The 20th International Umpire Course from the International Taekwon-Do Federation was held at the Holiday Inn La Guardia in Queens, New York over the weekend of January 24th and 25th, 2015. With a participation of 66 members coming from Anguilla, Canada, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Trinidad and Tobago, Uzbekistan and the United States took part in the umpire course which was conducted by the ITF Umpire Committee, Master Suarez and Master Ottesen, and we have the privilege to have with us during the event GM Wim Bos, ITF Director.

The course which followed the new and amended 2015 ITF Umpire rules and regulations began with an overview of the jury members, referees and umpires before going onto the purpose and procedures of the individual pattern point deducting system.  The participants then had an opportunity to umpire and judge a number of pattern matches which raised a number of practical queries and discussions on criteria, scoring and decisions. The course also covered sparring competition and the rights and duties of the center referee, corner umpires, jury president and the ring assistants. The participants once again had an opportunity to umpire sparring matches using the electronic scoring system. The center referees displayed how to check the competitor’s safety equipment and continued to show the full procedure of starting the match with the correct bowing in protocol at the start and finish of each bout. The competitors and sparring matches created and displayed various scenarios to ensure that an explanation of all the warnings and fouls could be explained and discussed. Finally, the last topic of the course was to discuss power breaking and special technique competition. It was with great enthusiasm to see all participants eagerly engaged with the content of the course.

On behalf of the National Taekwon-Do Association – ITF (NTA-ITF), the International Taekwon-Do Federation, the ITF Umpire Committee and GM Bos, we want to thank everyone who travelled and participated in the umpire course and a special thank you to Master Kurt Ottesen for his continuous commitment in the development of ITF Umpires in the United States.

This umpire course was an ideal opportunity for everyone in the USA to either refresh their umpire skills or learn umpiring skills for the first time. We look forward to seeing our International Umpires in the USA putting their skills at the forthcoming ITF World Championship in Italy at the end of May 2015.


Master Ruben Suarez

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Dear members of the ITF Family!

Some of you surely remember that I have started a fundraising campaign for Kemal Kasim from Ethiopia last year to bring him to Germany and to produce a prosthetic leg for him. After requesting information from orthopedic technicians, the costs should be approximately 8.000,00 to 10.000,00 €, certainly not a small sum. Therefore I traveled through Europe and Germany to participate at different ITF events (eg IIC in Vienna and Treviso and European Cup in Budapest) to sell bracelets and to raise money. The reaction of the ITF members was amazing!

Within 3,5 months I collected 9,716.73 €!!! (please see the complete list [PDF, 15 kB]). More than 20 countries donated money or bought bracelets! This was not to be expected within this short period of time. The "ITF Family" has shown great sympathy and has also proved that Taekwon-Do is not only a sport and a martial art or a way of life, but in fact it is also a social tool.

I thank all those involved and express my appreciation for this!

After several bureaucratic tasks (such as solvency check, travel insurance, liability insurance, etc.) that had to be overcome, the German Embassy in Addis Ababa today issued the visa for Kemal Kasim!

On February 9th he will be coming to Germany for almost 4 weeks to perform medical and orthopedic review and adjust the prosthesis. During his stay I would like to visit with him some TKD clubs to give him the opportunity to study ITF TKD in Germany and I will keep you informed!

Best regards

Master Paul Weiler

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The ITF World Championships registration is now open online. Thanks to the AETF (All Europe Taekwon-Do Federation) HQ who manage this system.

We look forward with a great anticipation to the upcoming Junior and Senior World Championships to be held on 27th to 31st May 2015 in Jesolo, Italy. The championships announce themselves to be very exciting. Already now 30 from over 70 countries expected at the Championships applied for a login to the online registration.

When you enter the website you can note that already at this time 179 participants from 20 countries were added to the applications. Among them are 111 competitors from 9 countries, 17 officials, 53 coaches. And this is only the beginning.

When you want to learn more details about already entered competitors you must click on “Reports” and then you have to choose the category in order to see all people listed in each division.

Choosing the button “Other reports” you can see the lists of all participants: competitors, coaches, officials, etc.

In the “Gallery” you will find the pictures of the participants.

We invite you to visit the online registration website of the World Championships 2015 in order to follow the process of registration of the countries and competitors.

You can also use the banner at the main AETF website to visit the online registration website.


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Date: 15/Ene/2015, 13:23
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Dear Family of Taekwon-Do ITF;

                                                                        The year closes with a sense of fulfillment by the accomplishment, that good feeling that leaves us having done our job and that is reflected in the achievements with a steady growth in the number of affiliates, the quantity and variety of courses performed and in the growing number of countries that recognize the ITF Taekwon-Do as a sport at official level.

All these results are possible thanks to the wonderful group we are composed of and that we carry out this passion called Taekwon-Do, as a banner to leave our mark on society. 
Today more than ever, we can be sure that our Founder would be proud of us, our commitment and all those fruits obtained.

The Children Program is already underway, with great success and this is just one step to cover the age spectrum which transcends the way of our art. To complete it, in 2015 the “Harmony” program will be released  which will be aimed to a public of senior people that I believe will open the doors to the practice to a whole new universe of people that will be able to enjoy our art safely through a wonderful adaptation.

Also expecting us, a new concept related to the competition which will take the form of a new course called ICC (International Competition Course), which will be led by GM Bos and will be offered as a new service for our black belts, besides the traditional and successful IIC lead by GM Marano, close to get to number 100 in Aberdeen, Scotland in March, 2015.

This time represents the end of a wonderful year, but at the same time indicates the beginning of a new one.

Therefore, let's regain the strength during these festive days resting for all that comes in the immediate future, which will be even better if we continue on this path.

Finally, I want to make a toast for each one of you, wishing you all enjoy in good health and with passion every moment, surrounded by your families and closer than ever to your loved ones and to Taekwon-Do.

With all my affection

Pablo Trajtenberg


Querida Familia del Taekwon-Do ITF;

                                                                        Cierra un año con una sensación de plenitud por el deber cumplido, esa grata sensación que nos deja el haber realizado nuestro trabajo y que se ve reflejada en los logros como el crecimiento constante en el número de afiliados, en la cantidad y variedad de cursos realizados y en los cada vez más países que reconocen al Taekwon-Do ITF como un deporte a nivel oficial.

Todos estos resultados son posibles gracias al maravilloso grupo que componemos y con el que llevamos adelante esta pasión llamada Taekwon-Do, como un estandarte para dejar nuestra huella en la sociedad.

Hoy más que nunca, podemos estar seguros de que nuestro fundador estaría orgulloso de nosotros, por nuestro compromiso y por todos esos frutos obtenidos.

El Programa de niños ya está en marcha, con un gran éxito y éste, es sólo un paso para cubrir el espectro de edades que transitan por el camino de nuestro arte. Para completarlo, en 2015 será lanzado el programa ¨Harmony¨ el cual será destinado a un público de gente mayor y el que estoy convencido, abrirá las puertas a la práctica a toda un universo de personas que podrá disfrutar de nuestro arte sin riesgos a través de una adaptación maravillosa.

También nos espera un nuevo concepto relacionado con la competencia que tomará forma de un nuevo curso denominado ICC ( International Competition Course), que estará liderado por el GM Bos y será ofrecido como un nuevo servicio para nuestros cinturones negros, además del tradicional  y exitoso IIC a cargo del GM Marano, próximo a concretar el número 100 en Aberdeen, Escocia, el próximo mes de marzo de 2015.

Este tiempo representa el fin de un año maravilloso, pero a la vez, nos indica el comienzo de uno nuevo.

Por ese motivo, tomemos fuerzas en estas fiestas y descansemos para todo lo que se viene en el futuro inmediato, que será aún mejor si continuamos en esta senda.

Al fin, brindo para que cada uno de Uds. pueda disfrutar con salud y pasión cada momento, rodeados de sus familias y  más unidos que nunca a sus seres queridos y al Taekwon-Do.

Con todo mi cariño

Pablo Trajtenberg


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ITF Africa-Tour November/December 2014 

Mozambique (November 20th to 23rd):

The fourth seminar in Mozambique since March 2013 helped to consolidate the techniques and the patterns of the black belts until Juche Tul, Sambo-, Ibo- and Ilbo matsogi and also the administrative work of the province associations.

At this moment in time ITF Mozambique has nine clubs with nearly 150 members and 13 black belts. The Associations are working to be recognized at the local governments and to send one or two people to the World Champs in Italy. 

One 3rd degree black belt from Madagascar (Tafita Rakotoarisoa) participated at the Mozambique seminar. His country is very much interested to become our member and applied today for a seminar at the beginning of April 2015.

Currently this group consists of 6 clubs with about 400 members including 30 black belts.

Zimbabwe (November 23rd to 29th )

The first seminar in the history of ITF Zimbabwe started on Monday, November 24thwith the attendance of 6 black belts and 15 colour belts (Zimbabwe is a Club Member since June of this year). In the following days we went through all TKD aspects including correct warming up exercises, history and philosophy of TKD. In the evenings we had many meetings to give advice for a good structure of ITF in Zimbabwe.

On the last day 6 students were promoted to the 1stdegree black belt from 3 clubs in Zimbabwe.

Kenya (November 29th to December 4th)

Mr. William Wamweya, the new President of ITF Kenya, started this year with a new team very successfully. We went to the Registration Office and the Sports Council of Kenya and the new ITF Kenya is close to be recognized by the government as a non profit organization.

Furthermore William Wamweya has now the opportunity to open a new TKD group at the WIDA HIGHWAY MOTEL with good facilities and a very well known management to support ITF TKD. ITF Kenya has approximately 100 students.

Uganda (December 4th to 8th)

Representatives from ITF Uganda and from the police welcomed me at the airport in Entebbe and escorted me to the Capital KAMPALA with police siren and blue light J.

The next day we had a meeting with the SG of the Ugandan Sports Council, Mr. Jesper Aligawesa, and had been talking about future activities and structure of the new ITF Federation in Uganda.

ITF Uganda is recognized already after two years of good work from Niklas Enander from Sweden as TKD organization under the umbrella of TKD Federation Uganda. Many clubs now knocking on the ITF door to become a member of the new federation.

On the second and fourth day we gave interviews at two big TV stations and it was broadcasted countrywide with good success.

For the first time in my life I was in prison J …. not because of a crime….. but to conduct a seminar and it was with great pleasure and success.


All visited countries are working for the recognition with the government. Some are already recognized and others close to it. Furthermore they are doing their best to send representatives and/or competitors to the World Champs in Italy next year.

New countries did show their interest to become a future member of ITF e.g. Madagascar and Botswana and plans are already prepared to go to Angola and Ghana.

2015 will be a big challenge and opportunity for the ITF in Africa.

Master Paul Weiler

ITF Senior Vice-President

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The ITF Board of Directors would like to wish you all a very happy happy Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

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On December 12-14, 2014 the Tournament and Umpire Chairmen and Committee members met with ITF Director GM Wim Bos at the ITFHQ in Benidorm, Spain in order to prepare the WC 2015 to be held in Jesolo, Spain next May 2015.
Also the ideas and proposals sent by members concerning the ITF Tournament and Umpire Rules and Regulations have been discussed.
On behalf of the Committee members we I like to thank ITF Secretary General Master Juan Ferrando for the warm hospitality received during our meetings.

Los Comites de Competicion y Arbitraje se reunen en Benidorm, España

En Diciembre del 12 - 14 de Diciembre 2015 , los Directores de Competición y Arbitraje se reunen con sus respectivos Comites con el Director de ITF en la Sede de ITF en Benidorm - España, con el fin de preparar el Campeonato del Mundo que se celebrará en Italia en Mayo Proximo.
Tambien las ideas y propuestas enviadas por los afiliados en referencia a nuestras competiciones, reglas y normativas han sido analizadas y discutidas.
En nombre propio y de los miembros del Comite queremos agradecer al Secretario General de ITF, por la hospitalidad recibida en nuestras reuniones.

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In the last video message of the ITF President, Grandmaster Trajtenberg, we heard mention of some exciting new projects for the ITF to be launch in 2015. One of those new projects is the formation of a new committee for the ITF, the International Competition Committee, to be chaired by Grandmaster Bos. Mr. Stephen Ryan, chairman of the ITF communications committee, takes the opportunity to interview Grandmaster Bos about this exciting new step for the ITF. 

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In this latest video message from ITF President, Grandmaster Trajtenberg, he gives an overview of the success of the ITF in 2014, with continued growth of our organisation, successful world events like the World Cup in Jamaica and a look forward to 2015 with the annoncement of some exciting new projects and of course the next World Championships to take place in Jesolo, Italy in May 2015. 

Link to the message here: 

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