the children's program (Taekwon-Do Kids).


This event will be held at the Marriott Hotel in the city of Tegucigalpa, Honduras, from 7 to 9 November 2014.


The course is available for Red belts on, and will cover the following aspects:


• Chon-Ji Tul Tong-Il, according to grade.

• Basic Combat Techniques and competitive

• Theory of Power

• Taekwon-Do Kids



Abel Emilio Tábora                        

VI Dan – President

National Association of Honduras Taekwon-Do ITF 

Info in English

Info in Spanish


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March 13-15 2015


Aberdeen, Scotland 


 ITF Scotland – Master Gordon Wallace VIII

Information for all IIC applications, and enquiries should be sent to


Official Invite and Info Pack (updated Dec 21 2014)

IIC Scotland Individual Application Form

IIC Poster

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