13...Unlucky for some but not the Irish International Open!!!  ....

13th INTA Irish International Open

13...Unlucky for some but not the Irish International Open!!!  Hosted by the INTA (ITF National Association) over the weekend of the 10th and 11th March at the state of the art Watershed Sports Complex in the Irish medieval city of Kilkenny which was founded in 1601 by King James 1.  This outstanding ITF tournament is now in its 13th year and grows from strength to strength and this year hosted competitors from throughout Europe including Ireland,Scotland,Belgium,Norway,Sweden,England and Wales.

The event had over 350 participants competing over the two days and was a resounding success in which both junior and senior members excelled in patterns and sparring.  The event drew World and European medallists, confirming the calibre of the competitors and acknowledgment of the professional and logistical commitment of the Irish National Taekwon- Do Association (INTA) in this prestigious event.

Events started with a civic reception attended by Kilkenny City Lord Mayor Mr David Fitzgerald who welcomed ITF Vice President Master Paul Weiler VIII (Germany) and INTA President Master Brendan O’Toole VIII and INTA Vice President Master Val Douglas VII. Also in attendance were Master Frank Van Berghen VIII (Belgium), Master Sheena Sutherland VIII (Scotland) and Master Ray  Nicolaisen VII.  President ITF Norway  the INTA also welcomed Mr Martin Flemming President of the Irish Taekwon-Do Union (ITU) official WTF National Association in Ireland.

The 5 Rings hosted the Junior and Senior Coloured Belts and under 13 years Junior Black Belts on the Saturday where events started at 10am sharp with the level of patterns outstanding and the sparring event witnessed exciting bouts in which supporters, spectators and hosts found exhilarating and engaging.

Sunday drew the Senior Black Belt and Junior Black Belts from 14 years to 17 years and the 5 rings saw an exceptional level of Tae Kwon-Do talent from throughoutEuropeexcelling in the respective divisions in both patterns and sparring. The calibre on display was simply outstanding.

Commenting on the 13th INTA Irish International Open Master Brendan O’Toole VIII (INTA President)

 “The INTA are honoured to host such a high calibre tournament and welcome old and new friends from throughout Europe to Ireland...the quality of participants assures me that the future of the ITF is safe and we look forward to seeing you next year at the 14th Irish International Open... “

Mark Boylan III Dan

Press Officer INTA

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Date: 2012-03-20 15:16:00
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