The city of Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazilhosted the Xth CHAMPIONSHIP OF INTERNATIONAL FRIENDSHIP of Taekwon-Do ITF on May 25th and 26th, 2012.


The day before the event a course of strategy and combat was given by three times World Champion Tomaz Barada 6th degree. Tomaz Barada is a legend of Taekwon-Do ITF, a Slovenian Martial Artist in Taekwon-Do ITF and Kickboxing with several important titles obtained in his international career and also called by many.
"The Machine"

The first day was reserved for the colored belts and the second day of competition for black belts.  153 registered competitors participated from many different countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Slovenia.
The event has been supported by Bank of Northeast, Insurance Adventus, Kasa Kaiada, Sankaku, Tetê Distributor, Gran Marc Brazil, Serra Grande Mineral Water, Acesso Advisory Documental, City of Fortaleza, Government of the State of Ceará, Marista Catholic University, Fire Brigade of the State of Ceará, Confiança Pamphlets and Augusto Pinheiro.    

The championship has also counted on Brazilian Federation of Taekwon-Do ITF general supervision and the following affiliated provinces from Bahia, Ceará,Rio de Janeiro,São Pauloand Santa Catarina and the organizer was Center of Traditional Taekwon-do of the State of Ceará (CETTECE).


                                  President: Master Raul Sanchez - 8 th Dan, President of FBT.
                                  Tournament Director: Master Djalma Santos - 7th Dan
                                  Director of Arbitration: Master Abelardo Benzaquen - 7th Dan

Control Keys: Instructor Ricardo Ramirez - 5th Dan
Local Coordination: Instructor Daniel Martins - 4th Dan and Mr. Fernando Braga - 1st Gup.

Instructors: Juan Silva - 6th Dan, Philippe Rangel - 5th Dan, Renato Pitombo - 5th Dan, David Kerr - 4th Dan, Alexander Dambisqui - 4th Dan, Adan Sanchez - 4th Dan, Francisco Carvalho - 4th Dan, Renato Aguero - 4th Dan .
Assistants: Joyce Smith - 3rd Dan, Marcelo Mollica - 3rd Dan, Luiz Thursdays - 3rd Dan, Hernan Slavinskas - 3rd Dan, Fabian Gomez - 3rd Dan, Blasco Juan - 3rd Dan, Isadora Carmo - 1st Dan, Jonas Queiroga - 1st Dan Giordano Romina - 1st Dan, Ribas Luciano - 1st Dan, Edivaldo Gusmao - 1st Dan, Bruno Germano - 1st Dan, Daniel Batista - 1st Dan, Leonardo Meireles - 1st Gup. 

Brazilian Federation of Taekwon-Do ITF congratulates all competitors and supporters for this achievement and for a great fellowship.


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